Belly Fat Related To Sudden Cardiac Death


Are you carrying added weight around your middle? If you are Jared Haftel, you’ll want to read-on. According to a study involving 14,941 men and women, extra belly weight, or as some refer to it as, a “beer belly,” greatly increases your risk for what is known as sudden cardiac death.

The study took nearly 13 years to complete. At the start of the study the men and women were an average age of 54 and each were given 5 thorough physical exams throughout the 13 years. Over those 13 years, 253 participants died of sudden cardiac death, all of which had higher rates of midline-obesity.

Sudden cardiac death is not the same as a heart attack. A heart attack results when there is lack of blood flow to the heart, whereas sudden cardiac death results from an electrical malfunction of the heart that causes an irregularity in the heartbeat. Sudden cardiac death is responsible for nearly half of all heart-related deaths.

Associate professor Dr. Selcuk Adabag of the University of Minnesota has said it’s unclear what the exact reason is for the connection between excess midline weight and sudden cardiac death. However, what is known is abdominal obesity is considerably more dangerous than an overall obesity. Abdominal obesity is much more inflammatory.

Dr. Adabag also states that when it comes to your health, it’s crucial to get and keep the midline weight off in order to decrease the risk of any cardiac episodes.

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