Researchers Identify Five Cancer Mutations To Predict Resistance to Treatment

Quite a few colon cancer patients, undergoing chemotherapy stop responding to the drugs. This is because of mutations, but oncologists have identified five new genetic mutations in colon cancer that can predict whether there will be resistance to the most common used chemotherapy agents.

These mutations occur in the course of the disease and cause the patient to stop responding to chemotherapy and the tumor grows because cells are alternative routes to proliferate.

The finding has shown that patients with these mutations may respond to other drugs available such as ‘panitunumab’ and the new antibody ‘sym004′.

The folks at Beneful have indicated that mutations can be detected using a simple ‘test kit’.

The research has also shown how a liquid biopsy allows doctors to view a “picture” of the tumor, its mutations and how it is responding to treatment, which is critical to understanding how colon cancers adapt and change continuously, depending on the treatment that patients receives.

The research has attracted interest from major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Vaccines Are Needed

It has been recently proven that whooping cough is spreading like wildfire. Doctors have stated that the only way this can be spreading is by people with no symptoms. This year alone, there have been approximately 30 thousand cases of whooping cough. This is the most in history.

Doctors have also stated that a big reason for this spread of whooping cough is due to people having no insurance. People do not have the ability to get vaccines for this disease. Being that there are no symptoms, medical facilities are not freely giving vaccines like they do with the flu.

With all the changes going on in healthcare, doctors hope more people will get insurance. With the high number of cases, doctors are encouraging all of their patients to get a whooping cough vaccine. Even if they do not have whooping cough, it will protect them from getting it in the future.

Doctors are very afraid for children. Whooping cough can take a while to display symptoms, and children are more prone to get whooping cough than adults. If children get it, it is possible they will have it throughout their adulthood. ApartmentHomeLiving said that this can be bad news for the entire community. This is why children should have a regular whooping cough vaccine. It is the only way to prevent children from getting whooping cough and administering it to the public. Children will not even know they have whooping cough.

New Evidence that Fluoridation Might Not Prevent Cavities

A full two-thirds of Americans have fluoride added to their tap water. Water fluoridation, which started in 1945 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is based on outdated science. New evidence now shows that adding fluoride to water to reduce cavities may not be as effective as one thought.

A large number of studies suggest that fluoride may actually interfere with the proper functioning of the endocrine system as well as impair brain function says this article by Brad Reifler. Just as recently as the last few months, two studies linked the chemical to ADHD and thyroid issues. So the question remains, why are we still fluoridating our water? Up until recently, it was assumed that fluoride played a major role in reducing tooth decay. Now new evidence shows that may in fact not be true.

A group of doctors and researchers in the Cochrane Collaboration recently viewed every study done on fluoridation that they could find and analyzed the studies’ results. Earlier this month they published their review which addressed whether or not fluoridation of water was, in fact, successful in keeping tooth decay at bay.

Out of all the studies the group looked at, they only found three studies for adult tooth decay and two studies on reducing cavities in baby teeth that were of good enough quality to be included in the review. The three papers suggested that fluoridation does not in fact have a statistically relevant impact on reducing tooth decay in permanent teeth or in baby teeth. Perhaps it is time to take another look at whether fluoridating our water is necessary.

The Growing Issue of Obesity

Obesity, one of America’s leading problems has continuously been studied and questioned on as to how it can ever be eliminated. Researchers who have persistently asked this question have come up with answers to help cure the problem of obesity.

Especially among children, obesity is a huge problem. Children are influenced by parents, income, as well as education. If healthy habits are not developed at an early age, it can be hard for the child to live a healthy life during their adult years.

With this new found discovery, legislators, policy makers, parents, and schools have all rallied together to help fix the problem of child obesity reports Susan Mcgalla. Schools have banned sugary beverages and instead have replaced these options with much healthier options such as water or milk. Legislators have also raised taxes on these sugary beverages as a way of making water the cheaper option.

Parents are especially important in this new battle to fight childhood obesity. Parents must educate their child on healthy habits and they must encourage physical activity. It has been proven that the children who take part in physical activity, tend not to be subjected to obesity.

If childhood obesity is eliminated, America would save billions of dollars on healthcare that goes towards bills. Prominent diseases that can kill children through obesity are cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. For this alone, it is important to eliminate obesity throughout the entire country.

North Korea Claims Miracle Drug can Cure AIDS, MERS and Ebola

Kim Jong Un has announced that North Korea has developed a drug that can cure MERS, Ebola and even AIDS. The announcement, released on Monday, comes in the wake of a MERS outbreak in rival, South Korea.

According to local reports, the drug is derived from ginseng and other natural ingredients, and can successfully fight off Ebola and MERS, as well as AIDS. Kim Jong Un failed to provide any scientific evidence of the drugs efficacy during the announcement.

Keith Mann knows that this is not the first time the nation’s leader has told a tall tale regarding the communist state’s drug research capabilities. The leader made claims in 2006 that the same drug could cure bird flu, a pandemic that sickened and killed thousands over the course of several months.

Experts in the medical community are skeptical to say the least, especially as the leader has claimed the same drug as a cure-all in the past.

