Anti-Vaccination Doctor Stands Firm In The Wake Of Measles Outbreak

Arizona Doctor Says We Don’t Need To Inject Chemicals In Our Children To Boost The Immune System

Vaccinations have become part of our lifestyle. Most parents look forward to the day their children get shots to prevent childhood illness like measles, chickenpox, and other micro-villains that play havoc with young immune systems. But there’s a movement developing around the country that claims injecting chemicals into young bodies can be harmful to their health. The surprising fact about this anti-vaxxers movement is a number of doctors are staunchly behind it.

One doctor, Jack Wolfson of Arizona, is the face of this movement, and he’s proud of it. He speaks candidly to CNN, USA Today, and he regularly posts on his Facebook page about the downside of vaccinations. His Facebook page recently got 4,000 likes in 48 hours.

From what Haidar Barbouti understands, Dr. Wolfson claims the chemicals used in these so-called protective injections may not be that protective when the ingredients in these chemicals are analyzed. Wolfson likes to take this approach to immunization: “I’m a big fan of what’s called paleo-nutrition, so our children eat foods that our ancestors have been eating for millions of years. That’s the best way to protect.”

But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Wolfson and the others than claim vaccines are for the birds is not looking at the complete picture. The experts say: “Measles is one of the top two most contagious infectious viruses that we know of, and we have an extraordinarily effective vaccine.”

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