New Brunswick visionary businessman, Omar Boraie

Omar Boraie is the President and patriarch of Boraie Development run out of New Brunswick, New Jersey. It was Boraie’s dream to help rebuild New Brunswick into a beautiful, thriving city. Over four decades of work and building, his dream is still evolving taking shape.

Boraie began with purchasing vacant and dilapidated buildings, where his office now stands. After buying the buildings, he went to the city and told him his plan. They thought he was crazy. The large office building that he built brought into the city some much needed Class A office space during the 1980s and 90s.

Once the office spaces were built, Omar Boraie  realized that for the city to continue to grow, they would need some residential units for people to live in. He pictured a New York City style condominium building. He then went on to build the tallest building in New Brunswick. The twenty-five story building has 121 residential units, forty thousand square feet of office space, another ten thousand square feet of retail space, not to mention the four hundred space parking garage. Many thought Omar Boraie was crazy for building such a building in New Brunswick. However, after it was completed in 2007, it sold out in just two months.

In addition to Omar Boraie’s many successful business ventures in New Brunswick, Omar tries to give back to the community that has supported their business. Omar is on the advisory board for Elijah’s Promise, which is a non-profit organization located in New Brunswick. The organization’s main focus is to alleviate hunger to those in the community. They hope to harness the power of food to change lives, break the cycle of poverty, and alleviate hunger because no one should go hungry. They operate a community soup kitchen, run a culinary arts school, operate a catering business, run a pay as you go cafe, and help low-income residents and families connect with the health and social services that they are in need of. They serve more than one hundred thousand meals per year and train unskilled workers for careers in the food industry.

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The Most Important Organizations Created by Thor Halvorssen

The Human Rights Foundation

Founded in 2004, the Human Rights Foundation is dedicated to empowering oppressed people and helping them resist oppressive governments. It is where Halvorssen does the majority of his work and it has given the most notability to his name. For the most part, the Human Rights foundation focuses on specific cases of injustice or oppression, for example a political prisoner, and advocates for individuals involved in that specific case. This allows Halvorssen to have an impact even when he is unable to perform direct action.11)

Foundation For Individual Rights In Education

In 1999, Halvorssen took on the role of executive director for FIRE. Devoted to finding ways to defend civil liberties in academia, this organization is specifically devoted to promoting a college environment conducive to expression of political opinions without censorship. In recent years, many college campuses have taken on a distinctively left wing biased view and discouraged opinions differing from this world view. Halvorssen’s work at FIRE has helped to improve the situation, but the fight is still ongoing. Across America, college campuses are still using speech codes to stifle supposedly offensive speech.

Moving Picture Institute

One of the most important methods Halvorssen uses to support human rights is film. He created the Moving Pictures Institute to promote movies that advance his agenda. For the most part these movies consist of documentaries Halvorssen has created in order to highlight important human rights abuses, but some of the films are also fictional. Occasionally he’ll make a movie that has nothing at all to do with human rights such Indoctrinate U, a movie about political bias on college campuses. With both artistic and political aspirations, it’s easily one of his most influential creations.

Oslo Freedom Forum

The Oslo Freedom Forum is an event sponsored by the Human Rights Foundation that focuses on ways to unite and organize the global movement for human rights. It is hosted by Halvorssen in the country of his father’s family, Norway. At these forums he spreads awareness to the causes he finds important and rallies support for the fight against oppression.


Bruce Levenson and the Former Hawks Management Sue New Hampshire Insurance Company

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE), the former Hawks Management led by Bruce Levenson, are suing New Hampshire Insurance Company over breach of contract. The AHBE civil action lawsuit claims that the insurer (also called AIG) operated in bad faith in a case involving Danny Ferry – the former Hawks general manager.

AHBE claims that it had taken a policy to cover itself against employment practices’ losses that included wrongful termination as well as workplace torts. The claim arose after Ferry, and the former Hawks management reached a buyout agreement in June 2015 to cut short an $18 million, six-year contract signed in 2012.

AHBE filed court documents that prove that it gave AIG prior notice of the buyout agreement in April 2015. AHBE claims that it believed it was covered under its insurance agreement with AIG but the insurer failed to cover the losses incurred. The New Hawks ownership under Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler is not involved in the lawsuit.

