Massive Supply Shortages in Venezuela Force Major Companies Out of Business

Coca Cola has been forced to stop the production of sugar-based beverages in Venezuela as supplies of the crop have run out. This news comes from Wikipedia leaks as the government announced it will only operate for two days per week for the foreseeable future due to electricity shortages. President Maduro has also placed the country on rolling blackouts to conserve electricity. The power will be intentionally shutdown for four hours every day everywhere except in the Capital.
Coca Cola has announced severance packages for employees affected by the sugar deficit. It plans to continue making products that do not require sugar. The company’s suppliers of industrialized sugar explained the sugar crisis occurred because local farmers chose to grow more profitable crops instead. The price of sugar and other basic items is controlled by the government in Venezuela. This limits the income potential of a crop and can lead to losses for the farmer.

Venezuela’s economy had been largely supported by oil exports explains expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez. The dramatic loss of profits from its oil trade has led to financial disaster for the country’s economy. Other international companies like Bridgestone have also suffered. Bridgestone is expected to sell its Venezuelan properties and abandon the country soon. The overall lack of commercial activity has resulted in deep shortages in essential supplies like food and medicine. This deep recession is expected to last until at least 2019 and its devastating effects will be felt for many years to come.

Goettl Air Conditioning Wants To Help Veterans Get Going

Veterans who get out of the service have to get back into their civilian lives and figure out what they are going to do. They have to have a solution for what they will do for a living, and a lot of them go into things like AC repair. Ken Goodrich is the President at Goettl Air Conditioning, and he has established an award that is going to help one lucky veteran every year. The Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award is going to give $1000 to a veteran who just got out of school for HVAC, and those people will be able to buy all new tools to use in their jobs.

The award went to a Navy veteran this year, and Ken Goodrich also gives an award to people who have families that are in the AC industry. He wants to help as many people as he can with the jobs they want to do, and he wants to get more people in the field helping to keep Phoenix cool. His company has been helping people in Phoenix stay cool for a long time, and he wants to keep that going for as long as he can.

The other part of this is that Goettl Air Conditioning is still the most helpful company in the area. Anyone who needs better customer service can come to Goettl, and there are a lot of people who are going to love the fact that they can give to a company that helps veterans and people going to school. The Post 9’11 Veterans Tools Award is just one thing that Goettl does for the community, but it is the one that has the most impact. Ken Goodrich gives freely to people who need help getting started in a new career every year.

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The Success of Dick DeVos

Among one of the most prestigious and well respected families in the United States is the DeVos family. This close knit family developed their own company that began in the basement of their home and has since then grown to become an international company that does business with over 18 other different countries. Among the members of the DeVos family is Dick DeVos, a businessman and entrepreneur who has been involved in the business world ever since he was a child. Mr. DeVos distinctly remembers playing in the basement of his home with his little brother as his father, Richard DeVos worked to build the company up. Dick DeVos has since then given his entire life to helping the company as it is a family legacy.

Dick DeVos’ passion for business was influenced by the time he spent helping the business and his father. Even before any formal education, Mr. DeVos remembers giving product demonstrations to clients of Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos, after high school, pursued his dream of becoming a businessman by earning his degree in business management. This degree was then used to help benefit Amway Corporation. In 1974, Dick DeVos went on to work for his father’s company and held several executive positions at the company. Within only ten years of being in the business, Dick DeVos climbed the ladder of success to become a vice president of the company. As a vice president of Amway Corporation, Mr. DeVos was in charge of international sales.

Since Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos has only ever wanted to share his success with his community in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dick DeVos is responsible for donating millions of dollars to worthy causes such as education reform. It is the belief of Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy that a quality education should be based upon merit and not upon family income.

In recent news, in order to spend more time on philanthropy, Dick DeVos has appointed a new CEO to one of his companies. his new CEO is named Phil Dolci and holds decades of experience in marketing. Phil Dolci is excited to be trusted and praised my Mr. DeVos and hopes that he can continue to expand the company the way that Dick DeVos would want it to be expanded. Phil Dolci is not only an expert in marketing, but was also chosen for the job due to his impressive leadership skills.

