Could Drinking too Much Milk Be Dangerous?

Milk is a part of most people’s daily diet. It can be found in everything from ice cream and yogurt to cheese and chocolate. It tastes good, and it’s supposed to be good for you. Doctors and nutritionists have said for a long time that we need milk to help support our bones. The calcium in milk is supposed to help kids grow big and strong, and it’s also supposed to help adults avoid diseases like osteoporosis. The milk industry has surely driven these points home. But new research suggests that milk may not be all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it may be hurting us more than it is helping us. Better change up your Starbucks order Sam Tabar and get that milk out of your coffee.

Milk is supposed to be good for our bones and cut the risk of fractures because it has large amounts of vitamin D in it. But the study that was conducted recently by researchers in Sweden says that the large amounts of sugar in milk are actually causing serious inflammation. People who drink 3 or more glasses of milk each day could increase their risk of death. While the doctors and scientists behind the study continue to recommend that individuals get adequate amounts of vitamin D each day for bone health and overall wellness, they suggest that people focus their intakes of vitamin D on foods like yogurt and cheese. Overall, it was found that these foods contained less sugars and were less harmful.

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