Bruce Levenson

American Businessman and entrepreneur, Bruce Levenson, was born in Washington, D.C., to a Jewish family. He was, however, raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland. After high school, Levenson attended Washington University based in St. Louis and later graduated from American University with a law degree. While still in law school, Levenson worked as a journalist for the Washington Star.

In 1977, Levenson and Ed Peskowitz, his business partner, started United Communications Group (UGC – The company operates as a portfolio of business information companies. Together, the two business partners grew UGC into a premier privately-held group of business information companies with over two million clients globally. Levenson is also a founding shareholder of TechTarget, a founding partner at DOT, and Bruce Levenson is an active philanthropic who supports endeavors like I Have a Dream Foundation, Do Good Challenge, and the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership.


George Soros Promises A Post Election Fight Back

The well known liberal donor George Soros has recently promised to continue the fight to protect the legacy of Democratic President Barrack Obama in the face of potential destruction at the hands of incoming President Donald Trump. Soros had largely remained a sidelined figure in U.S. politics following his major contributions to the 2004 election campaign of John Kerry; however, Soros made a major investment in the campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who many believed would easily win the 2016 Presidential election.

George Soros eventually came close to breaking his personal record for campaign funding with a $25 million contribution to Hillary Clinton and the Super PAC’s supporting her. Around $15 million itself was provided directly to Clinton’s campaign at, with a further $10 million being donated to the numerous Super PAC’s hoping to win the elections for the Democrat candidate; the Priorities USA Super PAC was the major beneficiary of the Soros funding with more than $7 million reported to have been given to the group.

Over the course of the campaign George Soros also provided funding for many state level elections, including those for prosecutor elections in six different states. After the shocking victory for Donald Trump in the Presidential election, George Soros made the decision to change his personal schedule and attend the Democracy Alliance event that had been planned as a celebration for Democrat donors and leading figures from the left of U.S. politics. Soros made the decision to speak at the event on the last of three days in a bid to begin the planning process for the future of a Democratic Party that is looking for the best way to move forward in the future.

The Hungarian born George Soros has not decided to simply give up on the political process, but has instead decided to fight back beginning with a major push to win state level elections in 2017 and 2018. Despite his own personal success George Soros has been looking at his own role in the election campaign and that of other major liberal donors in a bid to make sure every step he taken in the future provides the best option for the future of the U.S. and the country.

Chris Burch – Leading Visionary on Tech Fashion Trends of The Future

Chris Burch is more than just a successful designer, as he is also a leading visionary on all of the future fashion and technology trends of the future. He seems to have his mind set on pointing out the advances in the field of technology. One article references some of the many current advances in the combination of technology and fashion, referencing some great new ideas.


One idea referenced in the article is a airbag bike helmet which is designed to look like a scarf. It’s a fashion innovation which was created by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin which is a better alternative to a traditional bike helmet. Traditional bike helmets are difficult to wear, so this alternative is designed to reduce the impact to a woman’s hair while still providing the same protection.


Another example of the combination of fashion and technology is that of recycling bicycle inner tubes to make shirts. This removes waste from the landfills, and re-purposes it for something more useful. Also included in the discussion of intelligent use of landfill wastes is a large gown from radiator copper. Top fashion designers and other technologists combined their skills and insights together in order to produce a great application of technology.


Christopher Burch is an investor in addition to being a designer. He is currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, which is based in New York City. He has spent his career pursing industrial design and disrupting traditional industries. He has invested in VitaminWater, and developed a hotel in Buenos Aires called the Faena Hotel+Universe. This was a $100 Million investment designed to re-invest in the hotel and turn it into a five star property.


His origins are much humbler: he built a career while still a student at Ithaca College. He started his path to success by selling sweaters door to door, at which he was able to successfully expand this small operation to a $140 Million global business. This success expanded to a fashion label with his wife, and finally an apparel company. All of his successes have built on one another, at which point he was able to successfully build and grow his career.

Marc Sparks: An American Businessman

If there were ever a perfect example of an entrepreneur, Marc Sparks would be that example. He didn’t just fund a few companies in one or two industries. Marc made his career building businesses in whatever industry he feels offers the most benefit.

