Sergio Cortes, MD Helps The People Of Xerém Deal With Flood Issues

Xerém was hit hard by a flood. The State Secretary of Health, Sergio Cortes gave a speech Sunday morning regarding the devastation in the area. It’s been a week of solid downpours and with it has come destruction. There are many shelters still taking people in and as a health official he allowed wanted to make the public aware of areas that could take more homeless.

The Dengue Hydration Center, which is the health center of Xerém, is operating on 15 hour days since last Sunday. They can service over 300 people each day and they have 12 chair that are available for showers. Cortes stands behind the people of the area as they take steps to improve the current conditions. He remains hopeful that they will come through this. He is concerned about the amount of garbage that is lying in the city. It is increasing the issue of mosquitos. Something must be done about this quickly, as mosquitos carry diseases.

Cortes is a Brazilian doctor. With his educational training behind him, he knows the importance of handling a situation like this with delicacy. One bad move and it could make things significantly worse for the people. In a recent meeting with Camillo Junqueria, the health secretary, they decided that they needed to deliver extra calamity cases. They also added an additional 3,000 antibiotic pills to administer to the public to help prevent against leptospirosis.

There have been numerous measures taken by the State’s Department of Health. They want to ensure that the region has teams that are doing surveillance and can help to prevent against disease. Contaminated water, like leptospirosis, and hepatitis A are just a couple of things that can come from tainted floor waters. The risk of other things like flu, diarrhea and meningitis are also a concern.

Cortes urges the people to use bottled water for drinking and food hygiene. The National Force Health will also be assembled to help with this disastrous situation. In the next few days, there will be more calamity kits coming to the region, as well as trained workers who can help battle the flood waters and help the people who lost everything. Xerém has a community help board online that people sending items can check what is needed. Cortes wants everyone to remember safety at this time. Being smart can help prevent against disease and further destruction.

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Sergio Cortes And His Work

Who is Sergio Cortes?

Dr. Sergio Cortes is an orthopedic surgeon in the country of Brazil. Graduating from the University of Souza Marques in Rio de Janeiro with an interest in performing surgeries in the human hip, he has been influential in treating chronic pain in the body in his home country. From the years of 1992 to 1994, he worked as an officer dealing with medical things for the Rio de Janeiro Fire Department. He later on worked for over 16 years as a doctor at the National Municipal Miguel Couto in the same city (INTO) as unsurprisingly, a hip surgeon.

He worked at INTO until he was nominated as the Minister of Health for Dilma Rouseff, the 36th president of Brazil. Today, he is well known from his papers, where he discusses various different topics in the medical field. From improving one’s diet to the benefits of caffeine, he uses his knowledge of the human body and his expertise of treatments to suggest alternatives to the way people live. He has especially been in the business of treating chronic back pain in people.
Chronic Back Pain And Its Treatment

There are many different exercises that Dr. Cortes suggests to target back pain. He says that due to the fact that we live in a modern world, we deal with back pain as a result. Back pain can be triggered by bad posture while using our technology, and herniated discs are becoming a common thing for people practicing these posture errors. However, there can be a relief from this pain, as Cortes explains, and that there are specific stretches and exercises that you can use to target this back pain. Without using any type of exercise, he says, it wouldn’t be long before you led a pain filled life.

The exercises he suggests however, may surprise many. He advises that many experiencing this back pain can go swimming to relieve this pain. Swimming is a very good tactic for therapy, and is even used for animals such as race horses for their rehabilitation after injury. Swimming puts the pressure off the body, as the swimmer’s body is being supported by the water, rather than their tired or achy bodies. Many will experience relief very quickly, and swimming can also help strengthen your upper body and even help strengthen your back, building up your muscles so that your back can handle the pressure of walking or other exercises. Dr. Cortes is a well known doctor in the country of Brazil, and thanks to his efforts in the medical field, has been able to help many and may continue for a long time to come.

Dr. Sergio Cortes Shares Medical Advice On Obesity

Sergio Cortez is a Brazilian doctor that is quite well known in the country. Certainly, this brilliant doctor has a multitude of advice that he would like to share with his patients and others that are searching for advice on maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The fact is that the number one reason that a large number of people suffer with various health problems is because they are obese. Dr. Cortes realizes that obesity is a growing problem in Brazil too. Dr. Cortes is an expert on the subject of obesity. He is very concerned about the rising obesity rate in certain parts of Brazil.

Obesity Trends
Serigo Cortes is very familiar with the surveys that demonstrated the obesity trends in Brazil. He remarked about the Global Burden of Diseases Study that stated that millions die yearly, due to obesity. Cortes believes that thousands die yearly in Brazil because of complications that are directly caused by chronic obesity. Cortes believes that this is only the beginning. The odds are that the obesity trend will increase over the next few years at a fast pace. Still, there is hope. Steps must be taken to make people more aware of the effect that obesity has on their life.

