Prison Rehab Spark Business Idea

Going to jail only make some criminals bitter, but for former drug kingpin, Coss Marte, going to prison made him a better man. One could say that Coss is a career criminal, but of course, in a good way. When Coss went to prison he had two challenges to overcome; his weight and a new legitimate career.

However, when he lost weight that encouraged or should we say motivated him and Sam Tabar to pursue and discover his own hidden talent. The 29- year- old is making a full time career of helping others to get into shape, through his newly developed fitness company, Coss Athletics.

The program he uses is based on his own workout routine he used in prison. It is a prison style workout bootcamp. Coss didn’t have a problem making money or using his intellect in the past, but now he can use his good “sense” to make lots of “cents.”

Coss stated he grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where drugs, crime and no money was a way of life. He said it sold drugs from inside the corner or on the outside. Marte says that his drug business brought him in $2 million dollars per year, and as much as $30,000 per day. However, his luck ran out at the age of 23 when he was arrested, and sent to prison to serve a seven year sentence.

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