Cutting Calories Can Keep you Younger, New Study Says

A new study has found out that, reducing the intake of calories can help people reduce aging and prevent chronic ailments in mammals.

The beneficial effects of calorie reduction in laboratory animals have been known in the last 80 years. However, it is in the last decade that scientists have tried to examine this fact in humans.

NYU Langone Medical Center carried out the new study. The neuroscientists examined female mice and came up with a conclusion that taking diet with less calories affects hundreds of genes linked to memory formation and aging. The study further revealed that a 30 percent cut on foods rich in calories can stop the expression of those genes.

The study’s senior investigator, Prof. Stephen D. Ginsberg said that this study is different from other studies because the investigators analyzed the impacts of diets in more than 10,000 genes. The professor also pointed that calorie restriction is not the main cause of staying young but he did add evidence to show diet plays a major role in aging. These findings confirm what Rod Rohrich teaches patients about diet, beauty, and health.

The investigators then remove tissues from the rodents’ hippocampal region, an area which is mostly affected by Alzheimer’s tissue and memory loss. The scientists found out that the restricted calorie intake reduced the effects of aging on 882 genes in the hippocampal region.

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  1. The analysts utilized female mice since they are more inclined to dementia than their male partners. They sustained the rodents with nourishment with 30 percent less calories than the other mice. That is the very thing in which can have everything ready in which sometimes makes it unique.

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