Low Carb Diets Make Comeback As Healthy Eating Style

The late Dr. Robert Atkins must be getting a Montezuma’s revenge of sorts as his revolutionary health diet concepts concerning a low carb eating style prove true. While formerly vilified by many medical health authorities, the food industry and the media, now recent research studies indicate that indeed a low carb eating style is better in the long run for healthy weight reduction as opposed to the traditional mindset of a low cal eating style being better.

Low-Starch Carbs vs. High-Starch Carbs

Further research makes a clear distinction between low-starch low carb eating and high-starch low carb eating such as found in grains, rice, pasta and processed foods. In addition to the recent findings on low carb eating, there is more evidence that suggests former ideas concerning low fat vs. high fat dieting for weight reduction may no longer be valid.

Saturated/Unsaturated Fats Are Best

Another eye-opening discovery is that Americans have traditionally been told to limit the amount of saturated fat in their diet. However, new clinical research studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveal that a diet that consumes higher saturated/unsaturated fats from natural foods like olive oil, nuts and fish, does much to help Type 2 Diabetes patients in lowering their risk factors for heart attacks and strokes. Fitness guru Keith Mann says that good foods to eat for natural fat content are olives, avocado, coconut oil, cheese, meat and butter that aid in the weight reduction process without adding to the count of bad cholesterol.

Likewise, eating saturated or some unsaturated fats does much in the way of helping those who struggle with obesity–without hindering their efforts to lose weight.

Although coming too late to comfort the late famous heart specialist, Dr. Atkins, the fact remains that it seems he was right after all.

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