The preeminent Makari Skin Whitening Products.

A good appearance boosts self-confidence and Makari De Suisse products give you a natural and radiant skin. Why use Makari products? The skin care company has developed products that are gentle yet effective that reduces dark spots, fades acne scars, fights signs of aging and use clinically proven formula. The products are made from natural extracts such as roots, pumpkin seeds oils, biotin, carrot oils, argan and caviar extracts. They do not contain hydroquinone or other harmful chemicals with adverse side effects. The above reasons are what makes it the best in the industry.

Makari Skin Lightening products.
Victoria Albi International is dedicated to giving the dark people flawless and lighter skin. It is the leader in skin whitening products. The following are some of the products available-:
• Clarifying Whitening Exfoliate
• Body Beautifying whitening milk
• Clarifying whitening exfoliating antiseptic soap
• Intense lightening cream
• Exclusive lightening exfoliating soap
• Carotonic lightening serum
• Intense lightening serum
• Lightening ensemble

Other Makari Products.
The word Makari means beautiful in Swahili and all products are developed to enhance natural beauty. There are baby products that are suited for the delicate skins and leave the skin soft and the child smelling sweet. The baby shampoo, shower gel and after baths oils will leave your child looking and feeling fantastic.
The make-up line has eyes, face and lips cosmetics that will enhance your looks. The company also offers accessories made from high-quality material that includes earrings, gorgeous totes and chains that will ensure you look beautiful. The hair line ensures you get a good hair day every day with their fantastic products. Whether you need a longer hair, hair repair, prevent hair breakage or giving your hair all the nutrients it needs, then Makari hair care will not disappoint.
All the products have unique fragrances that are scented with wood essence, spring flowers and patchouli perfumes that do not have any skin reactions. Complement your appearance by choosing a unique perfume that will leave you smelling fresh all day.

For those anticipated moments such as your wedding, look brighter, refreshed and pimple free with Makari products. The hand and body lotions, cleansers,toners and the products mentioned above will come in handy.

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Breathtaking Transformation Using WEN Cleansing Conditioner

It can be very easy for people seeking out new beauty products to be skeptical of the claims made by companies, after all, they are out to make money and access to a slew of beauty models who can’t help but make their products look amazing.

Fortunately, Emily McClure of helped to alleviate any apprehension by doing a real-life before and after of series using Cleansing Conditioner from Wen by Chaz. See,

Emily describes her hair as fine and thin, but after a single use of the product, Emily stated that it already felt as though she has more hair and that fewer strands were breaking when using the Cleansing Conditioner from WEN by Chaz than with her normal hair care products. Emily’s week-long YouTube series show her hair looking amazing. She states that her hair, post-shower, looks fabulous from using the Cleansing Condition from WEN by Chaz, and believes that it will remain her go-to product whenever she desires some extra shine. If you wish to see Emily McClure’s review of the product with the photos she has taken, visit her article at

WEN is a product line of Cleansing Conditioners developed by Chaz Dean, a stylist from Los Angeles. Chaz Dean began as a stylist in Bel Air and eventually became successful enough to buy the salon, and eventually relocate it to Hollywood. Chaz Dean has a client list rife with actors and other celebrities. In addition to his career as a stylist, he continues to develop new products of his WEN line to help customers achieve the luxurious hairstyles they desire. Helping to bring glamorous Hollywood hair to people everywhere. Wen is available on Amazon.


Makari Creams Improve Skin Tone, Texture and Brightness From Head to Toe


Skin whitening and lightening creams are used to give the skin a healthy, youthful glow. With the right cream it is possible to eliminate blotchy skin, fade old scars and get rid of the dark spots that appear from aging and too much exposure to the sun. When the cream is used regularly it will help to improve skin tone, keep it properly exfoliated and make the complexion smooth and flawless. Women are able to use less makeup and even go makeup-free without the worry of scars or blotches being visible.

There are many products on the market to choose from, but not all are effective or even safe. Some use harsh ingredients in an attempt to bleach away brown spots, but this can irritate the skin and make it dry and rough. Makari skin cream avoids those unpleasant side effects by using safe, gentle and effective ingredients. All of their skin products have been carefully formulated to make them beneficial for any ethnicity. The products use many natural ingredients and have been designed for specific uses. There are night and day creams, toning gels and exfoliating serums. Natural ingredients like Argan Oil help to lighten dark patches and provide important vitamins that nourish the skin to make it healthier.

Makari products are not just for the face. There are many body lotions and serums that help to tone and balance skin tone from head to toe. Hair products, cosmetics and much more is also available from this Swiss-based manufacturer.

