Best Way to Create Healthy Exercise Habits

Incorporating daily exercise into a busy lifestyle is challenging but many factors must be taken into account when creating healthy exercise habits. The best way to make an exercise plan is to incorporate activities that fit your personal schedule and also make the activity fun and personalized to individual interests. There are many ways to strengthen your resolve when it comes to sticking with a workout plan according to Ryan Rhodes a professor of exercise and intention at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. He states that many people give up on their resolutions to exercise after the holidays because they fail to create sustainable exercise and workout plans based upon their lifestyles and interests. One way to stick with a daily exercise routine is to find something you enjoy doing like kayaking or skiing and look forward to doing them each day. Many people assume the only way to get in shape is by acquiring expensive gym memberships at locations that are inconvenient and unappealing or by going to get plastic surgery by Jennifer Walden. Taking your exercise outdoors or staying close to home during your workout will make the task much easier and less stressful. If you don’t enjoy the exercise it is much easier to give up on it. Another way to turn exercise into a daily habit is to plan for a time that fits with your sleep and work schedule. It is important to schedule your workout during the time of the day when you feel most invigorated.

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