1 in 3 New Yorkers Have H. Pylori and Don’t Even Know It


If you live in New York, there is a one in three chance that you have H. pylori and not even know it. Helicobactor pylori, H. pylori for short, is a stomach disease that can lie dormant within the gut for a person’s entire life. The disease can also flare-up at any given moment and wreak painful havoc within the digestive tract.
Often mis-diagnosed because of its symptoms, many people with H. pylori suffer with symptoms like acid reflux, heartburn, loss of appetite and severe abdominal pain states trade.nosis.com. Even when H.pylori is suspected, the stomach disease is not easy to diagnose and treat. The bacteria which causes the disease hides itself between the lining of the stomach and the stomach wall, not actually in the stomach or digestive tract. The bacteria can also cause stomach ulcer and/or stomach cancer.
A stool sample usually reveals the presence of the H.pylori bacteria and a round of antibiotics are the standard treatment. However, even when the bacteria has been eradicated from the host’s body, it is prone to return. But at least the second time around the person and his or her doctor will be familiar with the symptoms and can prescribe effective treatment early on.

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