Endless Flavors for any EOS Fan

EOS lip balm has become very popular all of a sudden. EOS lip balms come in many flavors from strawberry sorbet to sweet mint. They are egg shaped balms filled with anti-oxidant rich vitamin E as well as shea butter. Before EOS, many people would scan drug store counters for lip balms that were usually tasteless with a few wild flavors. Then, EOS started popping up in stores. They stood for Evolution-of-smooth and were being used by everyone even celebrities. There was a high demand by millennials and EOS became the go-to lip balm. Hit this cool link, blogwebpedia.com.

EOS lip balms come in many flavors. The most popular flavors include Passion Fruit, which gives a sweet tropical flavor to anyone’s lips, Strawberry Sorbet, which moisturizes and soothes your lips with a strawberry dessert, and Blueberry Acai, which is 95% organic. Read fascinating review here. There are also more flavors that give a person options. Pomegranate Raspberry is a favorite that gives both moisture and flavor. Summer Fruit comes in a red egg that includes strawberry, blueberry, and peach flavors. All brands must include a minty flavor and EOS does just that with their Sweet Mint that provides the moisture your lips need, refer also here at allure.com. Last but not least, a popular flavor is Honeysuckle Honeydew that softens your lips leaving them moist and smooth for the rest of the day.

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Fall In Love With EOS Lip Balm Flavors

There are an array of lip balms on the market today. They are basic essentials for lip care. The EOS brand provides lip balms in a variety of flavors. They are created to be fun, unique, and filled with character! Some of the most popular lip balm flavors are listed below. Click frenchtribune.com for more amazing articles.


EOS Pomegranate Raspberry

This lip balm comes in a crimson colored package and has a mild fragrance. It helps to repair damaged lips. It has natural extracts used to provide moisture to dry lips.


EOS Sweet Mint

The EOS Sweet Mint lip balm has a bold punch of mint flavors. It is refreshing and moisturizing at the same time. It is created to soothe cracked lips by using organic ingredients, buy this product here on amazon.ca.


EOS Strawberry Sorbet

This is a sweet and feminine lip balm choice. It has a strawberry flavor, made to heal cracked lips effortlessly.


About EOS

EOS is one of the leading lip balm brands in the nation. Initially, it was founded by Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky. Eventually, Sanjiv Mehra came aboard as the co-founder and managing partner. EOS was created more for the millennial generation.

For a period of time, the founders kept silent about the strategy they used to gain their success. After many years, they decided to reveal it to the world in order to allow their supporters to learn more about them.


EOS stands for “Evolution of Smooth.” The founders realized that they had to create lip balms that could target women. They found out that women had the biggest need simply because they incorporated lip balms into their makeup routines. Therefore, the EOS lip balms had to be pretty and colorful. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera were seen wearing a EOS lip balm. Soon thereafter, the EOS name became popular among the makeup and fashion industry.


Visit https://twitter.com/eos?lang=en for more updates.


Talos Energy Becomes the First Non-Pemex Company to Exploit Oil in Mexico

Talos Energy in partnership with Premier Oil Plc and Sierra Oil & Gas has ventured the Mexican oil exploration industry. This venture is the first oil exploration attempt within Mexican borders by private companies. The Mexican oil exploration industry has been under control of state owned Petroleos Mexicanos since 1938 when the industry was nationalized. However, in a bid to rescue the ailing sector, the industry was liberalized in 2013 to bring competition in the industry.

The three companies won the oil exploration rights in the first round of bidding in 2015. The drilling began on May 21 and is expected to be complete within 90 days. According to the London-basin Premier Oil Plc, the Zama well, which is located in the Sureste Basin, is estimated to hold 100 million to 500 million barrels of crude. Talos Energy is the operator of the well and will reap 35 percent of the benefits. Premier Oil and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas will gain 25 percent and 40 percent respectively.

What Do Analysts Say?

According to analysts, given that the Zama-1 oil exploration is the first private venture in over 80 years, the prospect would be keenly watched. Also, the analysts suggested that the structure of the basin indicate a higher geological probability of succeeding.

Talos Energy in Brief

Talos Energy is a leading oil and gas company. The Huston, Texas-based firm was founded in 2012 with a goal of exploring offshore hydrocarbons in the Mexican offshore and the US Gulf of Mexico region. Talos Energy partnered with Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management. Buying assets in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico were the primary reasons for the partnership.

Talos Energy has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who utilize state-of-the-art technologies, which have been setting the pace in the rapidly growing oil industry. In 2013, just a year after its formation, Talos was named among the best workplaces by WorkplaceDynamics. This award honored Talos Energy for the use of cutting-edge technologies and commitment towards ensuring safe working environment. Today, five years after its formation, Talos has managed to develop and sell Phoenix Exploration and Gryphon Exploration.

