Kenneth Griffin: A Businessman, Entrepreneur, and All Around Good Guy Philanthropist

Ken Griffin was born in Daytona Beach in 1968 and has spent the last half century cementing his place in the business world rising to fame and success as an American hedge fund manager. Today he is the founder and the current CEO of Chicago global investment firm Citadel LLC. Citadel is considered to be one of the largest alternative investment firms in the world and his hedge funds are considered to be some of the most successful. These achievements have earned Griffin a spot on the Forbes 400. As of May 2015 it is estimated that he has a net worth of $6.6 billion.

Griffin has known success on since his days at Harvard where he started his first hedge fund during his sophomore year. The fund was composed of capital that was collected from his family and friends. After graduation from Harvard Frank C. Meyer an investor offered Griffin $1 million to invest and Griffin did much better than expected giving Meyer back almost a 70% return.

In 1990 Griffin moved on and started Citadel with $4.6 million. In just eight years he grew his company to employ 100 staff members and collected about one billion in capital. By 2002 he had cemented his placed in the finance world earning a spot on the CFO Magazines Global 100. He continued to expand and grow his company and was known as one of the most influential people in finance up until modern times where he is still recognized for his savvy and worth. He was the youngest self-made person to be listed in the Forbes 400 in 2003 at age 34 and has continued to be featured in the list over the years.

While Citadel has certainly earned Griffin a great deal of money over the years, he has remained a humble man who is concentrated on providing others with opportunities. His company was listed as one of the top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial Services to work due to the perks employees receive and the collaborative work culture. Employees at the finance firm often are given personal gifts, receive free lunch, and have access to fitness programs.

Additionally Griffin has continued to give back to the community and has been a great philanthropist over the years. He has donated over $500 million to different causes a lot of which has gone towards funding programs within Chicago to help the community Citadel is founded in. Among the donations Griffins has made include a partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to support a Chicago charter school. He has also given $16 million to Children’s Memorial Hospital; $150 million to Harvard University to be used for need based financial aid, and $10 million to Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Get Weekly Cleaning Services With Handy

Many homeowners find that it is imperative to make sure that their houses are cleaned on a weekly basis. A house can easily accumulate dust and dirt just in a single week. As a result, a weekly clean out is often important. Cleaning up the house each week can help prevent clutter from accumulating and make sure that the house stays in good shape all throughout the year. The house that is cleaned each week is also likely to be a house that can welcome guests at a moment’s notice and allow the owner of the home to entertain guests at a moment’s notice.

Finding the time to make sure that any house is as clean as possible is not always easy for any given homeowner. A homeowner may be quite busy both during the week and on weekends. This is why many homeowners look for help in accomplishing this goal. The right cleaning company can come to their house each week and clean up the house to their exact specifications and demands. The right cleaning company will show up when the owner wants them to show up, often at the same time each week so the client can have reliable services.

Working with an app such as that provided by a company known as Handy can be just the ideal way for someone who needs weekly cleaning services to locate the best possible cleaning company for them. Handy is one of the foremost providers of cleaning services to users. The app has a list of carefully screened companies that guarantee that their users will get the kind of cleaning they want when they want it done. Any user can perform a simple search via the app or the website and locate a cleaning company like Handy that is able to show up in their house on a regular basis. This can be an ideal way for the client and the company to connect and have a relationship that is mutually beneficial for both parties. A user will be assured that each week the house will be carefully cleaned by a company that knows how to remove dust and dirt as well as reduce clutter. They know that they can find a company that is able to show up in their house each and every week without fail and make the house look as tidy as possible.

A user of the Handy app can also locate a company that is known to be as reliable as possible. All users are able to set up the kind of cleaning service they want each week. They can also set up the app to provide the user a standing weekly appointment that allows the person to let the cleaning company come to their house at a given moment each week. This can help the person be happy as they know that their house will always be cleaned at least once a week without the need for the client to constantly have to call them each week.

