Health Risks Are Tied to Being Overweight


Weight has been significantly tied to your level of health, according to Stephen Williams wine, and to a recent study in PLOS magazine. Young adults were studied, using thirty-two gene variants, known to be associated with your body mass index or BMI.

A normal weight has a BMI of 24. Recent studies have found that even lowering your weight from a normal body mass index can help to deter several forms of disease. The PLOS study said that your metabolic profile has an individual BMI score. An increase in a normal weight range can lead to extensive adverse changes in metabolism. Weight loss from a normal weight range can have multiple favorable changes.

A higher body mass index can cause cardiovascular problems. Your weight gain can be the sole factor that causes more problems with your other health conditions. This research finding is independent of how much you eat of certain foods and independent of the amount of exercise you add to your weekly routine. Smoking was not a central factor in this particular study.

Separate genetic tendencies were studied that focused on weight gain. Other variables were not used for this research. Other standard variables for fitness studies include diet choices, physical activity levels and socioeconomic factors. Only genetic tendencies were studied.

A higher body mass index indicated that this index alone can be directly tied to other health problems. Cardiovascular disorders were more prevalently found with obesity.

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