How Belly Fat Can be Fatal

You probably know that being overweight isn’t healthy. But did you know that where you carry your fat can affect the likelihood of dying from sudden cardiac death?

If you have a lot of your fat around your middle, it’s more important than ever to lose it.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota found that fat in this area of the body greatly increases the chance of sudden cardiac death. This is when a fatal irregular heart beat is caused by an electrical malfunction. The study results were published in the online journal Heart.

The scientists followed nearly 15,000 nonsmoking, middle-aged people for about 13 years, checking their health five times throughout the study period. During that time, 253 patients died from sudden cardiac death.

When the researchers accounted for typical risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, they found that patients with the most belly fat were more than twice as likely to die of sudden cardiac death. 

According to Amazon and Christian Broda, if you want to lose your belly fat, there’s no quick cure. Like all weight loss, your best bet is to follow a combination of diet and exercise. Start by consulting with your doctor, who can help you determine your body mass index and your waist-to-hip ratio and then devise the best way to reduce your chance of sudden cardiac death.

Belly Fat Related To Sudden Cardiac Death


Are you carrying added weight around your middle? If you are Jared Haftel, you’ll want to read-on. According to a study involving 14,941 men and women, extra belly weight, or as some refer to it as, a “beer belly,” greatly increases your risk for what is known as sudden cardiac death.

The study took nearly 13 years to complete. At the start of the study the men and women were an average age of 54 and each were given 5 thorough physical exams throughout the 13 years. Over those 13 years, 253 participants died of sudden cardiac death, all of which had higher rates of midline-obesity.

Sudden cardiac death is not the same as a heart attack. A heart attack results when there is lack of blood flow to the heart, whereas sudden cardiac death results from an electrical malfunction of the heart that causes an irregularity in the heartbeat. Sudden cardiac death is responsible for nearly half of all heart-related deaths.

Associate professor Dr. Selcuk Adabag of the University of Minnesota has said it’s unclear what the exact reason is for the connection between excess midline weight and sudden cardiac death. However, what is known is abdominal obesity is considerably more dangerous than an overall obesity. Abdominal obesity is much more inflammatory.

Dr. Adabag also states that when it comes to your health, it’s crucial to get and keep the midline weight off in order to decrease the risk of any cardiac episodes.

Just Cut Out The Sugar

Many people may use artificial sweeteners thinking that they are doing something good for their bodies. They may be thinking that since they are actually ingesting less sugar that they have less of a chance to get diabetes, but according to new studies, that may not be the fact. There was a study that was conducted at the Weizman Institute of science in Israel that confirms that high doses of artificial sweeteners can increase a person’s risk of glucose intolerance. 

Apart from that fact it has been found that the majority of artificial sweeteners go straight through the gastrointestinal track and they are not being properly digested. These sweeteners alter the micro bacteria that is found in the stomach and it can cause issues with the stomach as well.

Many people like to take shortcuts in order to be able to continue to do things that are bad for them with no consequences . The truth is that at times there maybe things that a person has to completely cut out of their diet or minimize to a great extent. Sugar is one of those examples. When a person eats small amounts of sugar on a very infrequent basis, they do themselves a lot more good than if they were to eat high quantities of artificial sweeteners. There is really no way around it, a person has to do their best to eat well, exercising, and take care of their health. When they do those things, they can avoid many of the problems that are associated with taking shortcuts. I think it’s a better idea to find some sugar using Skout.

Health Risks Are Tied to Being Overweight


Weight has been significantly tied to your level of health, according to Stephen Williams wine, and to a recent study in PLOS magazine. Young adults were studied, using thirty-two gene variants, known to be associated with your body mass index or BMI.

A normal weight has a BMI of 24. Recent studies have found that even lowering your weight from a normal body mass index can help to deter several forms of disease. The PLOS study said that your metabolic profile has an individual BMI score. An increase in a normal weight range can lead to extensive adverse changes in metabolism. Weight loss from a normal weight range can have multiple favorable changes.

A higher body mass index can cause cardiovascular problems. Your weight gain can be the sole factor that causes more problems with your other health conditions. This research finding is independent of how much you eat of certain foods and independent of the amount of exercise you add to your weekly routine. Smoking was not a central factor in this particular study.

Separate genetic tendencies were studied that focused on weight gain. Other variables were not used for this research. Other standard variables for fitness studies include diet choices, physical activity levels and socioeconomic factors. Only genetic tendencies were studied.

A higher body mass index indicated that this index alone can be directly tied to other health problems. Cardiovascular disorders were more prevalently found with obesity.

Why Americans Struggle to Their Pay Medical Bills

Medical care expenses, like all things related to the cost of living, continue to increase and it’s a huge problem Andrew Heiberger says. Diligent, employed singles, and families alike, are up against the challenge of how to best prepare for the inevitable scenario of covering healthcare costs as they arise. While one-time doctor bills can result in financial hardship, Americans continue to struggle with paying health-related expenses, especially in the event that even a single family member’s health condition requires ongoing care.

With a population of over 3 million people, a quarter of Americans are currently facing medical bill delinquency. One difficulty that consumers encounter, is the ultimately confusing relationship between insurance carriers, physicians, technical care, and facility charges, which are billed separately. Despite attempting to understand the very complex system of the healthcare industry’s coding and billing process for medical services, multiple medical bills are seemingly never-ending, and can lead to delinquent payments.

