Dr. Rod Rohrich May be the Most Accomplished Plastic Surgeon in the Country

Generally, I’m an advocate for healthy lifestyles and healthy eating to improve ones physique. But sometimes people turn to more drastic solutions. If you’re looking into plastic surgery you should look for a qualified surgeon like Dr. Rod Rohrich.

In the field of plastic surgery, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find one man who has made more significant contributions than Dr. Rod Rohrich. Students educated in this specialty or doctors practicing in it today would be hard pressed to have not read an article in a medical journal or a chapter in a textbook about plastic surgery that he has written. He has been serving as chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at The University of Texas Medical Center in Dallas, Texas since 1991. During his time there, he has authored over 600 peer reviewed articles and over 50 chapters in textbooks on plastic surgery. His advancements in plastic surgery have helped to put this medical school at the forefront of education in this field.

Rod Rohrich was raised in North Dakota where he attended both North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota. After getting his undergraduate and postgraduate education at these universities, he went to Texas where he attended Baylor College of Medicine. He graduated with high honors from Baylor and then went on to the University of Michigan to do both his general and plastic surgery residencies at their medical college. He also attended both Oxford University in England and Harvard Medical School to further refine his education and practice at plastic surgery. It was after this that he came to his current home at the UT Southwestern Medical Center as both a professor and doctor in 1986 where he still serves as chairman to this day.

His contributions to this surgical specialty have taken the form of breakthroughs in procedures, techniques and technologies used by other surgeons around the globe and academic contributions to help up-and-coming plastic surgeons achieve success. Dr. Rohrich is such a recognized leader in his field that he is the editor-in-chief of the journal Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, which is the medical journal of this surgical specialty. Through a combination of research, education and medical practice, he has enhanced the knowledge and techniques in both the areas of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Whether people wish to simply look better or if they need to recover from a disfiguring accident, Dr. Rod Rohrich has led his field in groundbreaking ways to help people.

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