James Dondero Has Made It Where He Is Himself

The most successful of people are not always those who were raised in a rich family, or those who were smart early on. Sometimes the most successful of people are those how have put a lot of hard work and energy into their careers. Sometimes the most successful are those who have worked hard to get to where they want to be, and who have put years into the field in which they are working.
Regardless of the beginning that James Dondero had, whether he was rich or poor when he was born, he has made it to where he is today on his own. He hasn’t let anything affect him but his drive to succeed. He has put a lot of time and effort into building his career, and he has had success because of that. His hard work hasn’t gone to waste. He has spent 30 years making this career for himself, and he is succeeding in the business world because of that.
As the president of Highland Capitol Management, you know that James Dondero couldn’t have gotten there if he hadn’t worked hard. If he hadn’t put his all into his career, he never would have been able to do something as big as he is doing now. He is an inspiration to all of us. If you are looking to build a career for yourself, but you feel that you are going nowhere with it, then just remember to look to someone like James Dondero. He is a man who didn’t give up. He could have quit years ago, or he could have thought that the place where he was at was good enough, but he didn’t. He kept going, and look where that has gotten him.
There will be many times as you set out on your career where you will feel like giving into the pressure and allowing yourself to sit back and relax. You’ll feel like you’ve made it far enough, and that is enough. But, if you want to make it places, if you want to make it as far as James Dondero has, then you are going to have to keep going. You’re going to have to do all that you can in order to make it big.

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White Shark Media: Top Tier Solutions In Digital Marketing

White Shark Media is a digital marketing company like no other. The company is known for their expertise in the field and is known to provide their clients with top tier solutions that work well for them. With the number of brands that are trying to promote their products online, standing out from a crowd can be tough. The internet has made geographical borders obsolete, with brands from all over coming into the same market. With this, the competition to attract more and more customers get tougher and tougher every day, which is why a good digital marketing manager for a company that advertises online is an absolute necessity.

Since its inception, White Shark Media has worked with numerous companies from all over the country, coming from a variety of different sectors. The company is a premier Google partner, and they have all the resources that one would need to implement good search engine optimizations online. The company is also an Elite SMB Partner for Bing Ads, which shows their dedication to the field, and their drive to be one of the best firms of its kind. Right from small time businesses to large companies, White Shark Media has offered their expert services to them all. The company is also considered one of the top digital marketing firms when it comes to working with online advertising platforms like Google AdWords. They are one of the extremely few agencies in the entire country that have received prestigious certifications from a company as big as Google.

The company helps their customers in a variety of different areas in the scope of digital marketing. White Shark Media tries its best to help their clients devise a proper strategy that would assist them to grow their audience and reach more and more potential customers. The company tries to give their customers a high quality all around digital makeover, by helping them implement everything, right from the very basics of search engine optimization. The goal of the organization is to help their clients grow in the digital world, and give them the right tools and direction so that they can do so.

EOS Lip Balms are Your Go-To Lip Balm Product

EOS Lip balms stand for something more than just great lip care. EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, lip balms are all about your well-being as well as pleasure. The little orbs are pleasing to all the sense form the unique orb shape of the lip balm pots to the colors, scents, and flavors. They are easy to locate in even the most unorganized bags and purses and they come sin a wide assortment of flavors.


EOS lip balms are paraben, petrolatum, phthalate, and gluten-free. They are made from natural ingredients and do not contain any harsh chemicals. EOS lip balms smooth on clear and glide on your lips easily.


EOS lip balms come in many flavors like Passion Fruit, Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, Honeysuckle Honeydew, and Pomegranate Raspberry. They are even available in Shimmer Smooth Spheres in Pearl and Sheer Pink flavors that add a hint of pink shimmer.


EOS lip balms are made from wholesome ingredients like jojobas oil, shea butter and antioxidants like vitamins C and E. They are specially formulated to make your lips not only feel softer but to look more beautiful. Watch youtube.com to learn more.


EOS lip balms are available in Organic Smooth Sticks, Shimmer Smooth Sticks, Organic Smooth spheres, and Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres. They have flavors for every mood, occasion, and season. You can even coordinates the colors to match your purse or favorite outfit, click blogwebpedia.com for more articles to read.


EOS lip balms were created to not only give your lips the VIP treatment, but were made to give you a bit of pleasure in the beauty items that you use everyday and can become somewhat mundane. From their tantalizing flavors to the cute orbs, EOS lip balms are not only unique but will keep your lips feeling great all day. They’re compact and easy to throw into your purse or bag.


Check out this cool review of EOS on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQEsd7_LaLk


Why mission-critical cloud systems use NuoDB Cloud Technology

Origin of NuoDB

NuoDB is a scalable SQL database software built for the cloud. NuoDB is proprietary software designed in 2012 by a Massachusetts database company of the same name. While developing the software, the company took a different approach to data structure and transmission, giving birth to a highly elastic and scalable database management system.

