What’s Your Number?

It’s not enough that doctors tell you that you’re overweight, but there is now a global fat scale. When did people have to look up where they are on a scale to determine how fat they are compared to others? Is the country supposed to compare each other to see where everyone is at on the scale, and if one person isn’t at the right number, should they be shunned? It’s no wonder people feel so insecure about how they look. They have to deal with the whole aspect of numbers instead of the way they truly feel about the human body.


Someone could be overweight but be healthy, and that person would be at a higher end of the scale compared to someone who is smaller but smokes every day and has COPD. There are many factors that go into health that Gianfrancesco Genoso is just learning about. When people stop comparing themselves to everyone else might be the day when everyone can treat each other as equals.

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