OrganoGold Success Journey, A Word From CEO And Founder Bernardo Chua

The OrganoGold empire has made a breakthrough in coffee, tea and herbal supplement production that transcends the modern world. The originator and principal, Bernardo Chua, most affectionately called “Bernie” is passionate about health. As a Filipino native with a rich Chinese background, Mr. Chua learned much about the potency of “Ganoderma,” a popular herb in Asia. He’s been brewing tea, coffee and other products for everyday benefits. With “Ganoderma” being the main ingredient, he’s concentrated on educating the world about the herb.

Mr. Chua is a phenomenal direct sales expert, and he talks about the state of the industry on his Twitter often, as a result. He’s a great proficient whose adept knowledge and extensive experience has enabled him to produce the best Ganoderma-based health-promoting merchandise. He’d established Gano Excel, another successful enterprise before OrganoGold. Both have generated substantial revenue with the latter creating a buzz worldwide. Mr. Chua initially started his direct selling franchise in his home country, the Philippines. OrganoGold, however, is a Canada-based business which has gained a global reputation.

The success Bernardo Chua has achieved marketing the herbal teas and coffees is an unprecedented achievement. With the world outside Asia being skeptical and investigative, Mr. Chua researched and originated the best business model to market his impressive Ganoderma-based merchandise. He’s a recognized business mogul who has received numerous awards on the behalf of OrganoGold. A sampling of which includes the ” Direct Sales Company of the Year” award, the “National Shoppers Choice” title, the “Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry” and more. The brand OrganoGold has become a leading food supplement producer throughout North America and other regions.

Mr. Chua has focused on refining the OrganoGold line of products and its franchises. He’s remarked that originating produce as beneficial as the OrganoGold coffee and tea varieties wasn’t a trivial undertaking. It required extensive research and the thoughtful ideas of specialists who have successfully studied the herb, “Ganoderma.” With the profound findings after research, he formulated the best supplement that preserved the herbs proprietary ingredients. And, Mr. Chua continues to study the herb with the interest of discovering breakthroughs that he might have overlooked, or any new developments.

He’s centered interest on keeping his products purely organic and health-giving. Mr. Chua has priced OrganoGold merchandise at competitively reasonable rates. And, with the rich, beneficial ingredients it contains, consumers are flocking suppliers. With more than a million distributors spread across the globe, OrganoGold has made its way to nearly every household. Mr. Chua intends to profit from continually researching Ganoderma and improving OrganoGold products as much as possible. He’s confident such an approach will keep it ahead in the market. Canada imposes strict product quality guidelines and Mr. Chua has remarked that it’s helped his company to remain a formidable force of direct marketing industry. His premium tea, coffee, and herbal supplement varieties are of the highest quality.

Dog Food

Feeding your dog high quality and well-balanced food is among the best things you can do as a pet owner. Good dog food keeps a dog’s hair coat sleek ad shiny. It also strengthens the immune system. Above all, it keeps the digestive system in good health. However, when it comes to choosing dog food, the options in the market almost seem endless. Here are a few tips to help you settle on the best dog food for your pup;

Seek Professional Advice

Getting really good food for you dog will require some research and possibly speaking to someone knowledgeable. Typically, a trained nutritionist or a veterinarian are the best resources to help you make the right decisions for your dog food.

Read Ingredients

Before buying any dog food, it is vital to go through the ingredients. Ingredients are usually listed by weight. The ones that have a large amount of moisture content like beef, poultry, fish or chicken are often at the top of the list. The rest of the ingredients are usually at the bottom of the ingredient list even when they offer more nutrients. This is basically where grains are listed. Grains are an excellent source of carbohydrates and are a good energy source for dogs. However, some dogs are allergic to gluten. The ingredient list is important, because it ensures that your dog is having a well-balanced diet and that it is not consuming components it is allergic to.

Buy the freshest food package

After you have picked out the type of food, you have to make sure that the food is fresh. Check the best before by date on the container. Dry food is usually sprayed with fat on the outside to increase it palatability. Fat goes rancid with time and exposure to light and air. Heat also increases the chances of rancidity. The later the sell by date, the better the food. Ensure that the bag is intact and has no holes.

Store dog food properly

Dry dog food should be stored in its original bag in an airtight container and in a cool and dark place. Unopened canned dog food should be kept in cool and dry place. All left over canned food should be stored covered in the refrigerator and opened up dog food should be used in six weeks.

