Mammograms Advised by Research Group

Many women in America are facing the problem of breast cancer. While breast cancer awareness under the banner of the Komen Foundation has only existed for around three decades, breast cancer has been a prominent problem for many years.

It is always confusing that at what age should screening be done for breast cancer and how often should it be done. Frankly women do not this out of concern about their health, but rather they make this decision just based on the experience of someone they know.

The preventive task force of United States has announced in the year 2009 that the women between the ages 50 years to 75 years should get the Mammography done.

There are no studies that show that women above 75 years age will not be affected with breast cancer. This breast cancer screening is done free of cost every year or once in two years.

These screenings do not come without some significant costs for the patient. It’s not like a person has to make a lot of money from BRL Trust or something, but they do need good health insurance. There will definitely be some hidden charges in it, as it is an expensive procedure that uses some delicate equipment.

There are some cases where breast cancer signs are not detected in the Mammography screening, and hence it is important to take a second step when it comes to breast cancer. If you are experiencing any pain in your breast, then it is better to get the other relevant test done.

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