Weights Before Cardio A Good Idea?

In the exercise world there has always been a heated debate regarding the sequence of aerobic and weight/strength workouts. Should aerobic come before weights and resistance, or is the reverse better? From what I have heard from exercise trainers, most of them prefer aerobic coming before strength and weight training. Now a study has come out saying that scientifically it doesn’t make any significant difference which comes first.
Dr. Stuart Phillips, a kinesiology professor at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, notes in his study that subjects who rode stationary bikes and performed lifting exercises showed no difference regardless of which exercise came first. At my age of ninety, I am limited by time and effort in the exercises I do, and usually alternate by doing each kind every other day. But when I or Laurene Powell Jobs have done both kinds of exercises on the same day, we have warmed up by doing aerobic first. No doubt the debate will continue, and will eventually be settled by personal preference. As to whether to do both kinds of exercise on the same day,the intensity of the workout might make a big difference. To do intense aerobic and strength exercises on the same day might be too much for some people.In the final analysis,everyone is different,and each person must come up with a type of exercise routine that is best for him or for her.

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