Top Health Issues Right Now

There are several things that Americans worry about through the day. One of them is the health of the body. Some of the biggest health problems are those that have various symptoms and can be easily misdiagnosed. Issues with the thyroid are at the top of the list of health problems that Americans face. There are also breathing disorders and high blood pressure. Some of the health concerns could be decreased if Americans would try to take better car of their bodies and if there was insurance coverage that would help with the medical bills that people face just to get a physical to keep their bodies healthy.


If someone is worried about their health, they don’t go to the doctor because they fear that they won’t have enough money to get the medications needed or that there will be bad news because they haven’t been able to visit the doctor on a regular basis to help with the health problems of concern. This is a vicious cycle that Igor Cornelsen, as well as others, try to avoid.

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