Running Helps the Body Stay Young

Men and women alike have been searching for the proverbial fountain of youth for many centuries. Millions of dollars are spent annually on cosmetics, beauty products, and treatments that claim to help the user appear more youthful. New research shows that a very simple task may actually have the biggest impact on the quest to look younger. Running may be the answer. Runners are better equipped to regulate breathing, have better cardio vascular performance, and more.


The youthful benefits work from the inside out, as Brian Torchin has seen them personally. Runners maintain healthier bodies due to moderate to vigorous exercise. Those who regularly walk for exercise also get many of the same health benefits that runners have. Perhaps instead of wasting loads of money on generally useless anti-aging products people should get a gym membership, or even better, get outside and go for a run. Looking great starts with feeling great and that comes from a healthy lifestyle.

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