Obesity Causes
Dr. Sergio Cortes believes that the cause of obesity is generally associated with heredity, eating the wrong foods, and not drinking enough water. He offers this advice too. Avoid going on crazy diets. The crazy diets lead to further health problems. Instead, follow a sensible diet under a doctor’s care.

Sergio Cortes Share Advice On Living Healthy Lifestyle
Always eat a healthy breakfast. The breakfast meal gives you energy to start the day. Avoid drinking too much coffee. Coffee speeds up the heart and leads to digestive problems. Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals places the body in starvation mode and storing fat. Sergio Cortes also thinks that it is important for people to get 3 servings of fruit daily. He also believes that people should learn to really chew their food. Chewing helps to digest the food. Avoid sugary drinks and drink several glasses of water per day. Water helps deliver the nutrients to the body and remove toxins.

Dr. Sergio Cortes also realizes that the Internet is filled with a lot of advice on dieting or losing weight. Some of the advice is harmful. Always use due caution following advice online. Avoid those crazy diets too.

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A Self-Made Billionaire

Ken Griffin always seemed to have a knack for investing. During his freshman year at Harvard, after reading a Forbes magazine, Ken Griffin began his investing career. After his initial success Griffin decided to start a hedge fund that invested primarily in convertible bond arbitrage. Griffin began this first fund with money &5,000 raised from friends and family. Due to the fund’s success the young investor created a second fund, and had over $1 million under his management by the time he graduated. His track record began to attract the interest of other investors. Shortly after graduating he received an investment of $1 million from Frank C. Meyer. Much to the delight of Meyer, Griffin was able to provide a return of 70% for the year. At this point Griffin decided it was time to go all the way with his investing career. In 1990 with initial funds of $4.6 million Griffin’s hedge fund Citadel was founded. From its humble beginnings the expert investor quickly scaled the company to impressive heights. Within eight years Citadel was managing over $1 billion dollars and employing 100 people. Currently the fund has around $25 billion under management and is known as one of the world’s largest alternative investment firms. Griffin is one of the highest earning managers of a hedge fund worldwide. The rise of Citadel has led to multiple appearances on the Forbes 400 list. He first appeared at the age of 24 and was the youngest self-made individual to make the list. Despite his personal success, one his proudest achievements was having Citadel receive recognition as one of the Top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial Services in March 2015. Griffin accomplished this through providing excellent perks for employees like free lunch, fitness programs, as well as personalized gifts. Thanks to his good fortune the self-made billionaire has also become an extremely generous philanthropist. His charitable donations have reached nearly half a billion dollars with a significant portion going to support institutions in Chicago. Some of his most notable contributions have been towards healthcare with $10 million going to the Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center and $16 million to the Children’s Memorial Hospital. Last year Griffin made the biggest donation thus far of his life by giving $150 million to Harvard in order to support need-based financial aid for undergraduates. At the time of the donation it was the largest one-time donation in the History of the school.

North American Spine™ is Growing

As of October 22, 2015, North American Spine™ is opening up into Las Vegas, with the Red Rock Surgery Center as their station for treatment, and the Advanced Pain Management Center for post-ops and consults. The doctor leading this expansion is Dr. Satish Sharma, who began his studying medicine and pain management in Rajasthan, India, then completing his post-doctorate in India and Pennsylvania. His internship and residency were done at Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA, where he then went on to Allegheny General Hospital in Pennsylvania for his pain management fellowship. Dr. Sharma joined the Advanced Pain Management Center in 2006, and is looking forward to working with North American Spine. Dr. Sharma is also an active staff member at Spring Valley and Southern Hills hospitals.

North American Spine is originally based in Dallas, is also the exclusive provider of the AccuraScope® Procedure, which is a minimally invasive procedure, lasting no more than 45 minutes, to treat chronic back pain. Already, there have been over 8,000 AccuraScope® procedures done by board-certified specialist physicians. Additionally, research of the AccuraScope® procedure has shown an 82% success rate.

Double boarded in Anesthesiology and Pain Management and a diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology, Dr. Sharma is ready to offer pain management plans for patients who are suffering from chronic pain that results from a wide range of disorders or complications.

“We want to work with patients to help control pain and regain control of their life,” said Dr. Sharma.

Adam Arnette, Chief Marketing Officer of North American Spine said, “Dr. Sharma’s experience and skills are a welcomed addition to our talented team of North American Spine physicians and Pain Management Specialists.”

Red Rock Surgery Center is a multispecialty outpatient ambulatory surgery center, performing a wide range of outpatient surgeries, now including AccuraScope®. Red Rock Surgery Center is located at 7135 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117.

