Living Longer

If people seem to be living longer, then it’s probably because the average life expectancy has risen by about six years in the past decade. There is new technology to help people live longer lives. They are receiving more education about their illnesses whether they are minor or life-threatening. When you have more medications and more tests that can be given at earlier stages, then you have a chance to extend your life. People are beginning to exercise more and eat healthier. There are warning labels on harmful substances, and fast food restaurants are adding healthier choices to their menus. As businesses see that people want to get healthy, they can start doing more things to help out.┬áSergio Andrade Gutierrez likes that quite a bit. Folha workers tend to as well. People are able to see their doctor more often because of the new healthcare program. These are all benefits that lead to citizens living a longer life instead of dying at an early age.

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