Along with entrepreneurialism, he’s a venture capitalist. He’s the type of businessman that likes to see his companies succeed from start to finish. Rather than selling off his businesses after they’ve reached a certain level of success, he maintains a highly profitable portfolio. Marc does have a career interest in telecommunications. He has owned and operated several businesses involved in telecommunications.

Marc’s latest project is a book about the choices he’s made, which lead to his success. Marc has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and has amassed a plethora of experience. Over the years, many have sought his advice. Rather than speak to them individually, he has decided to write a book.

His book isn’t a record of his success. It details many aspects of his life during some of his more challenging times. There are some references to his success, but they only appear after detailed accounts of his struggles. He believes that readers can learn more from his failures and struggles than they could learn from his successes.

Marc is also known for his strong faith. He has doubted that much of his success is because of his belief in God. The only reason he became successful is by the grace of God. Marc is not the kind of businessman that graduated from a top college. His highest form of education is a high school diploma.

Despite his lack of formal education, Marc pursued an entrepreneurial career. He immediately began creating startups. He learned from his failures until he started succeeding. Marc is a strong-willed individual who remained confident during tough times.

With faith, comes humbleness. Marc believes his success is due to his faith, and his faith requires that he pay his success forward. Marc is involved in many philanthropic efforts in Dallas. His primary philanthropic effort is helping those less fortunate.

The Samaritan Inn, which is a homeless shelter, is an organization that Marc has been involved with since the eighties. He’s also worked with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and American Can! Academy, a high school magnet program.

How does Martin Lustgarten Ensure Results for His Clients?

Martin Lustgarten sees new client portfolios every day, and he must ensure his clients are given only the best service when they visit him for the first time. He pulls together quite a few different investment techniques that will produce results, and this article explains how he helps everyone find their way in the investing world. Martin understands what it takes to make money as an investor, and he trains his clients to make decisions just as he would.

#1: Martin Teaches His Clients To Think Like Investors

Every investor working with Martin learns what it means to look at the economy as an investor. A proper investor has a long-range view of everything, and they make choices that involve their position in the future. Maintaining their position for the future is more important than making a quick dollar today, and Martin shares his own philosophy for making money.

#2: Martin Turns Around Each New Client Portfolio

The portfolios may be quite difficult to untangle when Martin meets someone for the first time, and he believes it is possible for any client to start anew. He may divest a client from investments that are not appropriate, and he will begin a new investment stream that sends their money to new places.

#3: The Plans Offered By Martin Are Time-Tested

Martin has been investing for some time, and his techniques have been tested over and over again. He works quite hard on his own portfolio, and he simply applies what he knows to his clients and their portfolios. He believes a client will make quite a lot of money when they are following his tactics, and he may send them around the world to different markets that are not necessarily stocks. Martin has trained clients to invest in foreign debt, precious metals and currencies.

Each new client who visits Martin Lustgarten will find it quite helpful to learn what is wrong with their investments today. They will see how they may change things, and they will begin learning what the purpose of their investments must be. Martin shines a light on each investment to ensure it has meaning.


The Legal Profession in Brazil and the Latin Lawyer Ricardo Tosto

The generic term “Lawyer” is used to describe anyone who is knowledgeable about the law. Law as a profession is imprisoned in its own conservatism; this is to say that law tends to hold on to the old authority instead of changing with the exciting new developments of society.

Everyone in the society should have access to justice. This is why different countries have several law schools where students get the necessary training to becoming lawyers. A fully pledged lawyer can help people and organizations to ensure that they have fair access to the justice they are seeking.

The public’s image of the average Brazilian lawyer will vary according to the individual’s contact with the profession. Most people conjure up images of lawyers; he is that man with important esoteric information, who is always in a suit and has so much regarding material wealth.

Brazilian law

Brazil borrows its laws from Portuguese, Italian German and French Civil law. For an average citizen, the Brazilian law can be very confusing. This is because Brazil has more than 180,000 unique laws. The Constitution which was enforced in 1988 is the supreme law of the country.

The Constitution organizes the country into states, municipalities, and the Federal District. Brazil has 26 federative states which can formulate their own laws and Constitutions. Even though these states are independent, their powers are limited by the Federal Constitution. Municipalities must also adhere to the dictates of the Constitution of the state to which they belong, and those of the Federal Constitution.

