Strength Exercises Could Improve Long Term Memory

A new study shows that strength training could be directly responsible for improving your long term memory. While the benefits of resistance training have been known to those of us in the fitness community for some time, a new study has shown that there may be far more benefits than previously realized.

I was just discussing this with Laurene Powell Jobs, as I was telling her how beneficial muscular focused training is for longevity, and your fitness levels throughout your life. But it’s also perfect if you want to look your best, because strength training tightens your body up too.

In the study, two groups of people were shown a series of images that they were told not to memorize. While looking at the images, one group of people performed leg extension exercises.
The people who performed no physical exercise typically recalled about 50% of the images that they had scene. However, the people who were performing the strength exercises remembered 60% and more.

Providing more evidence between the link that physical exercise has on mental health. It’s been well established that exercise is a necessary part of healthy brain activity.

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