The Foolish Lechery of Kyle Bass

At one point, hedge fund manager Kyle Bass was a celebrated figure. These days however, due in large part to his poor decision making, Mr. Bass has fallen far from his former days a successful business with untarnished potential.

To begin, Kyle Bass is the founder and principal of a Dallas, Texas based hedge fund known as Hayman Capital Management. His initially positive reputation was based on his 2006 prediction of the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, netting him international headlines. This was all too unfortunate, considering what was to come. UsefulStooges says that Kyle Bass is the one-hit wonder of the hedge fund world who has squandered good luck through incredibly terrible decision making.

Kyle Bass has not only merely made ‘bad calls’, he’s allied himself with incredibly unsavory people. For some reason, Bass praises Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a financially illiterate fool. Mr. Bass has stood beside her, rationalizing the country’s decision to default on sovereign debt, which is twice within thirteen years. It is strange that a hedge fund manager from the United States would champion socialist leftist politicians. Much of Bass’s bad decisions could be seen coming if you examine his history of ugly alliances with questionable bedfellows and strange and untrustworthy decision making.

Due to his investment in General Motors, Bass tried to switch blame to car accident victims in stead of looking at fatalities that were the result of non-deployed airbags, and other problems General Motors unfortunately did not act on.

He has a deeply strange and unfortunate business relationship with the widow of Chris Kyle, Taya, who is currently facing a slew of disgusting allegations of unethical actions. The accuser is a former working partner of her departed husband.

If one further examines Kyle Bass, one will find a man who concocted of a scam that targeted particular pharmaceutical companies and short-selling their stocks while contesting one of the targeted companies’ patents through a front known as the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, that was created in order to satiate said purpose. Bass makes money off the pharmaceutical firms, as their stocks drop. The result of which causes a lack of incentive at said pharmaceutical companies to conduct medical research because they’re embroiled with the financial fallout of the plummeting stocks that leeches such as Kyle Bass stand to gain from.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Provides Help For Flood Victims

In the last few weeks, flooding has been a serious problem in many parts of Brazil. Heavy rains at the time of the year have caused problems to local residents that include lack of access to fresh water and even an inability to stay in their homes because the flood waters have risen so high. This problem has led local and regional health officials to do what is necessary to help provide people living here with assistance in order to make sure that they do not face other kinds of problems here as well as the flooding such as an outbreak of potentially dangerous diseases.

As a recent report in Extra noted, the response to the problem of flooding in this part of the nation has been met with swift and affirmative action by many important health officials. One such Brazilian health official is Dr. Sergio Cortes. Dr. Cortes has spoken out about the need to provide continuing help for those living here in order to make sure that the floods do not cause other issues for all of those living in Xerem and the entire region. He knows that it is important to make sure that health officials and all those living here are in touch with the needs of residents in the aftermath of the problem with the floods.

Dr. Cortes urges all local residents to seek shelter if necessary in order to help them avoid issues such as dehydration that may cause many other kinds of serious health problems. This is why he and his fellow regional specialists have been heavily involved in setting up a facility that is aimed at meeting the needs of residents for temporary shelter as well as access to other important amenities such as water that can be easily drunk.

Cortes is one Brazil’s leading medical experts and one of the nation’s most respected health officials. He has served in many capacities in this part of the world including that of health secretary. As a result of his expertise, many patients have been provided with the kind of assistance they need to be able to say healthy and to be able to enjoy an improved quality of life. He is dedicated to providing such important services for all those who need them in this nation.

US Markets Stocks Close on a High Note Posting a Positive Week for the first Time this year

The U.S. stocks were reported to have closed on a high last Friday making it the positive week amongst the four weeks. This is largely due to the oil recovering from the lows that have affected it for quite some time as well as the hope of getting stimulus overseas. Energy gained 4.3% thereby leading all the other sectors. Oil shot to the $32 mark, the highest it has ever been at since the 8th of January.

