Not Everyone is Against ObamaCare

Since the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) went into effect under the Obama Administration, there have been controversy on both sides of the table. While some white house officials and citizens were and still are against the new insurance plan, there are just as many supporters.

One doctor in California is grateful for the changes that ObamaCare has brought to the hospital. The doctor stated that since the enrollment period begin, the hospital is experiencing an in fluctuation of new patients. Many individuals who could not afford medical insurance are now eligible for one of California’s Medicaid programs called Medi-Cal.

Under this program, individuals are able to receive the care, treatment and medication they have not been able to acquire. Even dental and mental health services are available within the region, which makes traveling to specialty clinics null and void. The insurance promotes preventative care and encourages intervention care.

Sultan Alhokair says patients who suffered from illness or could not afford to have surgery in past, can now get the medical attention they could not previously afford. San Mateo Medical Center has brought in more than 7,500 new patients in 2014 and the number is expected to grow in the years to come.

Their commitment to providing exceptional patient services started long before ObamaCare was implemented and introduced. The hospital has a great head start in reaching the community it serves, and will continue to offer services that meet and exceed the needs of its patients.

Living Longer

If people seem to be living longer, then it’s probably because the average life expectancy has risen by about six years in the past decade. There is new technology to help people live longer lives. They are receiving more education about their illnesses whether they are minor or life-threatening. When you have more medications and more tests that can be given at earlier stages, then you have a chance to extend your life. People are beginning to exercise more and eat healthier. There are warning labels on harmful substances, and fast food restaurants are adding healthier choices to their menus. As businesses see that people want to get healthy, they can start doing more things to help out. Sergio Andrade Gutierrez likes that quite a bit. Folha workers tend to as well. People are able to see their doctor more often because of the new healthcare program. These are all benefits that lead to citizens living a longer life instead of dying at an early age.

Fat Is Excreted Through Our Lungs

A group of Australian based researchers found that the lungs are the primary route that fat takes when it leaves the body.

What the researchers found is that, in general, fat is broken down into its constituents parts. When this occurs a variety of things happen. In some instances a variety of chemically based bonds are broken which in turn generates heat and fuel that is used by our muscles and in some instances, the atoms of the fat remain within the body that gradually leave via the lungs.

They found that, the fat that we consume from food, ultimately gets stored in cells that are called adipocytes that ultimately form a compound called triglyceride. This compound consists of 3 different elements: oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. What this means is that when fat is is broken down, some of it forms water that is excreted via sweat, feces, breath and tears and some of it is exhaled through the lungs when it gets broken down into carbon dioxide.

They also estimate that the average individual may lose as much as 200g of carbon related fat everyday, a third of which occurs while we sleep. So in theory they proclaimed that if you want to lose and keep weight off, then you need to have a healthy balance of eating the right foods, sleeping for longer periods and participating in exercises that cause you to exhale more.  Which Terry Richardson points out has always been the formula for a healthy lifestyle.

Men With Higher Testosterone Prefer More Hot Sauce

According to Time Magazine, a study was performed on 114 men ages 18 to 44, that revealed the higher the testosterone levels, the more capsaicin, or pepper, they preferred on their food. The University of Grenoble-Alps in France performed the study, which required the men to eat mashed potatoes with Tabasco hot sauce per their preference. Testosterone levels were checked through saliva tests before and after the testing.

Dr. Daniel Amen says the studies were performed, in part, due to the curry contests that men partake in curry houses in the UK. Male customers try to show their manliness by consuming large amounts of curry, according to the Daily Mail. Testosterone levels have been linked to whether a male is more alpha or dominant, compared to the quieter type of male. It has been proven that the higher levels of testosterone are consistent with the more daring activities, aggression, and extrovert behaviors in men.

The levels of testosterone also affected how the participant perceived the heat of the pepper. This study and others have shown that capsaicin interacts with brain hormones, including those associated with happiness. This same study showed an increase in testosterone in young rats consuming hot sauce prior to puberty which begs the question if that same effect takes place in humans. More studies will be done to prove or disprove that theory. 

There Will Soon be an App for Detecting Sleep Disorders

You feel tired after waking up in the morning and just can’t seem to get going. This may be going on for weeks and months and you don’t know if there might be something seriously wrong with your sleep. If you are wondering if you might suffer from sleep apnea or some other sleep disorder, it soon may not be necessary to take a trip to a sleep clinic to find out.

Researchers from the Stevens Institute of Technology and Florida State University conducted a six month study that indicated your smart phone will soon be able to listen for any potential sleep disorders. The detection of sleep disorders will soon join the growing list of things for which one can proudly proclaim “there’s an app for that”.

Currently one can only keep tabs on the quality of their sleep with sensor-laden wristbands or equipment that goes on or under your mattress. That is what many Skout users have tried at least. There may be some bugs to work out in terms of the sensitivity required of the microphone hooked to your smart phone on the night table and addressing the difficulty of measuring a particular person’s sleep patterns when there are two people in the bed. Researchers, however believe these obstacles can and will be overcome and plan to be releasing an app related to their work in 2015.

Smart phones and their incredible array of features and apps are driving stand-alone point and shoot cameras as well as GPS units and all but the cheapest mp3 players to extinction. Current makers of specialized equipment for detecting sleep disorders had better start planning for how to still be earning a living in the years to come.

