Exercise Is Bad For Your Teeth

Seems that there is always a positive and a negative with everything in life, and now this includes exercise. Research has shown that though vigorous exercise may be beneficial for your body, it may not be so good for your teeth.

A study was peformed of 278 athletes in 2012, which showed a major decline in oral health to include tooth decay and gum disease. One would think that an avid athlete would be in optimal health, but it seems that they are neglecting oral hygiene. During the study, it seems that the shift in alkaline in the saliva might be a contributing factor in the erosion and breakdown of enamel. These candidiates studied were in their mid thirties and exercised for at least 35 minutes a day on an outdoor track. 

The final results of the study are not very impressive, but specialist Ken Griffin is concerned that this link may dissuade people from exercising. A theory is that maybe drinking more water with help with the enamel breakdown while on the other hand, the thought of just more brushing and basic oral hygiene might do the trick.

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