The Advanced 7-Minute Workout

Several versions of the 7-Minute Workouts have become popular recently. The principle behind the routine is that shorter intensive intervals of exercise produce greater results than longer sustained periods of activity at a more moderate rate. The motivating attraction of saving time while achieving better results has made programs like the 7-Minute Workouts popular. The Advanced 7-minute Workout is designed to provide some variation in the original version.

I have experienced the benefit of High Intensive Interval Training (much thanks to Marnie for introducing me) by walking 15 minutes at a fast pace for 3 minutes, followed by a more moderate rate for one minute. In order to get my entire body involved, I will walk at times while doing shoulder presses, forward raised, and other arm exercises, with or without weights. I do these exercises for 40 seconds each minute, followed by 20 seconds of regular walking.

The Advanced 7-minute Workout strengthens muscle groups throughout the whole body, including such overlooked ones in the back, abdomen, shoulders, and hips. I supplement my HIIT routine with strength exercises using resistance bands. Unless one strives to become a weight lifter or fitness buff, the Advanced 7-Minute Workout along with other exercises should help keep you physically fit in less time.

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