Why Americans Struggle to Their Pay Medical Bills

Medical care expenses, like all things related to the cost of living, continue to increase and it’s a huge problem Andrew Heiberger says. Diligent, employed singles, and families alike, are up against the challenge of how to best prepare for the inevitable scenario of covering healthcare costs as they arise. While one-time doctor bills can result in financial hardship, Americans continue to struggle with paying health-related expenses, especially in the event that even a single family member’s health condition requires ongoing care.

With a population of over 3 million people, a quarter of Americans are currently facing medical bill delinquency. One difficulty that consumers encounter, is the ultimately confusing relationship between insurance carriers, physicians, technical care, and facility charges, which are billed separately. Despite attempting to understand the very complex system of the healthcare industry’s coding and billing process for medical services, multiple medical bills are seemingly never-ending, and can lead to delinquent payments.

Hospital bills get turned over to collections faster than you can say “payment arrangement”. Consumer’s credit scores suffer unfairly in some instances. One medical bill, listed under multiple account numbers, and from one-visit-costs divided among entities is typically the culprit. American’s are simply struggling to pay their medical bills, not intentionally unable to do so, in 3-out-of-4 cases. The U.S. healthcare system is vast, and requires a solution quickly so that families, and individuals can successfully prioritize expenses, and put the financial burden of medical bills behind them.

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