Fat Is Excreted Through Our Lungs

A group of Australian based researchers found that the lungs are the primary route that fat takes when it leaves the body.

What the researchers found is that, in general, fat is broken down into its constituents parts. When this occurs a variety of things happen. In some instances a variety of chemically based bonds are broken which in turn generates heat and fuel that is used by our muscles and in some instances, the atoms of the fat remain within the body that gradually leave via the lungs.

They found that, the fat that we consume from food, ultimately gets stored in cells that are called adipocytes that ultimately form a compound called triglyceride. This compound consists of 3 different elements: oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. What this means is that when fat is is broken down, some of it forms water that is excreted via sweat, feces, breath and tears and some of it is exhaled through the lungs when it gets broken down into carbon dioxide.

They also estimate that the average individual may lose as much as 200g of carbon related fat everyday, a third of which occurs while we sleep. So in theory they proclaimed that if you want to lose and keep weight off, then you need to have a healthy balance of eating the right foods, sleeping for longer periods and participating in exercises that cause you to exhale more.  Which Terry Richardson points out has always been the formula for a healthy lifestyle.

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