A good dog food brand you can try is Beneful. Beneful is dedicated to bring the joy of play to you and your dog. Beneful stocks both dry and wet dog food and a variety of dog snacks. The packages all come in a variety of proteins like lamb, pork, beef or chicken. The textures also vary from hearty chunks to thinly diced chopped texture. Above all, Beneful is a reputable company with high quality products and the staff is always happy to engage and help customers.

Men’s Dress Shoes From Italy Are Still Made In Italy

The men’s dress shoe business has always been price driven. Men didn’t make that decision. The retailers that sold shoes to the mass market did. That’s why China became such an important leather shoes manufacturing country. When American shoe factories realized they couldn’t competitively price their footwear because of rising labor and material costs, factory owners decided to find factories offshore that could compete. The one country that had a massive labor force, cheap material costs and almost unlimited factory space was China.

American manufacturers decided to train the Chinese to make the kind of footwear that was in fashion in the United States. The big push to make shoes in China started in the 1980s and gained momentum during the 1990s. The athletic shoe companies already had a presence in China at that time. Running shoes were made in Korea during the 1970s, but when the Koreans decided to raise prices based on what they saw happening in the United States in terms of sales, most running shoe companies moved their production to China in the late 1970s.

The United States wasn’t the only country to move their manufacturing to the huge Chinese factories that looked more like cities than factories. Chinese factory workers lived in these factories. They bought food and clothes in the factories, and some workers died in the factories. There were no age guidelines, so it was common to see ten-year-old boys and girls working on the production lines for less than $1 a day. Factories in Canada joined the U.S. and before long, England and France joined the North America shoemakers in China.

But Italy and Spain didn’t move their production to China in those days. The Italians didn’t want to give their trade secrets to the best duplicators in the world. The Chinese could make expensive shoes cheaper, and they would sell those styles to other shoe companies in order to keep the factories filled. The Italians fought the rising labor and material costs in their country as long as they could. But during the 1990s, Italian shoe factories all over the country decided to take the most labor intensive part of the shoe making process offshore. Factory owners made exclusive deals with India and Eastern European shoe makers to cut and stitch the uppers of certain styles that required a lot of hand labor. The Italians supplied the materials, and these cut and fit upper factories as they were called, sent the finished top of the shoe back to Italy so the Italian factory could finish their fashionable styles. The finished shoes were still stamped “Made in Italy.”

Paul Evans Footwear works with factories in the south of Italy that still make shoes the old way. Paul Evans factories make exclusive styles, and customers buy them direct from the factory. For the first time in the history of the footwear business, men can buy beautifully handcrafted Italian shoes in their size, color and design one pair at a time from Paul Evans Footwear. The Paul Evans line is a nostalgic look at the past as well as an incredible look at the future. Paul Evans Footwear takes pride in producing Italian made shoes that fit, look good and last for a lifetime. That’s the mark of a forward thinking, quality footwear line.

Eucatex’s Success Includes Protecting the Environment

Eucatex is a Brazilian company that has established itself as one of the world’s leaders in eucalyptus wood based building materials. In 1923 the parent company of Eucatex, Americana Sawmill Americana, was formed in Sao Paulo which eventually became Eucatex in November of 1951. Shortly after its formation, Eucatex began manufacturing ceiling tiles and panels. Over the next 35 years, Eucatex began exporting their ceiling tiles and panels to Europe and other parts of the world while establishing offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico and the US. They also began to produce paint and started environmental conservation efforts to help provide the company with a sustainable supply of raw materials.

In 1987, CEO Flavio Maluf began working for Eucatex and started in the trade section of the company before moving to the industrial section. He was educated at Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado in Sao Paulo and received a degree in mechanical engineering, and he spent a year studying administration at New York University. In 1997, Mr. Maluf became president on Eucatex after his uncle, who was president of the company at the time, invited him to be part of executive structure of the company. In 2005, he became the CEO of Eucatex and also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Executive Officers.