Nutrimost Files A Lawsuit Against Healthy Living


Nutrimost, which is a weight loss company, is suing Healthy Living. The rival company used Nutrimost’s promotional video without permission. Healthy Living posted the video on According to the Manhattan Federal Court suit, Healthy Living removed all references to Nutrimost from the video.

Healthy Living received a cease and desist letter in September 2015. The company put up a shorter version of the video after receiving the letter. The video has reportedly been removed from the website. However, Nutrimost is trying to obtain a court order in order to prevent Healthy Living from using the video again. Nutrimost is also seeking $300,000 for the loss of reputation and theft.

About Nutrimost

Nutrimost is a fat loss system that is designed to help people lose 20 to 40 pounds in just 40 days. It not only helps promote weight loss, but it also helps balance the hormones and eliminate toxins. Furthermore, Nutrimost is designed to deliver permanent results by resetting your metabolism.

Nutrimost differs from other weight loss programs. Most other weight loss programs only focus on diet. Nutrimost uses breakthrough technology that helps the body burn more fat while storing less fat. Furthermore, this program was created by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, who is a chiropractor.


Avi Weisfogel, Helping Operation Smile and Children Everywhere

Operation Smile is a charity dedicated to giving hope and well-being to children around the world. Their main goal is to perform free facial surgeries like fixing a cleft lip and other facial deformities. Every year, the charity conducts medical missions which involve high costs of moving equipment and professions. Raising money for the charity is something that allows the charity to survive and continue to help children everywhere.

Avi Weisfogel is helping out with raising $2000 in a Go Fund Me campaign set for Operation Smile. Having an extensive background in sleep disorders and being in the field of cosmetic dentistry for so long, Avi Weisfogel is more than qualified to set this Go Fund Me campaign. Avi Weisfogel believes in what Operation Smile is doing and wants to help out the best that he can. Having a long term experience with dentistry and even helping other dentists to improve their practice, Avi Weisfogel has more than the determination and drive to lead this Go Fund Me project. Weisfogel believes that children everywhere should have access to the best practices. Operation Smile allows for just that to happen, especially when funds are available and there are people willing to volunteer their time and wisdom.

Operation Smile has been around since 1982. It has progressively grown with more than thousands of volunteers from 80 different nations. Operation Smile is proving to make a difference in the lives of many young adults and continues to strive forward and grow the organization.

Communication Links Opened Between U.S. and Venezuela

The continued opening of communications channels between U.S. officials and a number of states that were once seen as enemies has trickled down through Cuba to socialist Venezuela. UPI reports the 46th meeting of the Organization of American States, OAS, saw U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meet with his Venezuelan counterpart Delcy Rodriguez in a bid to reopen diplomatic lines of communication between the two nations.
At the meeting held in the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, where the 34 member nations of the organization had been discussing possible sanctions against Venezuela, Kerry and Rodriguez held a private meeting. At the meeting Secretary Kerry agreed to further diplomatic meetings to be held with Under Secretary of State for political Affairs Thomas A. Shannon being held in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, as revealed by Latino Show.

A statement was released by the State Department in which a spokesperson Ms. Norka stated the meeting was designed to begin the process of finding solutions to the economic and political problems in Venezuela. In response, Venezuelan authorities explained the impromptu meeting was also designed to allow Secretary Kerry the chance to gain a better understanding of the true situation in Venezuela.

Why Should Autism Rock? Ask Sanjay Shah.

Most people would agree that Autism is a terrible turn of fate for anyone as they often cannot speak for their entire life, even if they understand many things that go on about them. They are reserved in speech and cannot find a way out of a self imposed prison of silence. Sanjay Shah has first hand experience with Autism as do one out of 68 children, his son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with the neurological disorder. Much has yet to be learned about the cause and cure for such a problem in children. Many children have been helped by engaging in Therapeutic Horseback riding, which stimulates the sensory functions of the child and gives them a feeling of empowerment as well as a special bond with the horse. This compels them to express their joy and sensations while riding on top of a 1200 pound animal such as a horse.

Sanjay has his own website dedicated to raising awareness toward autism and how it effects children such as his own son. He also hosts and raises funds with Autism benefit concerts where guests such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Drake and Michael Buble performed to invitation only guests.

Sanjay Shah is also known as a man who once thought he should become a medical doctor but part way through realized he was not cut from that type of mold. Instead, he took up bean counting, which was his forte to be sure. He is worth more than $280 million after he spent the years 2011 through today in his Solo Capital fund management group which is registered in London, England and has some cash flow of 30.26 million Pounds. He considers himself retired at this time, however he is well endowed with the gifts to raise funds for good causes such as his Autism Rocks fund which he founded in April of 2014.

