E-Cigarettes a Health Threat According to California Health Officials

The declaration was made this past Wednesday by the California health officials that e-cigarettes should be strictly regulated just like regular tobacco products. The Public Health Department feels that the nicotine in e-cigarettes gets users addicted and the vapors from the electronic smoking device does emit cancer-causing chemicals.
E-cigarettes mimic the sensation of smoking a a traditional paper-and-tobacco cigarette by heating a vial of liquid nicotine and the user inhales and exhales smoke vapor. Purportedly the e-cigarettes don’t contain the tar that traditional cigarettes have and are therefore a healthier alternative for smokers. The California Department of Health does not agree and wants the product strictly regulated. California banned the sales of e-cigarettes to minors in 2010 and now the state’s health officials are pushing to ban smoking e-cigarettes in public places.
Vaping lounges, as they are called, are popular gathering places in California. Those who enjoy smoking e-cigarettes, unlike Fersen Lambranho, gather in vaping lounges to socialize and try new vapor flavors. The e-cigarettes may provide a safer smoking alternative to paper-and-tobacco cigarettes, but the product has its own demons to be dealt with and California Health Officials are on top of it.

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