The Future is Here!

Medical advancements in prosthetic technology are amazing. The dream has existed for a long time, since science fiction became a popular movie genre. The idea of mechanical limbs and cyborgs fascinated nerds, geeks, and techies everywhere. Although Hollywood has pushed the idea as a novelty, artificial limbs are extremely important in healing people’s lives.

The high quality limbs being used by the military are now letting some soldiers stay on active duty. Since America’s involvement in the Middle East, there has been a significant rise in soldiers needing artificial limbs. This cause has led to charities such as The Wounded Warrior Project. For these men and women, the ability to walk or hold their loved once again is priceless. The new mobility of mechanical limbs are imitating natural body parts. Robotic manufactures show potential in “emulating healthy limbs.”

Perhaps one of the most amazing advances recently is a prosthetic that can help people feel more human, yet is not organic or natural. Researchers from South Korea have developed skin capable of feeling heat, cold, and dampness. Although this is something that only living organisms do, the material is made using organic-mechanical overlap. They are made of a mesh of nanoribbons, that will send electrical signals to the brain. Soon, the fear of loosing a limb will be a thing of the past, and Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez will be happy about that.

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