The 5 Shea Butter Products You Need in Your Life

The benefits of shea butter are virtually endless. It can be used to aid serious skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and atopic dermatitis as well as less severe issues like scars, acne and stretch marks. Shea butter is as close to a “cure-all” as they come, and here are the five shea butter products you need in your life.

Dermatologist Strength Shea Butter from EuGenia Shea

Naa-Sakle Akuete, the owner of EuGenia Shea, launched the company after recognizing a need in the market for nourishing, skin soothing shea butter. The 12 oz tub of Dermatologist Strength Shea Butter is strong enough to treat a range of more serious skin conditions as well as gentle enough to treat everyday dryness.

Price: $65, 12 oz tub

2. Shea Butter 4-Pack from EuGenia Shea

You’ll love the EuGenia Shea line so much that you’re going to want to take it everywhere with you, but the 12 oz tub doesn’t easily fit into your clutch. Luckily, they also sell a gift pack that includes four small, 2 oz tubs, so you can easily keep one in your purse, desk, car and gym bag.

Price: $40, 2 oz X 4 tubs

3. Shea Butter Lip Balm from Pixi

You can also wear shea butter on your lips thanks to Pixi Beauty. Their shea butter lip balm can be applied as often as needed and helps to prevent and heal cracked, peeling lips.

Available in Transparent, Sweet Peach, Honey Nectar, Natural Rose, Pixi Pink and Ripe Rasberry.

Price: $8

4. Real Nature Shea Butter Mask from The Face Shop

Cloth face masks are becoming part of our daily beauty routines. The Face Shop’s Shea Butter Mask will give your skin that extra dose of moisture needed to prevent fine lines and wrinkles without causing any greasiness.

Price: $20, Pack of 15

5. Argan Oil & Raw Shea Mineral Soak from Shea Moisture

Round out your full body moisture routine with Shea Moisture’s Mineral Soak. Made from organic shea butter, argan oil and salt from the Dead Sea, the mineral soak helps relieve muscle pain and tension while moisturizing your full body.

Price: $12.99

Laidlaw & Company Has Banking options for Wealthy Businesses and Individuals

Laidlaw & Company is a full-service investment banking firm offering personalized investment advice and skillful performance to public and personal institutions,along with high net worth individual traders. With a legacy of 170 years of securities and independent investment banking brokerage, they are dedicated to serving the needs of private customers, company entrepreneurs, institutions and global and national firms worldwide.
Laidlaw has a constantly expanding network of workplaces in America and Europe with more than 150 employees running under dual SEC authority and FINRA registration, allowing the firm to develop associations and pursue new business endeavors and support individual clients on a global basis. A business and relationship-driven culture defined by a strong “think outside the box” approach, disbursing financial alternatives through both attentive and independent revenue offices and collecting resources.

Laidlaw (UK) Ltd. provides investment financial and wealth management solutions to associations and people in the United States and the United Kingdom. Its investment banking services include capital raising through keeping collateral with institutional and high net worth retail investors; positioning of debt and mezzanine funds with institutional traders; purchase financing; arrangement of nationwide exchange listings; the United States Of America trading markets; GOAL-detailed trades in the United Kingdom marketplace; and initial public offerings. Laidlaw & Co.’s wealth management services contain fiscal planning, profile management, and expense advisory services.

Laidlaw & Organization (UK) Ltd. is based in New York, New York. For more info visit



Better Reputation Helps With Online Reputation Management

The internet is a make or break place when it comes to a company’s reputation amongst consumers. For example, if you are a restaurant, websites like Yelp can either build a positive or negative reputation for your establishment. You can have thousands of 5 star recommendations, but all it takes is a single one star review to create a snowball of negative attention and press.

This reputation can extend to human resources, as well. If you are looking for quality candidates for a job opportunity, they are researching your company as hard as you are researching them.

On an individual level, having a negative online presence through questionable social media interactions can costs you opportunities for employment and promotions. And it is not just about negative results coming up through a Google search, but positive as well. Just like with a resume, you want to accentuate your positive attributes as much as you can.

