Exercise and Activity Trackers: To Track Or Not to Track…

When it seems that just about everyone is walking around with some sort of band around their arm or wrist, or perhaps a tracker clipped on their belt or pocket, it makes me wonder if this is just a fad, or if there’s any real worth to these so called activity trackers. I talked about this a little last week, but I’m here to report back with some more info.

Upon doing a little research with Broda, Christian and I both noticed that it really comes down to three major brands on the market right now; Nike Fuel, Fit bit, and my personal favorite, Vivosmart from Garmin.  The Garmin tracker is far more than just a step counter, it also monitors heart rate, distance, time, calories, and it even monitors and registers your sleeping habits at night.

There is also a feature that will alert you if you’ve been inactive for more than one hour. Vivosmart takes this device beyond just activity tracking, the real impressive features are the ability to receive and review texts, emails and phone notifications. The band only requires charging once a week and is also water resistant. It comes in two sizes with a variety of colors to choose from. With its modern design, the Vivosmart is sleek, attractive, and fit for both sexes.

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