Laugh Your Way Out of Depression with Laughing Gas

A new treatment for depression employs an age-old dentistry trick – the use of laughing gas.
Nitrous oxide, better known to most of us as laughing gas, is a type of anesthetic used in in dentistry and other branches of medicine for decades with expected and safe results. The neurological brad of medicine now considering laughing gas as a means of helping their patients who are severely depressed.
A pilot study has been conducted on several clinically depressed patients who have not responded to traditional depression treatments. Of those given the nitrous oxide treatment, two-thirds showed signs of improvement in their conditions.
Christian Broda says laughing gas is an attractive treatment for depression because it produces minimal side effects, with only occasional nausea and/or vomiting being reported by those treated with laughing gas. Nitrous oxide also leaves the body very quickly.
It is an idea which the medical community should have considered years ago, a drug that makes depressed people laugh to relieve their symptoms of overwhelming sadness and has little to no side effects. Sounds like the time has come to bring laughing gas out of the dentist’s office and into the mental health care professional’s office.

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