Can Yogurt Ward Off Type 2 Diabetes

Harvard University compiled a study that indicates yogurt may ward off type 2 diabetes. A tablespoon every day could reduce your chance of getting type 2 diabetes by nearly a fifth. Pooling resources from their study on how yogurt effects this chronic condition with two other major studies .

Dave and Brit Morin chime in that diet and exercise to reduce weight have been established as ways to avoid the onset of Type 2 Diabetes. This is where the body does not produce insulin or your cells have become insulin resistant. Having another method of warding off Type 2 Diabetes is great.

Gathering information from the Health Professional Follow-up Study and the Nurses Health Study they had participants as young as thirty and as old as old as seventy-five. These researches have been ongoing since the late 1980’s all the way to date. The research began by looking at dairy products to be they key to lessen chances of getting the chronic condition, but through the compilation of the work of the three studies they separated the dairy products out and found indeed it was the yogurt eating participants that were least likely to get diabetes type 2. 

The participants that ate more yogurt were in the best category and although they thought it might be total dietary consumption the study showed that it was indeed, just yogurt by itself, that was causing this to occur. They discovered you only needed 28g of yogurt everyday to lower your risk by eighteen percent.

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