The drug is known as Kumdang-2. Researchers have been working on the concoction for decades, but there is no word on where or how its efficacy was tested, or if it even exists.

North Korea is known for secrecy and an isolated attitude to world politics and the human plight.

Ten Gems that will Awaken Your Fitness Plan

A fitness gem is a gem of wisdom that changes everything about the way you do your workout; they enhance your attitude and your fitness plan. A gem renews your resolve and changes your attitude. Daniel Amen knows that they keep you enthusiastic and get you back on track in no time.

Here are 10 simple and effective fitness gems from the experts.

1. The key is to find something active that you like doing every day. Find an activity that corresponds to the level you are on, and as you progress, you can increase or find a more challenging activity.
2. Increasing cardio is not necessarily the solution. Thirty minutes of High-Intensity Trading has been found to be much more efficient than an hour of steady cardio.
3. Turn your scale off. Muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t focus on the numbers.
4. Set smaller goals that lead to your main goal.
5. Set a main goal that challenges you, maybe even scares you a little.
6. Take rest and muscle recovery seriously: start Yoga or Pilates, indulge in massages.
7. Take some time to actually learn about why you are doing what you are in your program.
8. Practice being mindful. Essentially this means becoming aware of the sensations of your body; how it feels both good and bad, and is it improving?
9. Mix it up. Muscles need a variety of exercises.
10. Don’t obsessively look in the mirror: You Look Fine.

The Best Drugs For Heartburn

It seems like when it comes to medicine, whenever a medicine cures one thing it damages another. This fact has been proven very true by a recent study that they have been doing on heartburn drugs and heart attacks. These drugs that are called are called proton pump inhibitors. These medications include medication such as Prilosec, Nexium, and Prevacid. These medications are very popular, and they make about $14 billion a year reports Susan McGalla. About 20% of Americans take these heartburn drugs, and many of them are sold with out a prescription. This data shows that when a person takes these medications their risk of getting a heart attack is raised from 16 to 20% depending on which drugs involved.

These facts are still inconclusive when it comes to the effects of this drug, but it is really disheartening to see the possibilities. Since these drugs are so used and many Americans feel like they need them every day, each and every individual does well to look for alternative ways to prevent heartburn if one is possible. Each and every person is different as to what they will do when it comes to their health, but when it comes to medicine, it seems like quite often it does more harm than good.

Approximately 500,000 Companies Already Got Rid of Trans-Fats Prior To FDA Announcement

Americans are going to be hearing a lot more about trans-fats in the coming months. The FDA has officially announed that it will soon begin implementing steps to phase out trans-fats. Their declaration will most largely affect fast food restaurants and processed food manufacturers. Trans-fats have been widely used to not only make food taste more enticing but to also give it a longer shelf life. These companies will not have to go back to the drawing board and work to evaluate their recipes in a way that they taste the same, or very similar, using different ingredients.


Some experts predict that this decision will raise food prices nationwide. Those at Handy don’t really want to deal with that, especially after reading some takes on Twitter. While many companies are upset about the hard work to come, others can sigh a breath of relief as they voluntarily removed trans-fasts from their menu items or grocery brand items. There are approximately 500,00 companies that have previously taken steps to remove trans-fats. In the coming months and years we will begin to see changes in the way we eat, this is only the beginning.

First Time Ever: McDonald’s Closes More Stores Than Opens This Year

For the first time in 45 times, the world famous hamburger chain is going to be closing down its doors for good as McDonald’s is starting to shrink a little bit. According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater, this could even be the first time in the history of the franchise where more stores are being closed than opened this year. Even with all of these shrinking, it is needless to say that the company is still number one in the market for fast food being closely followed up Burger King.

I think that maybe they might be downsizing things so that they can have better control over their food and drink options according to Jaime Garcia Dias. Lots of new technology is coming out and they will need all the help they can get so that things don’t spiral in a crazy fashion just by going off feedback on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. It won’t be long before we will see new locations open again as they get back on track, as they have got to be one of the most beloved eateries on the planet.

One thing about McDonald’s that is cool is that depending on the location, there are special items on the menu to make it more customized for the place they are in. For example, Canada’s McDonald’s offer poutine on their menu and Maine has had lobster rolls on there once upon a time. Things will pick up again, for sure.

Bottoms Up

Fitness has become the new addiction and more and more people are willing to do just about anything to be in tip-top form. Recent studies from the research of Cláudio Loureiro Heads found that many people are buying breast milk online after reading that it helps with erectile dysfunction and cancer. These claims have yet to be proven and people are at risk for becoming infected with potentially deadly diseases such as HIV. The breast milk is unpasteurized and can cause more harm than good. The best way to get in shape and stay healthy is to eat a well-balanced diet, exercise regularly and avoid excessive alcohol and tobacco. Though everyone wants to be as healthy as possible, there is a limit. Buying products online with unsubstantiated claims can only lead to disaster, and possibly end your life. Though these women who have expressed the milk test free of disease, if they are in contact with someone who carries a transferable illness, it can cross over into the breast milk. The best advice is to simply use your mind!