The federal district is unique in that it shares the functions of municipalities and federate states. Again, its organic law must conform to the dictates of the Federal Constitution.

Brazilian lawyers

As of today, Brazil houses more than 600,000 practicing lawyers. Each Brazilian state has its fair share of lawyers with São Paulo having the largest number of practicing lawyers followed by Rio de Janeiro then Minas Gerais.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is one of the prominent lawyers in the country. Mr. Tosto is an expert in the field; he has practiced the profession for the last 20 years. His main areas of expertise include corporate restructuring, credit recovery, banking, M&A, electoral law and international law.

What about his educational background? MR. Tosto attended the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) where he studied law and business administration respectively.

FlockU CEO Josh Verne Gives Tips On How To Be Successful

Josh Verne is a entrepreneur and internet executive with more than 15 years of experience starting and leading multi-channel businesses. Josh Verne is currently the founder and Chief Executive Officer of FlockU,LLC. FlockU is a mobile peer to peer exchange for all college students. FlockU features relevant content, news, and opinions that college students can relate to. Students control the content, hoping to make things serious, enlightening, and funny.


Prior to founding FlockU, Verne was the Chief Executive Officer for is an e-Commerce platform that looks at financial wellness and helps individuals with their life purchases. Verne also served as the President of Home Line Furniture.


Recently, Verne did a podcast for where he gives tips on how to overcome obstacles to succeed in life and business.


The first point that Verne makes is to be a leader and not a boss. Verne notes that there are two types of people in management positions; leaders and bosses. A boss demands respect and wants to accomplish their goals. A leader can achieve respect through being selfless and using respect to accomplish the goals that the team set together. It is important to be a leader. Put others first and help the people who follow you.


Try to look for win-win scenarios. A win for you is a win for your clients, society, and employees. Regardless of how bleak a situation is, you can always create a winnable scenario.


Speak less, and do more listening. The less you speak, the more power your words have. You will have more authority, and people will listen to you.


Have balance in your life. Life is a balancing act. Balance is not about putting the same amount of emphasis into every aspect of your life. It’s important to progress. Make sure you are improving daily throughout your life.


Find things that you are passionate about. In order to be successful, you must have passion. Find something that you enjoy doing every day. If you are doing something without passion, you will have uninspired, meaningless days. Being successful is all about passion.

Wengie’s life hack recommendations

Wengie reviews 10 life hacks including how one can remove lint from a garment, remove keys from a key ring, a solution to forgetting things when departing from your home, guarding against your personal information from getting into a third parties hands, keep documents in tact when traveling, guarding against a leak in your trash can, going right to your preferred setting when showering, keeping your breakfast cereal intact, and remember what items are needed to restock one’s refrigerator. If garments are worn with lint, Wengie suggests utilizing a razor to slowly pass over the garment to remove the excess lint. Many times keys are added and removed from a key ring. The process of removing keys becomes simpler by taking a staple remover, pulling apart the ring, and adding or removing the keys as applicable. Morning can be hectic when trying to get to your destination in a timely manner, yet by stacking items in one spot, everything will be made available to grab prior to departure. Identification theft is rising so one will want to ensure personal information is masked. Wengie recommends scribbling numbers and letters on top of your initial note to keep information out of those that may want to use it for deceptive purposes.


Traveling has challenges when attempting to transport documents in luggage. In order to prevent paperwork from getting torn or wrinkled, Wengie noted to use a piece of cardboard in a zip lock bag to keep your items straight. Taking out garbage comes with challenges when liquids are added. Simply place newspaper in the bottom of a garbage bag so that the liquids are sopped up. If garbage bags are not staying secured, use the hooks on the garbage bag to connect to adhesive hooks that can be placed on the side of the trash can. Showers can be challenging to find a perfect temperature setting. Yet, if one marks the faucet with a white board marker with the setting that is comfortable, then this issue will be solved each time one enters the shower. Breakfast cereal can break down as the box gets emptied creating crumbs. Use a colander to sift out the crumbs to maintain full cereal flakes to enjoy. Grocery shopping can be a chore, yet by taking a picture with your cell phone of the belongings in the refrigerator one will know what is needed to replenish the supply.


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