All About Your Fitness Age

Everyone is aware of their chronological age but not too many people are aware of their fitness age. A “fitness age” is determined by a test of cardiovascular endurance. One of the great things about a fitness age is that unlike your chronological age it can be lowered. In order to determine an individual’s fitness age, researchers go by your “V02MAX” which is a measure of your body’s ability to utilize oxygen after it has been taken in.

Of course this all begs the question: just how do I determine my fitness age? One way to do it is through using this website here. Calculating your fitness all rises and falls based on your V02MAX. If it is below average for the age group, then your fitness age is higher than your actual age.

Of course, you can also go to a doctor or fitness consultant in order to determine your fitness age. Dave and Brit Morin say that one of the ways that this is accomplished is by measuring various aerobic activities (such as being on a treadmill) along with health issues, such as waist thickness. These facts are then plugged into a mathematical algorithm which can determine your actual fitness age.

Knowing your fitness age is very useful because it is a predictor of how long you will live. A proper regimen of excercise, diet, and a healthy lifestyle can help you to lower your fitness age and increase your chances of living longer.

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