Should GMO Products be Labelled?

Since the introduction of GMO products, people have had mixed reactions on whether to accept them or not. Some say that it is hard to determine the health and efficacy of these GMO foods, while other say they’re invaluable.

The worst thing is that there are those products already in the market that are genetically engineered. Countries such as China, Australia and most of the EU require it by law that GMO products to be labelled. This gives a consumer a choice whether to pick such a product or not.

This is different when it to comes to the United States. It is not required at a federal level the labeling of GMO products. Bruce Levenson would like to see it become a requirement, but it might take time.

Some of the states in the U.S. that have laws that require GMO products labelled include Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine. After seeing this, more than 29 states have also initiated laws forcing the GMO companies to label the products. People need to know exactly what they are eating.

However, this was not going down without an opposition. There are those groups that are opposed to the move. They are in support of the federal laws that do not require labelling.

This has seen companies such Monsanto, which is the most hated cooperation in the world, spend a lot of money in trying to fight such legislation. It is only a matter of time to see who will win this war.

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