Sleeping Beauty Syndrome not a Myth

The Sleeping Beauty syndrome is a neurological disorder that only about 1000 people in the world have at the moment. It is very rare, and despite the fairy-tale name, it is not a pleasant experience at all. Beth Goodier, a 20-year-old form the UK who is affected by it, does not even like when people call the affection Sleeping Beauty.

She refers to the disease by the Keline-Levin syndrome name, or KLS, and claims that it steals her youth. Beth sleeps about 22 hours, and during the waking time is apathetic and drowsy.

This is not a permanent state though. The manifestation of KLS repeat themselves after a few weeks and can last for 1 to 5 weeks. During the ‘normal’ time, Beth goes to the gym to get back in shape, meets her friends, and makes attempts to get a college degree. She signed up for college four times by now, but failed due to the KLS impeding her to pass the important exams.

During the ‘bad times’, Beth needs the supervision from someone. Her mother quit her job and takes care in the meanwhile, because symptoms of the KLS include being childlike and too tired to be able to take care of oneself, hence somebody has to be there. Read more about this syndrome on Beneful’s page.

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