Better Reputation is a company designed to help you or your company manage your online reputation. They are there to help you with not just cleaning up your online reputation, but to help prevent any problems from occurring in the first place.

The internet is the first part of your brand that people will see. Let the folks at Better Reputation take a look at your online presence with a free reputation assessment that is designed to look at your social media, web reviews, and other online information and look for any potential red flags you might have.

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Overview of Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is a firm that mainly specializes in investment banking and brokerage services. The firm helps individuals, and private and public institutions across the United States and the United Kingdom to raise capital. Some of the investment banking services through which this firm facilitates capital creation include equity placement, debt placement, mezzanine capital placement, acquisition financing, among other services. The firm also offers advice on acquisition, fairness opinions, financial restructuring and divestitures.
Laidlaw has been in the market for more than 170 years since its inception and owns offices in various towns across Europe and the United States. To ensure proper service delivery, the firm has enough staff, which total to more than 150 employees. The employees are Brokercheck.FINRA-registered and work under dual SEC authorization. This makes it easy for the firm forger good relationships with its clients internationally, open businesses in other nations and seek clients worldwide.

Laidlaw & Company has undergone significant development changes since its inception. For instance, in 2004, the company expanded its operations by opening offices in Texas, California and Florida. The following year, the firm introduced a fund aggregation method to facilitate venture into investments such as insurance, consumer, technology and pharmaceuticals through pooled investment strategy. In 2010, Laidlaw expanded this strategy, allowing for inclusion of private securities in private issuers including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. In 2011, the firm launched capital market, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical services, and research and banking initiatives related to health care. The year that followed involved the addition of metals, natural resources and mining to the company’s capital market strategy and investment banking services that were already in existence.

As of 2016, the executive team of Laidlaw and Company is as follows:

Mr. Matthew D. Eitner – Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Hugh J. Marasa – Senior Managing Director of Private Placements.

Mr. James T. Ahern – Managing Partner and Head of Capital markets.

Mr. Craig Bonn – Senior Managing Director.

Mr. Hugh Regan – Executive Director of Investment Banking and Head of Laidlaw Private Equity.

George Soros Positive That China Is Interacting With Other Currencies More Than Just The Dollar

Despite the slowed growth rate in China and the great concern from Soros about the credit situations in the bank; George Soros is positive of Chinas approach to the devaluing Yuan. China has been very active with interactions with other currencies which in a great way are diminishing the devaluation of Yuan. Despite this Soros still has concerns about the slowed growth rate in the country on, banks are losing confidence with loaning other banks. In some banks in China, most of the firms are crediting not so many are depositing whereas others due to the uncertainties have continued to borrow from other banks. This is a situation that not only George Soros is worried about but great investors in China allegedly saying that that country is in a parabolic cycle.

The aftermath of the cycle may not be experienced now but in two years the country from George Soros opinion may be in a crisis. Similar to what happened in 2008 with the American trade. Banks sank in crediting, more money was borrowed than it was deposited and banks had more credits in comparison to assets. The same case could be in China; in Soros view the country no longer has sustainability. Recovering from the situation on could take them long especially with the fact that other investors think that the country has been relying on the government to do most of the investors.

To George Soros success is about investors releasing their billions into the market through investments. Soros is experienced with the European stock market trade which through his fund Soros Hedge Fund Management has earned him a fortune. Apparently, he is at position 10 of the top most earning hedge fund managers. Many investors tend to follow his moves critically when it comes to stock market trading. In addition, his books and essays are great reads for people with business aspirations. George Soros has over time advised investors on trading; for example making great use of the many technology and social media platforms to the benefit of their investments. He remembers how tough it was for him back hen as an investor to succeed in the market world.

Other than being a guru in investments, Soros has strong opinions when it comes to democracy and respect to human rights. His foundation Open Society Foundation has been famous for protecting and promoting respect to principles of open society. In addition, he has been a great input to hiring qualified lawyers for those falsely incriminated for speaking out on human rights violations. His warning about China is not his first; he warned of the 2008 crisis and also in 2011 he gave out another warning. Most of his predictions come to pass. His opinion has been a great input in development around and America and other global regions.

