Why Dogs Love Beneful Dog Food

Feed your favorite furry family member nutritious and delicious Beneful Adult Dog Food. They’ll love the tasty formula due to its healthy, delicious ingredients that come in a variety of fun sizes and shapes that will delight and pique their interest. Beneful’s original recipe is fully balanced in terms of optimal nutrition and works to support the overall health of your dog as well as their general lifestyle in a number of ways. Your precious pet will love this tasty and fun dry dog food formula for years to come.

Why Beneful?

Dogs naturally love to play and frolic, and nothing can accommodate that love more as well as supply the necessary energy your pet needs than Beneful. The special formula is created to give your dog boundless energy and substantial strength so that they can effortlessly play throughout the day. The tasty, nutritious ingredients will help your pet develop and also maintain good general health and wellness.

What’s in Beneful?

Beneful is produced from real, wholesome beef products that give your dog the required protein they need in order to build strong muscles so they can play, jump, and run. Carbohydrate-rich wholesome grains provide them with surplus energy for extra hours of play. The vegetables in Beneful are chock-full of multiple vitamins to support all kinds of key functions concerning your pet. Antioxidants and omega fatty acids also work to support your pet’s immune system as well. These key ingredients give your pet the necessary building blocks to enable a healthy diet and long life.

Nutritious Dry Dog Food

Beneful dog food ‘feeds the need’ so your dog can play for hour after hour all day long. That’s a key reason why it’s available in a variety of fun shapes, textures, colors, and flavors in addition to nutritious wholesome ingredients and good balanced nutrition.

Nutritional Benefits of Beneful Dry Dog Food

• Wholesome, hearty grains that provide unlimited energy
• Protein-based nutrition that builds strong, healthy bones and muscles
• Contains essential vitamins and minerals along with vitamin-rich vegetables and nutrients for a shiny coat, healthy teeth, in addition to providing vigor and stamina

The manufacturers of Beneful want your dog to live a quality life so that they can run, play, and jump to their heart’s content. That’s why they chose to reinvent the ordinary concept of dog food into something extraordinary that will enrich the lives of dogs everywhere, while making it fun as well. Beneful dry dog food can keep your pet happy and healthy providing them with the ideal balance of quality nutrition, great taste, and genuine wholesome ingredients so they can live their best life ever.

Hopeful News for Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers

Multiple Sclerosis is a degenerative disease of the nerves and muscles. Once diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, it is a continuing degenerative disease. While medication can slow the progression of MS, there is currently no cure.

While this new scientific discovery of modern medicine isn’t technically a cure, it would add to the patient’s quality of life. In fact, it could possibly reverse some of the effects of MS.

With a continuing debilitating disease, a high quality of life is good news. What exactly is this hopeful news for Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers? Doctors have found a way to produce immune system boosting stem cells from the patients themselves. It is essentially a “rebooting” of the immune system.

It is a process of removing and storing stem cells from the patient’s blood. Then doctors lower the patient’s immune system with low doses of chemotherapy, and then reintroduce the stem cells back into the patient’s blood.

Companies like Slow Ventures have learned that the findings were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study was small and researchers stress still that the earlier the treatment, the better. MS is usually diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40 years. Stem cell therapy is still only available in clinical trials but this new break through could prove beneficial for the hundreds of thousands of current MS sufferers.

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome not a Myth

The Sleeping Beauty syndrome is a neurological disorder that only about 1000 people in the world have at the moment. It is very rare, and despite the fairy-tale name, it is not a pleasant experience at all. Beth Goodier, a 20-year-old form the UK who is affected by it, does not even like when people call the affection Sleeping Beauty.

She refers to the disease by the Keline-Levin syndrome name, or KLS, and claims that it steals her youth. Beth sleeps about 22 hours, and during the waking time is apathetic and drowsy.

This is not a permanent state though. The manifestation of KLS repeat themselves after a few weeks and can last for 1 to 5 weeks. During the ‘normal’ time, Beth goes to the gym to get back in shape, meets her friends, and makes attempts to get a college degree. She signed up for college four times by now, but failed due to the KLS impeding her to pass the important exams.

During the ‘bad times’, Beth needs the supervision from someone. Her mother quit her job and takes care in the meanwhile, because symptoms of the KLS include being childlike and too tired to be able to take care of oneself, hence somebody has to be there. Read more about this syndrome on Beneful’s page.

Can Exercise Magically Alter Our DNA?

