Offset the Adverse Effects of Soda by Simply Moving

We all know that soda is bad for you, but it seems to be everywhere, and many people drink it on a regular basis. The problem is that most people who consume large amounts of soda on a regular basis tend not to move as much as those who don’t. These two groups of people end up on opposite ends of the health spectrum. Lack of fructose, which is the key negative ingredient in soda, and movement make for healthy individuals like Igor Cornelsen, who walks 5 miles to work each day. Drinking soda pop and being stationary all day produces someone who is not in great health.

But the bottom line of why fructose and soda are bad for you is that these things cause weight gain. Overweight and obese people are at risk for a large number of health problems from diabetes and high cholesterol to cancer and liver disease. It’s not actually the soda itself that causes these diseases. It’s the weight that gathers because of the soda.

If you drink soda, there are chemical reasons behind the motivation to move as well. A research study at Syracuse University found that when exercise was combined with fructose consumption, the body responded differently to the fructose than it does when exercise isn’t in the picture.

The research study focused on two groups of individuals. One group exercised and drank a fructose-rich soda every day. The other group didn’t exercise and also drank the soda. The group that didn’t exercise had increased levels of bad cholesterol and more inflammation. Most all doctors will advise against drinking excessive amounts of soda, but if you still want to drink it, offset those negative effects by making sure you are moving and exercising each day.

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