A large number of professionals involved with the world markets attributed the sudden improvement of the stocks from the rising oil prices. Oil has stopped falling as well as coming up a bit. This has seen the equity investors getting confident in dipping their hands into the stocks market once again. At Highland Capital Management, the head of global equity trading, Joe Sowin views the rally behind the positive week to short covering. The stocks had already hit their lows by Wednesday and the beaten-down sectors like energy as well as materials contributed significantly to the recovery. For a more detailed read click here.
James Dondero is the co-founder as well as the president of Highland Capital Management. He has gathered over 30 years experience in the field of credit markets and he is entrusted with acting as an overseer of the investment strategies employed by Highland Capital Management. He chairs the Nexbank Capital Inc Board of Directors. Highland Capital Management is among the global alternative credit management firms that are the biggest and most experienced. Jim and his partner and co-founder, Mark Owada are involved in the management of an assets base estimated at $21 billion. He is also held highly due to his contribution as a pioneer towards the CLOs (Collaterized Loan Obligation) establishment. Back in 1996, he was also involved in the non-banks CLOs establishment.
Jim Dondero has also offered his services in various Boards of Directors like the MGM studios and the American Banknote Corporation. He has also been the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Cornerstone Healthcare as well as the CCS Medical. He is an alumni of the University of Virginia where he earned his first degree in which he had concentrated on Finance and Accounting. In addition to this, he is a designations holder of the following; CFA, CMA and CPA.

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Sergio Cortes Takes the World By Storm

Anyone that has been checking out blogs and websites about Michael Jackson impersonators cannot stray very far before seeing something about MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes. He is a force in his own right that has managed to delight a lot of fans of the deceased King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Some people have become interested in following him on Facebook because he will post pictures and videos of his performances. This is something that a lot of people are interested in seeing because Sergio gives them a rare glimpse behind the scenes. Sergios has an intense work ethic, and this is the thing that makes him one of the better impersonators out there.

Even Michael Jackson would be impressed with this type of commitment that Sergio has made. It is obvious that he is among the best in the industry when it comes to impersonations. Sergio has been earning a living this way, and it is obvious that fans are going to support what he is doing. It is all a part of the entertainment industry that cannot let go of the entertainer that sold more than 40 million copies of a single album.

Cortes watched Michael when he was a child according to his mother. He would prove himself to be a very good dancer and singer. He also had the desire to write his own songs. He did not become a singer in his own right, but he appears to be just as happy with impersonating the deceased King of Pop.

There are other impersonators on there, but few can do what Sergio has managed to do. It all starts with the way that he looks. Everything from his hair to his skin tone resembles Jackson in his later years. He dresses like Jackson when he is on stage, and he has the garments and accessories that look like Jackson gear when he is off stage. That is part of the way that he dazzles fans. Sergio is never seen in public out of character. He embodies Jackson offstage so it is easy for fans to see him as Jackson when he is on the stage. That is why so many people have started looking at his tour schedule dates. They want to know if there will be a chance to see him live. They are impressed and they want to get a glimpse of this phenomenal tour.

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Jennifer Walden is Creating New Lives With Cosmetic Talent

People make appointments with plastic surgeons for many different reasons. One person may have breasts that are too small and she may desire to have them larger. One person may have saggy skin, from weight loss, and they may want to have some skin removal. Another may have scar tissue, from a past burn, to their face. The top Texas plastic surgeons are ready to help in all of these situations. Plastic surgery is a skill and a talent. It is serious to cut someone. You must think you can repair or make them look better. You are taking their future appearance into your hands. The top Texas surgeons, that specialize in plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, have talent.

Jennifer Walden is one of these cosmetic surgeons we think of in Texas. She graduated in 1998 with honor society status. A young lady from Austin Texas began her future by working first on her dream. Her dream was to become a surgeon. She began her education at the University of Texas. After graduating with a BA of Arts in Biology, and honors, she took on the second part of her education. She began to go after her medical doctorate at the University of Texas Medical Branch. This young woman made her mark by graduating again at the top. She continued on to win many different awards for her wonderful work.

After school, Jennifer Walden went on to move to New York. She spent a few years working at a hospital in NY as well as teaching at the college as a University Instructor for the surgery dept. Once Jennifer decided to start her family she made her move back home. She wanted to raise her twin sons close to her family in Austin. Texas was not only familiar but it was home to some really successful doctors and medical facilities. Jennifer opened her own medical facility, went on to win some more awards and is presently making people all over the world feel better about themselves through lectures and speaking engagements. She is a continued cosmetic surgeon that makes lives better by providing surgery and creating new lives with her talent.

