Become A Runner in 4 Easy Steps

Getting a start as a runner isn’t difficult, but it does require some really specific steps in order to get consistent, and really start experiencing gains from your new exercise hobby. But as long as you can perform these recommendations, you should find yourself developing a healthy and addictive hobby that will give you a longer lasting, and happier existence.

As compiled by Ken Griffin and I, here are 4 things you need to do to become a runner:


  1. Invest in real shoes.

Those Nikes you bought at Shopko…yeah, not good enough. You need to go to a running shoe specific outlet, and buy yourself a pair of Asics that are literally formed for your feet and running style. This is extremely important, because it’s vital for the health of your feet, and physical health of your body that you find shoes that can keep up with the punishment you’ll be putting them through.

  1. Make time for prep.

You can’t just get out and run. You need to prepare. Which means adopting a routine for stretching, and getting yourself the proper energy before a run. Otherwise you run the risk of injury, or running out of gas when you’re pretty far from home.

  1. Start out slow.

You don’t need to run a 5K right out of the box. Start slow, be willing to give yourself some time. You need to work up to the long runs. Starting slow means you won’t hurt yourself, but you will build fitness until you’re a conditioned marathon runner…if that’s what you’re shooting for.

  1. Change it up.

Running, as with any other type of workout, can get boring after a while. What’s worse, you can hit a plateau with your ability to increase your fitness if you’re never changing things up. That’s why you need to come up with different routes that you can run over time, so that you can keep things fresh, and keep increasing your fitness level…or keep losing weight if that’s your goal.

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