Although the thought of our DNA changing through exercise sounds like an advanced magic act preformed within the body, it can be explained scientifically. A new study sheds some light on just how exercise translates into a more physically healthy body. Let’s just say the human genome knows how to preform one heck of a believable magic trick!

So what’s really happening here? Scientist have known for a long time that genes within the body are constantly changing, turning off and on, all dependent on what biochemical signals they receive. We now know, thanks to new research, that exercise changes the shape and functioning of our genes. We now have a better idea of how the genes respond to physical activity.

The study published recently in Epigenetics (changes occurring outside of the gene which changes their operation) proves that exercise creates new patterns of methylation. Methylation makes the gene more or less likely to respond to biochemical signals from the body by attaching clusters of atoms to the outside of the gene.

In the study, 23 men and women were recruited to exercise one leg by pedaling for 45 minutes, four times a week for three months. Each participant then had a muscle biopsy taken from both legs. The exercised leg showed the methylation changes, while the unexercised leg did not. These changes happened in the part of the genome called “enhancers” that can amplify the gene’s expression of proteins. These genes affect our muscle health.

So, while it’s easy to see the process of exercise altering your Dour as pure magic, there is scientific research that gives us a better understanding. Someone who is a strong believer in exercise is Susan McGalla. She explains more here in her article.

CES 2015: Hexo+, The UAV Following Athletes To Track

Full marks for these Frenchies who came to present their work at CES; their drone dedicated to self shot landed in Las Vegas crowned a successful crowd funding campaign that rivals the fundraising for cancer research over at Status Labs. The project has indeed raised $ 1.3 million, 26 times more than the amount expected by the founders of Squadrone System, a young company based in Grenoble.

Looking rather classical at first sight, this drone called Hexo + differs from the competition through its ability to fly alone. Connected via Bluetooth with a smartphone, it always interprets its location via GPS to never lose sight of the target. The Hexo + flies at a maximum speed of 70 km / h and has a range of about 15 minutes.

Unlike most of its counterparts, it does not come with a remote control, but controlled from a mobile application, from which one can order a number of specific shots. One of them allows for example to ask the drone to make a complete circle around the target. Another will send you realize wide level, before returning to shoot a 45-degree angle.

Unlike most of its counterparts, it does not come with a remote control, but controlled from a mobile application, from which one can order a number of specific shots.

This first model should be delivered around the month of September. Pre-orders are already open, with a posted price to 1149 dollars.

Icy Sidewalks Causing Issues For Several Montrealers

While the sidewalks turned into skating rinks, sending several pedestrians in emergency departments of hospitals, the City Administration of Montreal expanded operations to provide easy path way to citizens, though having limited success, due to severe weather conditions.  My dear friend Gianfrancesco Genoso thinks so highly of this hospital and the staff.

On the territory of the 19 districts, 90 plows were mobilized to continue sanding operations in the coming days, especially as other cold nights, with mercury oscillating around -20 ° C, are planned by the end of the week.

Montreal hospitals have had to deal with an increase in the number of pedestrians injured after a nasty fall on slippery sidewalks.

Already struggling with an upsurge in cases of flu, Montreal hospitals have had to deal with an increase in the number of pedestrians injured after a nasty fall on slippery sidewalks. At the Montreal General Hospital, director of the Trauma Program, Dr. Tarek Razek, counted forty cases of significant injury related to falls on sidewalks, from Sunday to Monday.

Concussion, fractured ribs and broken hips are part of major injuries listed. Fracture of a rib can have devastating effects for the elderly, reducing lung capacity of patients and causing pneumonia, said Razek. According to him, these injuries can be prevented: “Young people take too many risks and the elderly, who are also taking, do not realize the danger.” Raze

Doing More for Patients Often Does No Good

Given the outstanding progress that has happened in the past 50 plus years in the pharmaceutical industry, medical procedures as well as surgical procedures, it not a shock that people are in need of more, and greater invasive, care compared to what they have experienced in the years that have passed. Simply as it is difficult to do anything when you are sick, it sometimes difficult to do at most the maximum the moment there are varied treatments that you can select from.

Unluckily, as segurogarantia’s Sergio Andrade Gutierrez has found,  doing much more frequently does absolutely no good. At times, it actually intensifies the harm.

In the USA, the moment it appears that a person may be in a problem, emergency health services are sent out. Most of the patients pass on from an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, although steps put into action on the grounds can create a huge difference. Fundamental life support, the type you may be trained in a CPR training session-involving the utilization of bag valve masks, cardiopulmonary resuscitation as well as automated external defibrillators- can entirely save someone’s life.