Less Stress For Your Heart

The heart is by far one of our most important organs. Without the heart we would not have blood flow to all of our parts of our body, and basically if our heart stops so does our lives. Many people do not realize the negative effects that stress can have on a person’s heart, but in reality a person does well to investigate how stress affects this vital organ, because it could mean their lives.

Stress can cause problems to the heart such as high blood pressure, hormone imbalance, deep vein thrombosis, and damage to blood vessels. Stress is something that a person cannot completely avoid, the key is that a person has to learn to be able to deal with stress. 

There are many different coping mechanisms that a person can adopt in order to deal with the stresses of having their lives. They can talk to professional, talk to print friends and family, and they can do things to help their mind get off of stress.

According to Brian Torchin’s page, things such as exercising, eating well, and having good relationships can be a contributing factor to look for a person stressing your body. Also learning the relaxing hobbies such as playing instrument or doing the craft that is relaxing and enjoyable can also help the person deal of stress.

Since stress can cause so much damage such a vital organ of our bodies, a person does want to learn how to manage their stress crack

Lung Cancer Screenings Can Save Lives for Those Most at Risk

Through the Affordable Care Act and pending new draft recommendations by Medicare, free lung cancer scans will be available for those at serious risk for developing the deadly disease, potentially saving thousands of lives.

Lung cancer is the third most common cancer, but is the cause of death in more individuals annually than in the top two cancers, prostate and breast, combined. Lung cancer is a particularly aggressive form of cancer, and most people aren’t diagnosed with it until it is at a late stage. A study done in 2011 showed the positive effect that early low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) can have in diagnosing early-stage lung cancer and reducing mortality rates. In the study, 53,454 individuals who were at high-risk for developing lung cancer were given three annual exams, using either LDCT or chest x-rays.

In the two groups, those who received LDCT were able to be diagnosed with lung cancer at an earlier stage. The study suggested that three lung cancer deaths could be prevented with the screening for every 1,000 people screened.

The screenings do have false-positive risks from what Gianfrancesco Genoso understands. The United States Preventive Services Task Force recommends that screening with LDCT for lung cancer only be done on those most at risk. These include older individuals ages 55 to 80, who had heavy smoking habits, and either still currently smoke or recently quit smoking. Using these guidelines will help make the screening most effective.

Laugh Your Way Out of Depression with Laughing Gas

A new treatment for depression employs an age-old dentistry trick – the use of laughing gas.
Nitrous oxide, better known to most of us as laughing gas, is a type of anesthetic used in in dentistry and other branches of medicine for decades with expected and safe results. The neurological brad of medicine now considering laughing gas as a means of helping their patients who are severely depressed.
A pilot study has been conducted on several clinically depressed patients who have not responded to traditional depression treatments. Of those given the nitrous oxide treatment, two-thirds showed signs of improvement in their conditions.
Christian Broda says laughing gas is an attractive treatment for depression because it produces minimal side effects, with only occasional nausea and/or vomiting being reported by those treated with laughing gas. Nitrous oxide also leaves the body very quickly.
It is an idea which the medical community should have considered years ago, a drug that makes depressed people laugh to relieve their symptoms of overwhelming sadness and has little to no side effects. Sounds like the time has come to bring laughing gas out of the dentist’s office and into the mental health care professional’s office.

The Future is Here!

Medical advancements in prosthetic technology are amazing. The dream has existed for a long time, since science fiction became a popular movie genre. The idea of mechanical limbs and cyborgs fascinated nerds, geeks, and techies everywhere. Although Hollywood has pushed the idea as a novelty, artificial limbs are extremely important in healing people’s lives.

The high quality limbs being used by the military are now letting some soldiers stay on active duty. Since America’s involvement in the Middle East, there has been a significant rise in soldiers needing artificial limbs. This cause has led to charities such as The Wounded Warrior Project. For these men and women, the ability to walk or hold their loved once again is priceless. The new mobility of mechanical limbs are imitating natural body parts. Robotic manufactures show potential in “emulating healthy limbs.”

Perhaps one of the most amazing advances recently is a prosthetic that can help people feel more human, yet is not organic or natural. Researchers from South Korea have developed skin capable of feeling heat, cold, and dampness. Although this is something that only living organisms do, the material is made using organic-mechanical overlap. They are made of a mesh of nanoribbons, that will send electrical signals to the brain. Soon, the fear of loosing a limb will be a thing of the past, and Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez will be happy about that.

The Mediterranean Diet May Be What The Doctor Ordered

Dieting seems to be an important past-time in the American culture. There are many diets advertised: South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers Diet, A Low Carb Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, and many more. Currently, the healthiest diet is thought to be the Mediterranean Diet.

What makes the Mediterranean Diet better than other diets covered by the media? According to this study, the Mediterranean Diet is associated with telomeres, which are the protective structures at the end of chromosomes. Telomeres are linked to longevity and protection of age-related illness.

Furthermore, the Mediterranean Diet promotes the avoidance of processed foods and limits the amount of red meat consumed. Instead, it promotes eating natural foods such as vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, and beans. This diet also promotes eating more fish and chicken in place of red meat.

According to CBS News, the Mediterranean Diet also prevents heart attacks and stokes. It also protects against memory loss and cognitive loss.

If you want to loose weight, or just eat healthy, consider the Mediterranean Diet. It is what Gianfrancesco Genoso is looking to continually use. The benefits from eating this healthy diet plan seems to have both immediate and far reaching health benefits. Eat for your health and enjoy a long, happy life.