Mr. Maluf has continued to build up the success of Eucatex while making it one of the best companies to work for in Brazil. Their products include laminate and vinyl floors, paints, wall partitions, doors and panels. They have won numerous awards and certifications such as Petrobras Customer Rating Award Paint and Paintwork Award – Personality in Research and Development and the ISO 14001 Certification which acknowledges Eucatex’s commitment to protecting the environment and conserving biodiversity. Eucatex also works with local landowners through its forestry leasing program where landowners can lease their properties to Eucatex who then uses the properties to plant eucalyptus trees that will be used for future manufacturing purposes. Eucatex shows that a large multi-national company can be both successful and be good stewards of the environment.

Joseph Bismark Knows What’s Right And Wrong

The QI Group was formed around the belief that it is important to treat every employee fairly and around the belief that treating the environment well is important, and it makes sense that they would decide to partner with the United Nations in their cause to make the world a better place. The QI Group cares about all of the things that it is doing, and it wants to be able to always be doing its best to work with integrity. According to what was said on Yahoo Finance the founding director of the QI Group feels honored to be part of the United Nations in this way.
Joseph Bismark is the founding director of this company, and he is a man who has tried his hardest to make this company a success. He wanted it to be a place where people feel great about working at, and so he made spirituality a part of the business. Those who are working there are able to feel a great sense of respect toward each other because of that. Spirituality adds a lot to the business, and it is not only important to Joseph Bismark that it is a part of it, but it is also important to him that he makes spirituality a part of his personal life, as well.
Joseph Bismark is not afraid of doing things differently than anyone else, and his business greatly reflects that. He is a man who has always been bold in the things that he does, and he is someone who is inspiring people every day. Joseph Bismark was raised by monks who believed that having a strong sense of peace within oneself was very important, and that is what he has always believed, as well. He believes that staying healthy and exercising regularly are what everyone should do, and more importantly, he believes that respecting one another is something that everyone should be doing. He has a lot of strong beliefs on what is right and wrong to do in the business world, and his beliefs have helped his company to really take off well.

Pleading Guilty: We Really Love Lime Crime Makeup

I like wearing makeup; wait, let me rephrase that. I love wearing makeup, and most women do.

I apply makeup every day, because it makes me look prettier, hides minor imperfections and actually protects the naked face from grime, pollution and the elements during harsh weather. The only problem I and a number of other women complain about is the beauty habit or rut we can find ourselves in.

For instance, putting on a basic brown eye shadow is a no-brainer for a neutral appealing eye. The cosmetics experts would agree that brown shadow is safe and works for every chick, but after a while it can look boring. Yawn.

Makeup should be fun modern and edgy; Lime Crime Makeup is that company on It’s hot, bold and beautiful makeup that allows young women to practice self-expression. Doe Deere launched in 2008 under the slogan So bright it’s illegal. Unicorn Lipstick became the company’s signature cult favorite for its unique and unusual shades in a vivid purple lipstick tube adorned with a unicorn.

Unicorn Lipsticks are not for the faint-of-heart, but you can by a shy girl who wants her bold sassy lips to do the talking—colors like forest green, marine blue, bubblegum pink, etc.

Lime Crime’s Instagram page is all about the pretty going one step further. The colors are so bright and fun, everything looks like candy. Celebs like singer FKA Twigs was recently photographed in London at the AIM awards in Lime Crime’s Velvetines liquid-to-matte lipstick in Riot (marsala). Gorgeous! By the way, Lime Crime is quite popular with 1.6 million Instagram followers.

Plus Lime Crime has a cool website at, featuring a great blog that talks about everything trending, like amazing mermaid lips. Oh, yeah! The company tells you how to achieve the mermaid pout by applying their Carousel Gloss in Snowsicle as a base, then dabbing on their Zodiac Glitter in Pisces fully coating the gloss, then topping star and hexagon-shaped plastic glitter evenly over lips. You end up with an awesome 3-dimensional set of lips in a sea blue mermaid aura. So very pretty, indeed! This is a must-try, ladies!

That is why I adore Lime Crime makeup. It’s as bold as you want it to be. There are no set rules here; there is nothing neutral or beige about Lime Crime. This is definitely makeup for the modern chick, someone who wants to be unique and comfortable in her own skin, someone who does believe in unicorns.

