Sleep Might Be Improved by Visiting Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Sleep medicine, dental experience and knowing how to market the pitch to the right group is what Dr. Avi Weisfogel, the owner of Dental Sleep Masters has become known for. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been one of the more reputable dentists over the years in the New Brunswick, NJ area, and he discovered not long ago that he could do something new with dentistry in joining the endeavor to fight sleep apnea. He founded Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 and primarily offers information through publications and seminars to other dentists and physicians on treating sleep disorders. He also researches oral appliances and recommends them to patients that have special needs to clear their airways.

Dr. Weisfogel came from a medical family in Highland Park, NJ where his father was a cardiologist at a local hospital. Weisfogel wasn’t only interested in people’s physical health as he entered the medical profession, he’s also been very interested in how people think, so it was no surprise he chose to study psychology as well as biology at Rutgers University. He went to the New York University College of Dentistry where he got his DDS in 1996. He then practiced for 16 years at a clinic known as Old Bridge Dental Care.

During his time in dental practice he earned several honorary recognitions including Best Dentist. He was always known for being a kind and caring dentist and he’s always loved smiles, yet he started losing some of his passion for it over the years. He started noticing that few medical professionals were doing anything about sleep disorders, so he decided to enter the niche and started up Healthy Heart Sleep in 2005 and eventually that became his current business at DSM and contact him.

Weisfogel has Facebook and Twitter pages where he goes to discuss some of the newest medical technology as well as post about his favorite sports teams. He also started a campaign at GoFundMe to support Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a non-profit medical foundation that makes treatments possible for children with mouth and dental deformities. Weisfogel is also married and has two young children and more information click here.

How Vincent Parascandola Achieved Career Success

Vincent Parascandola is a finance executive. He has more than two decades of experience in the industry. Parascandola attended Pace University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Parascandola was invited as a keynote speaker at Pace University during the commencement address of 2014.

Vincent Parascandola has worked at many companies over the course of his career. He started out as a systems analyst at Irving Trust Company in 1986. He worked here for two years until he joined Prudential Insurance as a sales agent in 1988. Parascandola left the insurance company to join the MONY Group as a financial professional in 1990. He was promoted to a sales manager in 1993 after three years in this position. He excelled in this role and was appointed a managing director at the company in 1996.

Parascandola moved on to become the field vice president of the company in 1998 after working for only two years as a director. He held this role for seven years until 2005 when he left the company. He joined AXA Equitable as an executive vice president. He held the position for close to three years. He was appointed the president of the Advantage Group at the beginning of 2008.

Parascandola went on to serve in the position for one year before he was made the president of the Northern Division. He also held this position for one year before he was made the president of the Continental Division in 2009. He was responsible for managing the branch offices of the company in the Northern and Eastern parts of the country. Some of the tasks that he performed in this role included recruiting, sales, compliance, and management development. He was made the president and chief sales officer to oversee the region in 2013. His role entailed managing the productivity, sales, and recruiting of all the AXA Advisors branch offices in the country.

Parascandola was appointed the senior executive president of the AXA US in October of 2014. AXA Equitable is a financial protection company that offers annuity and insurance products. Parascandola has won many awards for his professional excellence including a career development and master agency Award from GAMA.

Integrated Solutions for Patients with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America along with Allscripts, a leader in healthcare information technology, and Nanthealth Inc. taking healthcare to the next level of personalization, together have devised a new way in which doctors can plan and prepare customized healthcare for cancer patients. Eviti® is a clinical decision support solution accessing clinical workflow in Allscripts Sunrise electronic health records (EHR). This clinical operation system, NantOS, was built with a comprehensive collection of cancer care data, creating a network of treatment options for doctors.
As stated in this article, the Clinical Pathways program ingrates new research, average market costs of delivery, and complimentary therapy solutions to build a structure of information in customized patient care. This method will assist in eliminating the guesswork for doctors inundated with new information and create ease individualizing the care of each patient optimizing their quality of life.
This program allows for greater transparency around patient healthcare and assists in building confidence for the patients towards their desired treatment goals. Bringing information regarding new and improved care protocols right to the doctors creates more time efficient planning and integration of patient care. With up to date guidelines, response rates, adverse drug reaction’s and toxicity studies, each doctor can discuss in greater detail with their patients the best treatment options and find the best solution to the patient’s individual needs safely and effectively.
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been providing healthcare to adult patients of cancer since 1988. Their national network of five hospitals combine the newest advancements in cancer treatment with individualized patient care.
Their mission is to restore hope and healing to each patient through innovation, respect, and compassion. Working with the patients to heal not just their bodies, but also their hearts and minds through their dedication and devotion to lifelong healing.

For more information follow Cancer Treatment Centers of America on Twitter.

