The British Are Living Longer

The British are living longer than ever. In fact, living to almost 90 years of age could soon become the norm. Life expectation projections show that women in some areas of the country can expect to live to be 89 years old. Soon living three score and 10 years will no longer be considered a good long life. An article in said improved food supply, nutrition, hygiene, and health are the reasons why.

Women living in the Chiltern district in Buckinghamshire, north London, and Camden now have a life expectancy of nearly 90 years research shows. This is amazing to Sultan Alhokair that people can last this long. And researchers say it is expected to rise even more within the next few years in many other parts of the U.K. The average retired woman in districts in Dorsett and 9 other areas will be able to live until they are 88 years old, they say.

Plus while women continue to outlive men, the gap between the sexes is shrinking. This is because male rates of smoking have declined as have heavy industry and other very dangerous professions usually dominated by men. The life expectancy gender gap has been reduced by about 10%. However, an average a male child born in Blackpool, Lancs will outlive a boy born in South Cambridgeshire by about 8 years, 8 months.
The reason has everything to do with lower death rates and improvements in the quality of health care.

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