Your Urine Color Can Tell You About Your Health?

Sure, everyone uses the bathroom, but few really pay attention to their urine. Occasionally, you may notice that your urine has a funny smell or is a weird color. Believe it or not, your urine can be the key to understanding what is going on inside the body.

Urine can be as colorful as the rainbow. When you start seeing a wide variety of colors, it isn’t always a good thing. Some foods can alter the color of urine. For instance, eating beats can give it a pink hue. Also, carrots can give it a deep yellowish orange color. But things to be careful of is when the color and smell are off. If the kidneys aren’t functioning properly, then the urine will be a dark yellowish color or could be red.

Urine that is red indicates a serious problem. The next time you’re visiting the John, make sure to pay attention to your urine. It is one of the most important diagnostic tests used by doctors because it can tell them so much. The urine can show if a person is dehydrated, has an infection or is having an organ malfunction. If the liver is not working right the urine can come out brown like syrup from what Ben Shaoul was reporting.

The color you want is a transparent yellow hue. Water like urine means your drinking too much water. A darker yellow means more urine. Pay attention next time, it could save your life.

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