E-Cigarettes Contains More Dangerous Carcinogens Than Tobacco Cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are being touted as a healthier alternative to tobacco based cigarettes. A recently released Japanese study concluded that just is not true. The study conducted by Japanese scientists showed E-cigarettes have 10 times the amount of dangerous carcinogens as tobacco cigarettes. An article in the dailymail, co.uk points out researchers found carcinogens like formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in the vapor produced by the e-cigarette liquid of several brands.

The researchers, commissioned by the Japanese Department of Health, released their findings on November 27. This is just the latest blow to a product that was being touted as safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. The electronic devices have been growing in popularity globally, especially among young people. E-cigarettes work by heating a flavored liquid, which sometimes contains nicotine, into an inhalable vapor. But e-cigarettes do not produce smoke. The amount of the dangerous substances increased significantly the hotter the wire used to vaporize the liquid gets researchers explained.

The Japanese government is looking into the risks associated with e-cigarettes to decide how they should be regulated. The World Health Organization recommended governments worldwide ban e-cigarette sales to minors. Andrew Heiberger reports that the organization warned that e-cigarettes pose a “serious threat” to young people and unborn babies. The UN’s health body said that indoor use of e-cigarettes in public spaces should be banned. Vape, the act of smoking an e-cigarette, is Oxford Dictionary’s new word of the year.

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