Approach and Technology

NuoDB has evolved into NewSQL, an advanced SQL with capabilities to scale and perform in high-demand cloud environments. The database uses distributed server instances as network nodes for delegating workloads between them in a peer-to-peer model. This means new server instances can scale out the database.

NuoDB uses SQL to perform its ACID-compliance transactions. In the process of scaling to accommodate short bursts of data requests, it is capable of maintaining transactional integrity. The transactions are routed through a three-tier structure namely administration, transaction and storage tiers. Isolating these layers ensures that data does not mix up during a transaction and reconciliation is easy in the event of a failure.

Commercial Application

NuoDB has become the industry standard for mission-critical cloud applications. It is popular among companies whose functions involve processing large sets of data. Companies such as UAE Exchange, Kodiak and Alfa systems use NuoDB technology for data management and processing.

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ClassDojo-Improving Effeciency in the Classroom

ClassDojo is a smart app that can be used on laptops, smartphones, and interactive whiteboards. It is a communication app that is connecting teachers, parents, and students together so that the classroom can run much more smoothly. Students can even customize their avatars to reflect their specific preferences and personalities. ClassDojo is very much like a reward jar and it is a remarkable management tool for the classroom.

ClassDojo is making the classroom more efficient and is freeing up the time of teachers so that they can spend more time focused on other tasks that need to get done. The app is very easy to use and is also very straightforward. The app will automatically keep track of the actions in the classroom by recording the behaviors clicked non by its users. It makes it easy for teachers to make reports of behaviors of their students that can be emailed to their parents at a later time.

Parents connected to the app can get emails every Friday and be reminded to go over their children’s reports. This helps to keep parents involved and is an easy way for teachers to track their students’ behavior as well.

ClasDojo makes it much easier to organize and set up the classroom and each student has their own avatar. Once the teacher has arranged the their class in the app, its easy to award positive or negative points to their students. It has been found that students really enjoy the point system.

The app allows parents to keep up with what their kids in the classroom and students take a lot of pride sharing what they have accomplished in school. It is also easier for parents and teachers to stay in touch and to message each other. The app improves a lot of things.

Hydrated Lips Are In!

Evolution of smooth lip balms come in a number of different delicious flavors. There is always plenty to choose from.

EOS offers a variety of lip balms all perfected to provide different finishes on the lips. The four finishes include:

The Organic Smooth Spheres, which focus on hydrating the lips to maintain them soft and moist. Organic Smooth Spheres come in popular flavors such as: passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, pomegranate raspberry, summer fruit, sweet mint, and honeysuckle honeydew. All which are infused with real natural flavors.


The Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres nourish the lips for a softness you can see and feel. The popular flavors include: vanilla mint, coconut milk, and blackberry nectar. Find amazing EOS products from amazon.ca.


As for the Shimmer Smooth Spheres the main focus is to add the lips a seductive shine while maintaining them smooth and hydrated. The shimmer spheres do not come in flavors but their beautiful shine makes for an attractive, shimmery, hydrated lip.


Active Protection Smooth Spheres offer SPF protection and come in lemon twist and fresh grapefruit flavors. Perfect for the hot summer weather and sweet summer flavors. View more interesting stories here on blogwebpedia.com.


All of eos lip balms are naturally flavored and are loaded with the most nourishing antioxidants including: Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and Shea butter. All of which are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested which make for a fitting beautiful natural lip protection for all.

Read more information here on https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/







A Glimpse at Amicus Therapeutics

If you are interested in getting the most out of your medical care, it pays to know as much as you can about the different therapeutic companies that are available. Amicus Therapeutics is one of the most renowned companies in the biopharmaceutical industry. They are a company that went public about 10 years ago and traded under the NASDAQ.

This is a company that was originally founded in the year 2002. If you want to learn more about this company and what they contribute to the medical industry, you can read these guidelines below about Amicus Therapeutics.

If you are interested in learning more about Amicus Therapeutics, their company profile explains a good deal. For example, they are a leading company when it comes to treating different types of genetic diseases. They offer groundbreaking therapies and other types of treatments which will help patients to get all that they can out of healing from these rare conditions.

There have been a number of success stories written about this company. For example, Mike from Saddlebrook was rushed to the hospital in the year 2007 because he was having an incredibly difficult time breathing. He was previously misdiagnosed with polymyositis. After getting a muscle biopsy during that hospital trip, it was discovered that he actually had Pompe Disease. this was due in large part to the medical breakthroughs offered by Amicus Therapeutics.

This is a company that specializes in a series of different type of biotechnology which has been helpful to patients for many years. They have been involved with life-saving therapies for patients who are enduring a wide range of diseases, illnesses and ailments. They help develop a number of different types of medicines and continuously provide patients with the help that they need anytime that they’re dealing with a genetic disease that is not very common.

Now that you see what this company offers, it might be well worth your while to reach out to them in order to get help and proper diagnoses. Contact them in order to learn a little bit more but what they do.