Advanced Pain Management Center has two locations, one in Henderson at 9029 S Pecos, Ste 2800, Henderson, NV 89074, and the other in Las Vegas at 630 S Rancho, Ste H, Las Vegas, NV 89106. Not only do they offer minimally invasive procedures for chronic pain, they also offer cancer care completely customized to you.  They remain a popular, and well reviewed member of the back health community.

The Successful Career of Dr Jennifer Walden

Dr Jennifer Walden is a Texas native, who was born, raised and went through her undergraduate studies in Austin, Texas. In 1998, she graduated from the University of Texas with an Honors degree in Bachelor of Arts, Biology. Dr Walden later went to receive the highest honors in her Medical doctorate.

Dr. Jennifer Walden moved to New York City after completing her residency training. She went to the big city after getting an opportunity to join the highly competitive fellowship program at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and throat Hospital. This opportunity led her to purse aesthetic surgery. Dr Walden greatly benefited from the fellowship through learning from the best in the field. This knowledge made her an expert in cosmetic surgery.

With an academic appointment as the Clinical Instructor of Plastic Surgery at the Langone Medical center, New York University, Dr. Walden worked very hard to grow her career. She currently owns her own surgery clinics which are fully accredited to offer high standard cosmetic surgery to patients.

After 8 years of building her successful plastic surgery practice in New York, she returned to her hometown in 2011. At first, the decision to move into Austin had her worry about her surgical career. There was no single plastic surgery clinic in Austin like there was in Houston, Dallas or Manhattan. She also worried that the people of Austin were less interested in plastic surgery due to the natural green environment of the city. However, when she landed in Austin, Dr. Walden had two patients waiting to have their breasts augmented.

Dr Walden mainly focuses on cosmetic surgery where she specializes in breast augmentations, eyelid lifts, face lifts and rhinoplasties (nose jobs). She also performs liposuctions on the inner thighs, arms and on the abdomen. The cost of each procedure varies due to the complexity of the process. An augmentation costs $7,000, a nose job runs for $8,000 to $9,000 and a face lift costs $10,000.

In her field, there are few women represented in a total of 8,100 plastic surgeons in the country. There are at least 851 female plastic surgeons and only 180 of them are registered with the professional organization of board certified cosmetic surgeons. In addition, only a few of them live in Texas.

Dr. Walden picked cosmetic surgery to help other women improve themselves. According to her, surgery was a way to improve a woman’s self-confidence and give her better quality life. “Instead of hating her appearance, surgery can make her happy,” says Dr Walden.

Dr Jennifer Walden hopes to inspire many young women to pursue careers in business and medicine. She is a mentor to female pre-medicine students who often seeking advice on how to succeed in their careers. “I am a highly organized woman who has the internal drive and a personality that leads me to excel in every aspect of my career,” says Dr. Walden.

Booming House Values in the Heart of New York City

With real estate values in New York City having seen a dramatic rise in the past few months, real estate investors from all over the world are looking to Manhattan for investment opportunities. There are also many potential NYC homeowners interested in the area as well from across the globe, with new buyers coming to the market everyday. The competition for living space in Manhattan has caused rent prices to rise dramatically in the heart of New York City.

Town Residential specializes in residential NYC real estate. They provide potential homeowners and investors with luxury living accommodations to fit the needs of the buyer. The expert team of agents at Town Residential can make the entire process from start to finish a seamless one.

With many years of combined residential New York real estate market experience, finding a wonderful place in the area of NYC you prefer is made simple with Town Residential. Their courteous agents are on your side, helping you not to go amiss when deciding on appropriate living spaces within the city.

Many people want to be close to everything. There is so much going on here in Manhattan, that living an exciting lifestyle in the city with so much to do all around you everyday is as easy as finding the right living space. Whether you want to be close to the subway line, or way up in the heights of a sky rise with immaculate views of the city, you have many options and sections of Manhattan from which to choose.

The Ski Slopes With Andy Wirth

Andrew Wirth, affectionately know as Andy is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He was born on July 25th, 1963 in Neubrucke, Germany. He was always involved in the resort and hotel industry, working in this area for about twenty five years. He loves the open air, saying it was always in his blood.

When he graduated college, he worked at the Steamboat Ski and resort Corporation. There he stayed for almost twenty years, he was handling marketing for the company. He did such an outstanding job, so they promoted him to Intrawest, Steamboat’s parent company.

After Intrawest merged with Steamboat, Wirth was named Chief Marketing Office, and executive Vice President of sales. He had to manage all the resorts owned by this company. He stayed with this company until he parted ways, amicably, in 2010.