Highlighting CCMP Capital and the Contribution of Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is a private equity firm on Wall Street that operates globally and its main focus is on leveraging buyout transactions and growth capital. The firm was founded in 1984 and it was then going by the name “Chemical Venture Partners”. It used to operate as Chemical Bank’s arm that dealt in personal equity and business enterprise capital. The bank expanded positively and in 1996 it was able to take over Chase, this take over led to its changing of its name to the Chase Capital Partners. In the year 2000, the firm further changed its name to J.P. Morgan Partners after the acquisition of J.P. Morgan & Co. Six years later, the group experienced an independent spurn out which resulted in Stephen Murray being offered the post of the Chief Operating Officer of the group. He succeeded Jeff Walker, the group’s founder. CCMP Capital has continued to grow and currently has over 50 members of staff with its offices based in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

After the developments that occurred in 2006, the group continued to nurture continuous triumph of the investment strategy that had been laid down and put into practice by the expert members of the olden days. The group currently holds investments that exceed $16 billion in buyout transactions as well as growth equity ever since it started operating in 1984. This has been possible to the firm as it is has been able to capitalize on a number of its collective strengths like their industry expertise and its own operating funds. Capitalizing on these strengths has spurred the firm’s growth in as far as its investments are concerned in the four sectors that it targets. These sectors are industrial, consumer or retail, energy and healthcare sectors. The firm is considered as a global partner due to its investment using its model that entails creating value that is powerful and its active management offers it a good backing.

Focus on Stephen Murray

Steve Murray came to this world on 2nd August 1962 and died on 12th March 2015. He was renowned in the world for being an investor in classified equity and a philanthropist. He made his contribution to the CCMP Capital when he served in some of its top ranks namely the C.E.O. and President. Steve earned his Economics Degree in 1984 from the Boston University. After five years, he was awarded a Masters of Business Administration from the prestigious Columbia Business School. Murray was part of a program on credit analysis that focused on practical training and was held under the Hannover Corporation. Some mergers and acquisitions happened during his early days leading him to become the J.P. Morgan Partners head of buyout business. He left this firm last year citing health reasons.

Death Of The Penny Discussed By U.S. Money Reserve President

The President of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl recently made an appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” morning show where he discussed the options available to U.S. agencies for reducing the costs of currency production, PR Newswire reports. During the show the former Director of the U.S. Mint gave his view on removing the penny from everyday use in the U.S., which was a view based upon the skills of Diehl as a precious metals and currency expert.

The U.S. Money Reserve has been at the top of the precious metals markets for a number of years, particularly amongst those looking to invest in government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins. The founders of the U.S. Money reserve were traders in precious metals who hoped to assist everybody with the opportunity to invest in precious metals. In a bid to make sure the company only offers the highest quality coins a dedicated team of experts has been assembled, which includes those with the skills to analyze specific coins to make sure they are of the correct value.

Within the interview Diehl took part in he looked to the effects a change in currency values would have on the overall U.S. economy. Despite fears the removal of the penny from curculation would lead to a rise in inflation the President of U.S. Money Reserve believes the change would be of benefit to the economy as a whole; the theory presented by Diehl stated retailers would round down their prices to avoid the use of the penny and offer increased discounts customers would look to use.

There are more options for changing the face of U.S. currency, which also includes the removal of the five cent nickel from circulation. Diehl argued on the CNBC show the best option for the U.S. was the removal of the penny as it costs around $105 million per year to keep the coin in circulation for very little in return.

From Investment Banker to Millionaire Philanthropist: Sanjay Shah’s journey.

The Solo Capital hedge fund founder and CEO, Sanjay Shah is the father of a young son diagnosed as autistic. He had already been contributing to charity by sponsoring many children in India, but his new concern was for finding a way to help his son. He was casting about to find the best way to address the issue when he heard that Snoop Dogg was visiting “The Palm”, where Sanjay and his family now live. His whole family were interested in meeting the recording superstar and so Sanjay made some inquires as to whether Snoop Dogg would come over for an unplanned visit. Snoop accepted!

The whole Shah family was ecstatic to have Snoop and his accompanying troop in their home having a great conversation. And it was Snoop who immediately proposed a viable plan for Sanjay to made a difference in autism research. He pointed out that if Sanjay got into the music concert business, he could privately produce concerts to fund autism research.

Of the astonishing visit, Sanjay Shah said, “What’s it like having a man who’s sold 30 million records sitting in your garden? Bizarre. But thrilling! I put some pictures on Facebook and no one believed it was him. Everyone thought I’d hired a lookalike… He was lovely. He was talking to the kids, asking about Dubai, telling us about his family. It was fun.”

From this epiphany Autism Rocks was born. Sanjay has produced private concerts with big-name artists, including Drake, Elvis Costello, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Joss Stone, and several others. Some in the UK and some in Dubai. The results are impressive, with over $15 million raised by Autism Rocks. All the profits are used to help fund the Autism Research Trust, which supports a Cambridge University study to find the causes of autism and to develop more effective treatments for the condition.

