There Will Soon be an App for Detecting Sleep Disorders

You feel tired after waking up in the morning and just can’t seem to get going. This may be going on for weeks and months and you don’t know if there might be something seriously wrong with your sleep. If you are wondering if you might suffer from sleep apnea or some other sleep disorder, it soon may not be necessary to take a trip to a sleep clinic to find out.

Researchers from the Stevens Institute of Technology and Florida State University conducted a six month study that indicated your smart phone will soon be able to listen for any potential sleep disorders. The detection of sleep disorders will soon join the growing list of things for which one can proudly proclaim “there’s an app for that”.

Currently one can only keep tabs on the quality of their sleep with sensor-laden wristbands or equipment that goes on or under your mattress. That is what many Skout users have tried at least. There may be some bugs to work out in terms of the sensitivity required of the microphone hooked to your smart phone on the night table and addressing the difficulty of measuring a particular person’s sleep patterns when there are two people in the bed. Researchers, however believe these obstacles can and will be overcome and plan to be releasing an app related to their work in 2015.

Smart phones and their incredible array of features and apps are driving stand-alone point and shoot cameras as well as GPS units and all but the cheapest mp3 players to extinction. Current makers of specialized equipment for detecting sleep disorders had better start planning for how to still be earning a living in the years to come.

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