His entrepreneurial educational endeavors are also an area where Sanjay Shah invests his time and energy. He sets up small business ownership seminars and instruction groups. Being a self made successful accountant and entrepreneur himself, who has amassed great success in the capital management industry, he has a gift for wealth creation that is rare among men. He belongs to that elite group that always finds a way to raise money, no matter what the circumstances may be in the global economy. In fact, Shah was able to make a great deal of headway in the capital investment markets during the great recession of 2008 and 2009 as his first accounting positions involved him with investment banks, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley. He is very amenable to his Autism Research Fund from which he routes donations to the Cambridge University Autism Research Centre.


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Kevin Seawright Plans to Make Baltimore A Better Place

Kevin Seawright is a renowned financial and administrative operations guru. Most people know him for his ability to achieve objectives set out by organizations which enable them to command newly available opportunities. For more than a decade, Kevin Seawright has used his experience and expertise to better the lives of people living on the east coast. Kevin is currently the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Economic Development Corporation. Prior to his current position, Kevin Served as Vice President of Operations and Human Capital for Tito General Contractors.

In his career, Kevin has been able to redevelop business strategies to build more responsive financial/accounting divisions that consistently deliver factoring in new technology. His other accomplishments include:
1. Transforming the revenue planning corporate process
2. Solidifying human capital divisions and in turn improving customer retention
3. Revenue enhancements that have helped increase annual returns by 25%.

Recently, Kevin announced that the residents of Baltimore, MD, will be receiving new and affordable housing units very soon. This project will be handled by RPS Solutions LLC, a joint partnership venture that Kevin founded in 2015. Kevin Seawright established the company to help address the issue of affordable housing in Baltimore and also to contribute to strengthening the community. The primary objective is to ensure that the home ownership rate in Baltimore is increased. Currently, the home ownership rate lies at 48.3%. In addition, the community with the help of RPS Solutions is looking at ways in which they can improve the lives of the existing homeowners in the area. The company and the community are in agreement that filling the Belvedere Square will go a long way in improving the area’s stability and the livelihood of the people living in Baltimore.

Kevin Seawright said, “It is rewarding to see more stability fill Baltimore neighborhoods like Belvedere Square. With each new home in Baltimore and surrounding counties, we get one step closer to achieving our goal to raise the city’s current home-ownership rate.”

Increasing the number of homeowners in Baltimore will bring enormous economic benefits to the region in addition to ensuring stable neighborhoods and a vibrant community. RPS Solutions has been helping potential home buyers by connecting them to mortgage lenders. They have also helped in managing assets, constructing new houses and renovating the existing homes in the region.  Be sure to follow Kevin on Twitter for more info.

Whitening and Brightening Skin by Makari


Produced in Switzerland, Makari manufactures a line of beauty and skin products that are designed to address the needs of darker skin tones. I personally noticed this while shopping for makeup, and other skin care products that there really is not a huge selection for people with dark skin. This line is perfect for them. Makari is the leading brand for skin whitening and brightening. They have everything from Caviar face cream to a clarifying serum and an exclusive toning gel.
Caviar face cream is a brightening moisturizer produced to nourish the skin and diminish dullness and discoloration spots. Makari Skin care regimen is formulated to reduce the appearance of scars, marks, and discoloration by whitening the skin thus creating an even tone. Carotonic body lotion is an extreme lightening multi-vitamin body lotion. It has the same formula for skin whitening as the facial products to help create an even canvas. It Protects skin from free radicals, removes toxic build up, rejuvenates skin, evens out complexion, and fades away blemishes.
This skin care line started with only seven original products and with the great response from their customers they now have over sixty. Makari is mainly a skin care line but they also have a baby line, a make up line, and a special line of body lotions. I definitely recommend any of these products to anyone looking to achieve the perfect skin complexion!
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What Is Happening With NutriMost


Many people utilize the Internet for information about health and fitness. One of the top websites that people frequent is NurtiMost. Nutrimost is reportedly suing Healthy Living for swiping one of their videos and placing it on their website. Healthy Living reportedly even left in some of the testimonials that were in the video by Nutrimost. NutriMost is suing for three hundred thousand dollars for losses.

NutriMost doctors are some of the most well known doctors in the world. NutriMost has a variety of health and wellness programs that people can join to get healthier and live a better quality of life. Many people are losing weight, getting more energy, dropping dress sizes and feeling better about themselves due to the NutriMost wellness programs. Many people are also reporting a better quality of sleep. This is highly important if anyone wants to get anything done throughout their day because they will have more energy to complete tasks. So if anyone is contemplating if they should try the program they definitely should. One reason they should try it is because there is a free consultation. This means that no one has anything to lose. At least they will have the information they need about the program.