Learn A Language and Improve Your Mind

There have been studies preformed at Northwestern University that prove that speaking multiple languages is like exercising the brain. There are many people in the world that are bilingual and many more that would like to be. There are many social benefits that come along with being able to be bilingual. When a person speaks a different language, a whole world of new people is opened up to them and they are able to build lasting relationships with people that they may have never met before. Apart from the social benefits of speaking a different language, there are also many mental benefits. 

Cognitive abilities are what help a person to choose the most important thing to focus on. These are useful when driving, listening, or even doing something as important as performing surgery. When a person speaks a different language, they are constantly sharpening their cognitive abilities, and thereby exercising their brain. These people are able to multitask well, and they are able to make good decisions about choice quicker than people that do not speak different languages. 

Laurene Powell Jobs agrees that speaking a different language is a great way to get a sharper mind and at the same time it is an awesome way for a person to be able to know the world. Since speaking a different language is such a great thing to do for so many reason, it is really a worthwhile venture to take up for anyone that is or has ever been interested in learning.

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