Hospital bills get turned over to collections faster than you can say “payment arrangement”. Consumer’s credit scores suffer unfairly in some instances. One medical bill, listed under multiple account numbers, and from one-visit-costs divided among entities is typically the culprit. American’s are simply struggling to pay their medical bills, not intentionally unable to do so, in 3-out-of-4 cases. The U.S. healthcare system is vast, and requires a solution quickly so that families, and individuals can successfully prioritize expenses, and put the financial burden of medical bills behind them.

Not Everyone is Against ObamaCare

Since the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) went into effect under the Obama Administration, there have been controversy on both sides of the table. While some white house officials and citizens were and still are against the new insurance plan, there are just as many supporters.

One doctor in California is grateful for the changes that ObamaCare has brought to the hospital. The doctor stated that since the enrollment period begin, the hospital is experiencing an in fluctuation of new patients. Many individuals who could not afford medical insurance are now eligible for one of California’s Medicaid programs called Medi-Cal.

Under this program, individuals are able to receive the care, treatment and medication they have not been able to acquire. Even dental and mental health services are available within the region, which makes traveling to specialty clinics null and void. The insurance promotes preventative care and encourages intervention care.

Sultan Alhokair says patients who suffered from illness or could not afford to have surgery in past, can now get the medical attention they could not previously afford. San Mateo Medical Center has brought in more than 7,500 new patients in 2014 and the number is expected to grow in the years to come.

Their commitment to providing exceptional patient services started long before ObamaCare was implemented and introduced. The hospital has a great head start in reaching the community it serves, and will continue to offer services that meet and exceed the needs of its patients.

Living Longer

If people seem to be living longer, then it’s probably because the average life expectancy has risen by about six years in the past decade. There is new technology to help people live longer lives. They are receiving more education about their illnesses whether they are minor or life-threatening. When you have more medications and more tests that can be given at earlier stages, then you have a chance to extend your life. People are beginning to exercise more and eat healthier. There are warning labels on harmful substances, and fast food restaurants are adding healthier choices to their menus. As businesses see that people want to get healthy, they can start doing more things to help out. Sergio Andrade Gutierrez likes that quite a bit. Folha workers tend to as well. People are able to see their doctor more often because of the new healthcare program. These are all benefits that lead to citizens living a longer life instead of dying at an early age.

Fat Is Excreted Through Our Lungs

A group of Australian based researchers found that the lungs are the primary route that fat takes when it leaves the body.

What the researchers found is that, in general, fat is broken down into its constituents parts. When this occurs a variety of things happen. In some instances a variety of chemically based bonds are broken which in turn generates heat and fuel that is used by our muscles and in some instances, the atoms of the fat remain within the body that gradually leave via the lungs.

They found that, the fat that we consume from food, ultimately gets stored in cells that are called adipocytes that ultimately form a compound called triglyceride. This compound consists of 3 different elements: oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. What this means is that when fat is is broken down, some of it forms water that is excreted via sweat, feces, breath and tears and some of it is exhaled through the lungs when it gets broken down into carbon dioxide.

They also estimate that the average individual may lose as much as 200g of carbon related fat everyday, a third of which occurs while we sleep. So in theory they proclaimed that if you want to lose and keep weight off, then you need to have a healthy balance of eating the right foods, sleeping for longer periods and participating in exercises that cause you to exhale more.  Which Terry Richardson points out has always been the formula for a healthy lifestyle.

Men With Higher Testosterone Prefer More Hot Sauce

According to Time Magazine, a study was performed on 114 men ages 18 to 44, that revealed the higher the testosterone levels, the more capsaicin, or pepper, they preferred on their food. The University of Grenoble-Alps in France performed the study, which required the men to eat mashed potatoes with Tabasco hot sauce per their preference. Testosterone levels were checked through saliva tests before and after the testing.

Dr. Daniel Amen says the studies were performed, in part, due to the curry contests that men partake in curry houses in the UK. Male customers try to show their manliness by consuming large amounts of curry, according to the Daily Mail. Testosterone levels have been linked to whether a male is more alpha or dominant, compared to the quieter type of male. It has been proven that the higher levels of testosterone are consistent with the more daring activities, aggression, and extrovert behaviors in men.

The levels of testosterone also affected how the participant perceived the heat of the pepper. This study and others have shown that capsaicin interacts with brain hormones, including those associated with happiness. This same study showed an increase in testosterone in young rats consuming hot sauce prior to puberty which begs the question if that same effect takes place in humans. More studies will be done to prove or disprove that theory. 

There Will Soon be an App for Detecting Sleep Disorders

You feel tired after waking up in the morning and just can’t seem to get going. This may be going on for weeks and months and you don’t know if there might be something seriously wrong with your sleep. If you are wondering if you might suffer from sleep apnea or some other sleep disorder, it soon may not be necessary to take a trip to a sleep clinic to find out.

Researchers from the Stevens Institute of Technology and Florida State University conducted a six month study that indicated your smart phone will soon be able to listen for any potential sleep disorders. The detection of sleep disorders will soon join the growing list of things for which one can proudly proclaim “there’s an app for that”.

Currently one can only keep tabs on the quality of their sleep with sensor-laden wristbands or equipment that goes on or under your mattress. That is what many Skout users have tried at least. There may be some bugs to work out in terms of the sensitivity required of the microphone hooked to your smart phone on the night table and addressing the difficulty of measuring a particular person’s sleep patterns when there are two people in the bed. Researchers, however believe these obstacles can and will be overcome and plan to be releasing an app related to their work in 2015.

Smart phones and their incredible array of features and apps are driving stand-alone point and shoot cameras as well as GPS units and all but the cheapest mp3 players to extinction. Current makers of specialized equipment for detecting sleep disorders had better start planning for how to still be earning a living in the years to come.