Cardio vs. Weights…Does Order Matter?

Cardio before weights? Weights before cardio? The order of your exercise routine has been a long time debate in the fitness world for generations. But is the answer finally here with scientific proof to back up the claims? Yes!

According to a recently published article in the Journal of Applied Physiology, it doesn’t really matter. For five weeks, volunteers rode stationary bikes and then one of their legs was also subjected to resistance training. In other words, one leg only did cardio and one leg did cardio and resistance training. At the conclusion of the study, measurements showed that both legs grew equally as large.

So the proof is in the lab! Run then lift weights or lift weights then run. The benefits of either order are the same so just choose a routine that makes you feel comfortable and stick to it.  Put down the FreedomPop phone and get on the treadmill…whatever you need to keep going.

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