Lime Crime can be purchased online and also at stores that carry these cosmetics:

Naimie’s Beauty Center
12640 Riverside Drive
Valley Village, CA 91607

Urban Outfitters Herald Square
1333 Broadway
New York NY 10018


American Farmers Fight Syngenta – GMO Class Action Lawsuit

Wikipedia tells that in 2010 the USDA approved the use of the corn seed strain Agrisure Viptera by Syngenta, on the belief that China had also approved the product. Agrisure Viptera also known as Syngenta’s MIR 162 is a genetically engineered insect resistant corn, and American farmers were led to believe that the corn had China’s complete approval for import. Watts Guerra LLP a San Antonio based law firm filed suit against Syngenta on behalf of the American farmer when China refused the shipment and caused approximately $90 billion dollars of loss to the farmers who trusted in Syngenta.

This is the third lawsuit of the kind involving Sygenta, and Mikal Watts of Watts Guerra is fighting to help reimburse the devastation caused by Syngenta’s false claims. Mr. Watts, who successfully brought class action suits against Firestone, Ford and Praxada, understands the disastrous financial results caused by Syngenta’s misleading claims. Farmers from 20 states are affected by China’s refusal to accept the corn, and by destroying the corn China drove the price of corn down across the world. The United States grows 60% of the world’s corn crop each year, and the losses caused by China’s actions were catastrophic. Over 23,000 farmers are involved in the GMO (genetically modified organism) lawsuit to date.

Attorney Mikal Watts who was raised on American farmlands said that Syngenta must be held responsible for its misleading statements. With over 11% of the corn grown in the United States tagged for export, the American farmer fell victim to the claims by Syngenta. China is a sovereign nation, and it can legally refuse GMO products sent to it for import and therefore not responsible for the losses. Syngenta knew about China’s zero tolerance policy to GMOs arriving without complete government approval, but Syngenta went on to assure the American farmer that China would accept the corn.

Mr. Watts advises that each state has different statutes of limitations on filing the suit against Syngenta, and urges the farmers to act in joining the suit as soon as possible. Any farmer affected by Syngenta seeds should be reimbursed due to the global collapse of corn prices. Mr. Watts is leader in bringing about settlement of agricultural mass torts. His offices are located in San Antonio, Texas.

Susan McGalla: A Woman in Business Leadership

To while it is true that the country has come a long way in allowing women’s participation in business and especially business leadership, there is still a lot that has to be achieved. For instance, the society still views the presence of female in top leadership positions as something extraordinary as opposed to it being normal practice. In addition to that, women have a harder time proving that they qualify for leadership positions as compared to men.

Take the example of the Obama versus Clinton Democrat race for the presidency eight years ago. Many people automatically labeled Hillary as a project to get Bill back into office, simply because they didn’t see a woman leading the nation. Occurrences like these are the reason why the few women who have made it to positions of power should be cherished and emulated. One of these exemplary female business leaders in the country is Susan McGalla. She is best known for her position as president of the American Eagles Outfitters.

Lessons that can be learned from Susan

There are many lessons that can be picked from Susan McGalla. To start with, if you are a woman, and you want to be a leader in business, you have to think about getting the right education. This means that you have to at least try and do well in your studies. Susan’s alma mater is the Mount Union College where she studied Business and Marketing.

Another important lesson that can be learned from the career development that McGalla has achieved is the importance of hard work. There are people who say that as a woman, you may have to work twice as hard as the other sex to achieve half as much as they will. This simply means that the society will take time to look into and believe in your leadership capability. Most of the times, they want to look into distractions such as the looks and other irrelevant things. As a woman, you need to show them you are made up of more than this by asserting yourself and refusing to bow to the conventions.

Next lesson learned from Susan is resilience. She obviously didn’t start at the top, and she did not have the guiding hand of some God Father. As a matter of fact, her Dad was a football coach in Ohio. Despite this fact, she moved out to New York, joined the team at American Eagles as a Marketing executive and ended up presiding over the entire company.

Women also need to understand that it is possible to hold more than one business leadership position. For instance, Susan also happens to be a Trustee at the University of Pittsburg and owns and runs her own business consultancy firm. She is also a member of the board at the Magee-Women’s hospital research institute foundation. Susan Mcgalla is a shining example for all ladies that would like to venture into business leadership but are shy.