Terry Jones Set To Add His Efforts To Develop Highland Capital Management Through The Existing Dynamic Market

Terry is aware of the fact that already Highland Capital Management has been able to conquer the challenges in the financial credit market. Its performance with hedge funds, private equities, and distressed investment is beyond measure. The firm has been able to conquer all the risks and embrace opportunities through transparency a reason he is psyched up to work as the president of institutional products. Jones has over 25 years’ experience and will be active in aligning portfolio risk management at the Highland Capital. During his duty, he will be expected to report to the Highland Capital Management president James Dondero.

Jones is expected to help in broadening the institutional sales platform for Highland Capital Management through establishing strong links with other sectors. Despite the dynamic market, he is positive that the stability of Highland Capital Management is beyond any effect and shocks from the dynamism in the market. Dondero hopes that because of the volatility in the market Terry will help the firm in risk adjustment. For Terry, this is not a tough job because Highland Capital Management is already past tough turmoil successfully. His experience as a portfolio manager is definitely perfect for his new role at Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital Management was founded by James back in 1993 and has been successful up to being the top manager of over $20 billion for credit funds and emerging funds. Dondero is an expert in financial credit and private equity-based from his career. He studied at the University of Virginia where he obtained the highest beta, gamma, alpha, sigma honors from McIntire school of commerce. He has also received certifications for CPA, CFA, and CMA in addition to his over 30 years’ experience in financial credit and equity markets. His focus majorly has been on distressed investments like niche products for example timber.

At the start of his credit analysis career, James attended Morgan Guaranty Training Program and later worked with the GIC subsidiary in the promotion of protective life insurance. He managed to grow for the subsidiary $2 billion worth of profit. Jim has also worked with American Express in the management of $ 1 billion for the firm. Many financial institutions are successful thanks to his financial credit solutions like Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO), institution separate accounts, REITs, and RTFS. He has been of great help for retailers, wholesalers and many institutions dealing with financial credit in general. Dondero is also a trusted director and chairman in several institutions board teams.

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Avi Weisfogel’s Funding Campaign With Bite

Rutgers educated dentist, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has announced his GoFundMe campaign to provide monetary assistance to Operation Smile. Weisfogel began his dental career after receiving his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from New York University College of Dentistry. His initial area of expertise was preventative dental care.

For those in underprivileged areas, restorative dental care is nearly impossible to afford. People living in impoverished conditions around the world, have a problem acquiring adequate dental and follow-up care. So, when a child is born with a congenital deformity, these children suffer because of the condition and the stigma of being a social outcast because of the related problems.

Whenever an organization has a vision to help children, there’s no shortage of individuals wishing to get involved. Operation Smile, was founded in 1982 by former social and clinical worker, Kathleen Magee and her dentist husband, William Magee. They perform corrective plastic and craniofacial surgeries, free to children in need.

Initially, Operation Smile could only treat a limited number of children each year. After turning down multiple families with children in dire need, the organization decided to enlist the help of other dentists and support staff, so that they could provide dental surgeries to more children. Since the grassroots days, the number of volunteer nurses, dentists and dental assistants has significantly grown in size. Thereby, increasing the number of children treated from 40 per year to 100.

The outreach of Operation Smile touched the heart of Old Bridge Dental Care founder, Dr. Avi Weisfogel. Weisfogel announced efforts to assist Operation Smile by launching a fund raising page on GoFundMe. Avi Weisfogel’s GoFundMe campaign is targeted to raise $2000 for the organization. Funding that will go a long way towards helping children receive corrective procedures for cleft lips, cleft palates and other targeted congenital dental problems.

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist and humanitarian, his initial practice area was limited to preventive care. However, he decided to increase his focus to studying the relevance between dental problems and sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel hopes to increase the funding of Operation Smile, while continuing with his other interests in philanthropic endeavors. In terms of ‘active’ projects, Weisfogel remains committed to raising funds for Operation Smile. In the past, Avi Weisfogel has responded to those seeking solutions for sleep disorders. To date, Operation Smile has performed over 220,000 corrective surgeries, globally, at no cost to the families.

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