Southern Methodist University Inducts Renowned Entrepreneur James Dondero To Its Executive Board

James Dondero is the most recent nominee to the Executive Council of the Cox School of Business at the Southern Methodist University. At the time, James was the incumbent President of Highland Capital Management, a renowned asset management firm, whose headquarters are in Dallas, Texas.


The appointment of James is not the first connection the University has made with the investment firm, as their affiliation goes way back in time. Besides the induction of Dondero to the institution’s Council, Highland Capital is behind Tower Scholars, a bequest that supports individuals whose area of study is public policy. Also, the company contributes towards the maintenance of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

James Dondero was enthralled by the addition to the board. While expressing his gratitude, James acknowledged the essential role played by the university in developing the Dallas locality. He further added that he was honored to be part and parcel of the development initiatives inaugurated by the learning institution.


The primary role of the Southern Methodist University Board is to formulate progressive strategies for the school. It consists of over a hundred appointees, a majority of whom are non-teaching staff. The board conveys meetings three times annually; in autumn, spring and winter.




About James Dondero


James Dondero’s alma mater is the School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, McIntire. At the college, he excelled academically, graduating with great honor in both Accounting and Finance. His outstanding performance earned him a coveted spot in the prestigious Morgan Guaranty training program. In addition to academic degrees, James boasts of accreditation by respected professional bodies, the CMA and the CFA.


James’s first job was as a corporate bond analyst at the American Express. He worked at the firm for four years, within which he had become a portfolio manager. He later partnered up with friends to establish Highlands Capital Management. With James at the helm, Highland Capital has become the trailblazer in the provision of alternative investment solutions. Additionally, James sits on the boards of various esteemed instructions, owing to his broad experience in the industry. Some of the boards include NexBank, MGM Studios, and Cornerstone Healthcare among many others.



Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a company that provides alternative loan solutions to companies and other entities in this arena. For the company, they are always associated with the use of stock-based loans. For you to secure the stock-based loan, you must submit your stocks as collateral or scrutiny. Once the stocks as correlated, you end up getting a better way of obtaining fast money to develop your projects. The company targets the rich individuals and companies. For startup companies, hey are in need of the fast working capital. Therefore, they end up working for difference capabilities in a manner that depicts the true nature of dependence. As a matter of fact, we always have better results developed through increasing dependence in these solutions and read full article.

Equities First Holdings has seen more traction in the intake of stock-based loans during the increased economic crisis. For this reason, the banks and other sources of credit loans are tightening their lending capabilities. For this reason, you end up in need of fast working capital. The best company at your aid is Equities First Holdings that works by developing their high-end developments in a manner that does not depict the actual nature of the industry. Therefore, people get better results through this association in a manner that can be matched in this arena and Website of Equities.

The stock-based loans are characterized by the non-recourse feature that lets the clients walk away from the loan without completing any repayment. For this reason, they end up working for different companies. The stock-based loans are also characterized by the low-interest rates that attract you at every point of the corner. For this reason, they have been adopted in an increasing manner in the world. Al Christy is the Founder and CEO of Equities First Holdings. According to him, business is what makes the people get better results through stock-based loans.

Making A Worthy Investment For Retirement

Through the years, people have done their level best to make sure they have an excellent retirement package. Investing for retirement is a thorny issue in America. Warren Buffet, a well-renowned businessman, and billionaire had a take on this matter. He went ahead and placed a bet of $1million because he can make a better investment returns through investing in S&P 500 Index fund.

Timothy Armour has come out to disapprove his claims that low-cost investments are the best. The odds are for Warren Buffet even though the bet has not yet been decided. He firmly stands for bottom – up investments and building up strong company’s portfolio which has proven useful over the years. Timothy, on the other hand, believes that the investment plan may not cushion the client from any losses when the market prices hit some lows.

He goes further to explain the use of fund managers. An excellent hedge fund manager makes sure that your investment does not end up in losses. This is done by keeping out the high-cost funds and getting fund managers who invest their money in conjunction with other investors, which creates a select group who has outpaced the market indexes.

Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour is the CEO of the Capital Group Companies. He received this appointment about two years ago. He has a lot of experience with this company as he has worked here since the year 1983. He has a lot of experience as an equity portfolio manager. Through the years he has been involved with investments as an equity investment analyst.

He went to school at Middlebury College where he attained a bachelor’s degree in economics. He is currently located in Los Angeles. He started out in the associate’s program and worked his way up.

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Hotel Growth and Change

There are many people who are wanting to take advantage of the growth and change that is currently in the hotel business. Not only is this something that you can take advantage of, but many people are starting to think of ways that they can get involved as well. Chris Burch is the type of person who is always ready to take advantage of trends within the economy. There are many variable to learn about this industry, but over time a lot of people in business believe that it can lead to good things. Cash flow and equity appreciation are two of the fastest ways to have a high level of wealth over time. Chris Burch knows this, and this is why he is so proud of the hotel that he featured in this article.