Sanjay Shah has founded and currently owns many companies, but he started with Solo Capital and more recently founded Vistex, Inc. Sanjay is the Chief Architect and CEO of the company. Utilizing new cloud computing technology, Vistex offers incentive management and solutions for marketing and service. They help many client companies control their overhead costs, improve profits, and generally implement new strategies for more effective marketing.

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The Expansion of Organo Gold

Coffee is a billion dollar industry that is exponentially growing as more and more individuals buy this product all around the world. What makes this product so popular is that it is tasty and bitter that can be molded into so many flavors and so many popular drinks. Coffee can be sold by large franchise, coffee can be sold by small businesses, and coffee can be grown in different ways to appeal to each and every different pallet. With the growing industry of coffee, Organo Gold is a company that has created its own niche to make a healthy product that also energizes the consumers.

Organo Gold is a fairly new company that was started in 2008 by Bernardo Chua. Mr. Chua has extensive knowledge of the multilevel marketing industry which he has applied to make Organo Gold a successful brand. Mr. Chua decided that in order to make Organo Gold successful, a new never before seen product was needed that would set this brand apart from other coffee brands, something that would bring health as well as caffeine.

This special ingredient is known as the “king of herbs” in Eastern medicine. This herb is called Ganoderma which is more specifically a fungus that grows which supernatural properties that relaxes yet energizes those who intake these herbs. Ganoderma is transformed into a powder like consistency through a natural process. The powder is then combined with a number of Organo Gold products that include hot cocoa, coffee, as well as tea.

Organo Gold is a company that is proud to announce that it is a only company in North America with a organically grown Ganoderma plantation. This plantation makes this fungus easily accessible to be combined with a number of Organo Gold products. Consumers of this brand have praised Bernardo Chua for his clever idea of combining a healthy product with a daily consumable beverage.

Organo Gold, though a new company has expanded greatly to now be sold in over 35 different countries. Recently in news, Organo Gold announced its new branch that has opened up in Turkey. This country marks the new available access to both Europe and Asia with ease. The team at Organo Gold is a dedicated team that constantly demonstrates excellence, integrity, as well as leadership. What makes Organo Gold a special company is the fact that it is available for anyone to join. The only requirement to join this team is that one has to have a love for the product.  Bernardo Chua is winning awards helping to drive forward his concept of healthy coffee.  Follow that on his Facebook, as he takes the company to new heights.

It’s Deja Vu All Over Again, Says George Soroos (Not Yogi Berra)

The S&P 500 and the Dow Jones indices have just completed their worst first week of a calendar year since records have been kept. They fell 6.0% and 6.2%, respectively, in those first five days.(USA Today)

Under such conditions, panic is understandable. Hunagarian born, George Soroos is now a well-known American billionaire, investor, and speculator. George Soros is among those who is worried. “When I look at the financial markets,” Soroos told an economic forum in Sri Lanka on Thursday, “there is a serious challenge which reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008.” (BloomburgBusiness)

The 2008 crisis, of course, was the worst the global economy has suffered since the Great Depression of the 1930s. (It is generally referred to as the Great Recession.) Soros is one of the 30 wealthiest men in the world. He has made a reputation for speculating in a prescient fashion about macroeconomic developments in the global economy. For example, “He is known on Bloomberg as ‘The Man Who Broke the Bank of England’ because of his short sale of US$10 billion worth of pounds, making him a profit of $1 billion during the 1992 Black Wednesday currency crisis.” (Wikipedia)

But Soroos is not infallible. In fact, doomsday prophets are usually wrong.(InStreet) And there are a lot of differences between the current crisis and the Great Recession that started in 2008. That was primarily about, in the beginning anyway, a bubble in the housing market in the United States. Prices of houses in the US had been inflated by easy credit, subprime mortgages, and what turned out to be unreasonable optimism that those prices would go on increasing forever.

The origin of this crisis is China. Its stock market imploded so badly in the first week of 2016 that the Chinese government shut it down, twice. It is true that there are speculative bubbles and debt levels in the Chinese economy reminiscent of those in the housing market in the United States in 2008. “The general consensus, however, is that China can handle a debt crisis; state control of the economy is much greater and the government has trillions of dollars of reserves with which to rescue the banks if it needs to.”(Economist) Furthermore, the Chinese economy is not so central to the global economy as that of the US. And while the economic crisis of 2008 caught most people by surprise, this crisis has been anticipated, and “priced into” the market already. (Nasdaq) One indication of this is that both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones indices were stagnant throughout 2015.

So, the terrible first week for the stock market in the United States in 2016 may be the start of a crisis like that of 2008, as George Soroos fears. But even billionaires find it difficult to make such economic forecasts.