Then in 2010 he took over Squaw Valley, which is west of Lake Tahoe. It’s one the largest ski resort in the United States, this area once hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics. It now has thirty chairlifts, and spectacular, breathtaking views covering it’s 3,600 acres. In the summer months tap your feet to the well known musical performers, or even have a relaxing evening with yoga. Taught by the best in the business.

In Squaw Valley it’s not unusual to get about forty feet of snow in the winter. So for all you die hard ski buffs and even beginners, there is a lot to do. The elevation is about 8,200ft. The Cushing family managed it for almost 70 years. Andrew Wirth was given the position as CEO. The renovations budget was $70 million. That project, Wirth personally handled. He wanted to make sure that the resort could hold it’s own with all the others ski area around. He aim was for it to be the best in the area. Soon by 2011 it did happen. Squaw Valley was in the top twenty percent in the industry.

Andrew Wirth has a very generous heart. He contributes to most environmental and community service project in the Lake Tahoe area and is a strong believer in giving back.
His long term goal is continuous improving on Squaw Valley, he wants to make it so popular, people will always want to return, year after year, eventually taking it the number one resort for skiing.

On July 11th, 2013 Andrew Wirth was appointed to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Because of all his experience in the international resort management, where he worked tirelessly with different airlines, negotiating flights into Utah, Colorado and Canada.

James Dondero Keeps Highland Capital Afloat

As the CFA of Highland Capital Management Jim Dondero has a very important task. He is one that keeps this company afloat. As investment opportunities change down through the years it is James Dondero that has the responsibility to keep this company performing at a very high level.

Dondero has made sure that his company would remain profitable by offering award winning solutions for the investor that wants to add things like hedge funds and private equity funds to their accounts. He has become a masterful executive that leads his employers in collateralized loan obligation. As the co-founder of Highland Capital Management James Dondero has helped spearhead this type of market. I admire what he has been able to do from the early years of American Express up until now. He has made some major accomplishments over the years as he managed billion in assets. This gave him the great foundation to become the president of the Highland Capital Management group. He worked in different roles down through the years, and I believe that this is what led to his success. Dondero has more than 30 years of experience, but it is not all in the same area. That can make a big difference. In 1985 Dondero he worked as a Corporate Bond Analyst. He would move up to Portfolio Manager after 1989. He has also worked as a Chief Investment Officer. All of this has allowed him to gain a large realm of experiment in the investment world. He has managed to become a titan in the financial world because he has been able to build up a company that is extremely profitable.

Dondero has also been able to give in his personal life, and this has allowed him to earn the reputation of being a great philanthropist. I admire this quality in business men. They don’t have to do it, but they make a conscious choice to give because they already have so much. I really look up to guys like this because he has been able create a pathway to success for financial leadership.

I think that Dondero is able to make sound decisions in the financial world including for NexBank because he has become one of those people that have become experienced through trial and error. He has managed to improve his Highland Capital Management company because he has been able to see firsthand how a lot of different financial concepts work. His ability to analyze portfolios and create wealth for clients gives him a lot of power. I think that James is a very important part of Highland Capital Management because he represents the face of the company. There are other executives in place, but they may not have the same amount of experience that James Dondero has. There are others that may be able to help clients with a particular portion of their portfolio, but they may not have knowledge in other areas. Dondero, however, has a diverse knowledge base that helps him navigate this company well.

Slyce is Slated to Debut an Amazing New Portfolio

Slyce, the Toronto-based internet product recognition company, has just revealed it will be releasing a new slate of products designed to help consumers purchase products from various online retailers. The basic product/image recognition program the company developed employs an app that works in conjunction with a camera on a smartphone. The image taken by the camera can be used to search through online retail websites to find similar products.

Slyce software is being used by Home Depot, JC Penny, and scores of other major retailers. People do find the technology to be extremely helpful and this is driving the popularity.

The various new releases from Slyce are both impressive and innovative. The forthcoming new technology is sure to be extremely popular with a large segment of online consumers.

Slyce Insights is a program that will analyze visual search data, which should be helpful to retailers in examining their sales figures. The Universal Scanner is designed for consumers so they can scan coupons, barcodes, or images to find matches online. The Out-of-Stock Mitigation Tool is in the Beta stage and it is something consumers who get frustrated with “out of stock” merchandise will be very pleased with. The tool sends consumers in the direction of viable alternatives to purchase. The Snap-to-Coupon concept allows people to take a picture of a coupon and then eventually use it online.

Slyce is expanding its portfolio at a rapid pace. Currently, the recently acquired mobile shopping app Pounce sits side-by-side with the fashion discovery app Craves and SnipSnap, a mobile coupon app. The more Slyce makes it easier for customers to purchase things with their mobile devices, the more popular the company will become.

Those who wish to read up on the whole story about the newest trends in image recognition should check out the Yahoo! Finance article that covers the topic in depth or you can visit