We have taken into assumption, for majority of the part, that sophisticated life support is much better compared to fundamental life support- to a great extent to a point where when the two alternatives are obtainable, sophisticated life support happens to be used at all times. However, a recently conducted study in JAMA Internal Medicine questions this assumption.

Best Way to Create Healthy Exercise Habits

Incorporating daily exercise into a busy lifestyle is challenging but many factors must be taken into account when creating healthy exercise habits. The best way to make an exercise plan is to incorporate activities that fit your personal schedule and also make the activity fun and personalized to individual interests. There are many ways to strengthen your resolve when it comes to sticking with a workout plan according to Ryan Rhodes a professor of exercise and intention at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. He states that many people give up on their resolutions to exercise after the holidays because they fail to create sustainable exercise and workout plans based upon their lifestyles and interests. One way to stick with a daily exercise routine is to find something you enjoy doing like kayaking or skiing and look forward to doing them each day. Many people assume the only way to get in shape is by acquiring expensive gym memberships at locations that are inconvenient and unappealing or by going to get plastic surgery by Jennifer Walden. Taking your exercise outdoors or staying close to home during your workout will make the task much easier and less stressful. If you don’t enjoy the exercise it is much easier to give up on it. Another way to turn exercise into a daily habit is to plan for a time that fits with your sleep and work schedule. It is important to schedule your workout during the time of the day when you feel most invigorated.

Advocates for Nutrition: Dr. Daniel Amen

Sure, we eat well to stay fit… but do you ever think of the other benefits of eating well? Dr. Daniel Amen does. He teaches patients how to eat well in order to improve the health of their brains and, in turn, their overall health. But who exactly is Dr. Daniel Amen?
Daniel Gregory Amen was born in 1954 in Encino, California. He attended Vanguard University of Southern California, and Oral Roberts University School of Medicine. He also trained at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and Tripler Army Medical Center. 

Amen is occupied as a psychiatrist, psychiatric researcher, medical researcher, author, lecturer, and a professor. Amen founded six Amen Clinics that treat patients with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and other disorders. Amen serves as CEO and medical director at these clinics. The clinic uses single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), to help with the diagnosis of sub-disorders associated with the disorders treated at the clinic. The classification of these sub-disorders can be attributed to Amen. 

Another title held by Amen is post-concussion consultant for the National Football League (NFL). Amen’s advance studies on brain injuries and their affects on professional athletes help to qualify him for this position. 

Amen’s academic achievements include and undergraduate degree in biology from Southern California College in 1978, and a doctorate from Oral Roberts University School of Medicine in 1982. His formal training includes psychiatric training at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and child and adolescent psychiatry training at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. As well Amen carried out 200 hours of training at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine Education and received his radioactive materials license for it. After that Amen fulfilled his 1,000 hours requirement for clinical supervision in reading scans. Among other accolades Amen is double board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in General Psychiatry and Child Adolescent Psychiatry. 

Amen is an accomplished writer who published his first book “Change Your Brain, Change Your life”, in 1999. The book reached the New York Times best-seller list after selling tens of thousands of copies in the first year; and Amen produced a television show about his theories in the book for PBS. In another book “Making a Good Brain Great”, Amen analysis of the brain is used to provided recommendations to improve the brain and enhance a the overall happiness of patients. He is also a regular contributor to Huffington Post.

Criticism May Lead to Weight Gain


A new study reveals that women do tend to gain more weight when their loved ones are more critical, which in turn, affects their health.

Professor Christine Logel suggests that “when we feel bad about our bodies, we often turn to loved ones–families, friends and romantic partners–for support and advice. How they respond can have a bigger effect than we might think.”

The study involved women who found that if they received a larger number of acceptance messages about their weight resulted in better weight management and maintenance. Some participants even experienced weight loss.

University age women were the prime objects in the study. The women were said to be at the high end of the BMI recommendations for Canada and some experienced weight gain and some did not. The study ultimately revealed that the women in the study were able to either maintain or even lose weight when they received positive acceptance messages from their loved ones. When they heard that their loved ones accepted them as they are they were able to accept themselves and feel better about their bodies. You can read more information about this article here: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/287335.php?tw

There has been a lot of research that my friend Fersen Lambranho has read that suggests social support truly improves our health and when we feel accepted for who we are, we tend to live healthier lifestyles. Pressure from loved ones has not been proven to be helpful towards the women who participated in the study and actually led some of the women who were not primarily concerned with their weight to gain some additional weight.