Most Common Running Injuries To Watch For

As a runner, injuries come with the territory. While exercise is great for the body, eventually something is going to go wrong, and you’re probably going to pick up an injury here and there. That’s why it’s important to know your warning signs so that you can avoid the major problems down the line.

So with the help of Marnie Bennett I’ve come up with a list of the most common injuries, and what tends to cause them, so that you can hopefully avoid being injured yourself:

-Runner’s Knee

Typically characterized by knee pain in the patella, and sometimes accompanied by a crunching sound in the knee. This is caused by the knee falling out of proper alignment when running. Can be very painful when not dealt with, and can cause some major problems down the line without treatment. Typically occurs when runners fail to properly stretch out their hamstrings before going on a run.

-Hip Bursitis

Sharp or intense pain in the hip, made worse by running and laying on your side. This is indicative of an injury to the bursa, which is a fluid filled sac in your hip, that provides lubrication for muscle and bone. Left untreated, and the pain can spread and even cause immense pain during any type of movement.

-Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Characterized by pain outside of the knee when running. Pain escalates significantly during intense running. This is caused by inflammation of the band that runs from your shin to your hip bones.

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