Chris Burch


Many people today look up to the accomplishments that Chris Burch has had in his life. He is ready to take on many challenges from various different angles. Not only that, but he is excited about what the future of this industry looks like. When more technology comes on the scene, he is going to be able to upgrade his company in a variety of ways. If you are ready to start thinking about the future, this is the way to go. A lot of times, people are excited to see what kind of traction they can make on their wealth plans in a year or two. Chris Burch has a five and ten year financial goal, and he wants to make sure that everything he does aligns with that. This is one of the reasons why he is so good at running a business in this industry.


Cash Flow


When you have a large real estate property, one of the most important things that you can do is to maximize the cash flow that you have in your life. This is something that is important for a variety of reasons. Not only do you need to build wealth for the future, but you also need to make a profit in your business. In large capital intensive industries like this one, the amount of debt that you have to carry can seem overwhelming at times. However, after looking at ways to add value to others, you can usually figure out a way to grow profits and sales without having to invest more capital back into the business.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Defeats Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel started his New Jersey dental practice in 1999 and ran a successful practice for 15 years. He won several community rewards for being the most popular dental practice in town, and he was happy, or so he thought. An interesting thing began to happen when some of his patients began to tell him about the problems that they were having with sleep apnea. It was not just one or two of them either, but it was a whole lot of them.


When he inquired as to how their condition was being treated, he got hundreds of different answered, and not many of them were good. This led Dr. Weisfogel to start looking into the matter on his own. What he found out was that he could probably help these patients of his so he started to experiment with a few volunteers and he discovered that his techniques worked. Soon all of his affected patients were finding relief with his methods.


He had put together a device that held the jaw in place. Thus the tongue could not interfere in the throat while the person is sleeping.


Dr. Weisfogel began to share his findings with other dentists, and a new idea was beginning to form. In 2014 Dr. Weisfogel established Dental Sleep Masters, a company that would reach out to other dentists about this new adventure.


By now, Dr. Avi Weisfogel had amassed a large base of knowledge about sleep apnea and his successful foray into the field had resulted in a very positive way. Dr. Weisfogel was very excited about his new brainchild, and he began in earnest to find out where it would take him.


Today he is a very busy man as he meets with people from all over the world. He admits that being a dentist was one of the hardest things he ever did, and he did not enjoy it that much, even though he was very successful at it. Now he feels as though he is involved in his life’s work and he is ever grateful for his dental experience. Without that, he never would have gotten into his work today.


Covering The Lips With Gloss



This is a gloss that has an amazing shine. It comes in a few colors with pink and peach being the most popular. There is a soft applicator that makes it easy to apply the gloss on the lips. A bonus is that the product is also a stain, adding a bit of color to the lips while giving a shine as well. There is a bit of a creamy consistency with the product, which helps to provide more protection for the lips if you’re outside for extended periods of time.



The company has one of the best lip gloss products called Butter Gloss. It goes on the lips like melted butter and gives a shine like none other. There are a few dazzling colors, such as purple and mauve. With a dozen shades, you can get everything from a slight shimmer to delicate color on the lips with this dazzling lip gloss.  You’re going to look Megan Fox hot after this.

10 Phone Hacks and Inspiration


If you want to give your iPhone new meaning and importance in your life, you need to check out Wengie’s 10 DIY Phone Hacks That You Should Try. This bubbly YouTube sensation uses simple everyday objects in two types of phone hacks: the phone and its accessories.


To start, she gives the phone a macro lens using a bead of water. She also turns the camera into a black light with some tape and colored pens. So simple! The sixth hack is even cooler. Wengie makes a plastic pyramid and uses it to turn her phone into a 3D hologram projector and it looks amazingly futuristic. Number ten, however, is a bit more old school. She resourcefully puts together a glass jar, oil, water, food coloring, and with her phone turns it all into a lava lamp. If you have ever wished you had a projector, but thought them to be too expensive you should check out number nine. Wengie demonstrates how you only need a cardboard box, a magnifying glass and some play-doh to turn your phone into a projector. If you prefer to watch things on your phone she shows how you can make it more comfortable, using an empty toilet roll for a stand and a pair of party cups for speakers.


The other type of creative hacks are related to the phone accessories. Wengie explains in the second hack how, if her fingers get sticky she uses an old pen and a sponge to easily make a stylus to keep her phone clean. Number three is a DIY exercise armband, which looks a lot more fashionable than anything on the market and Wengie vouches for it so you know it is good. She continues her video by cleverly getting all those cords under control. She uses a pen and hair blower to turn the charger cord into the cutest curl, and then she stops the cords from falling down on the floor with a Lego figure. Who knew the claw-shaped hands of Lego figures fits the Apple products perfectly? Wengie’s YouTube channel is inspirational and easy life hack gold.