Slow Down and Live Longer


It seems to me and my friend Brad Reifler that when running the race of life, one does not need to be the fastest, they just need to run. Speed has been found to not be an indicator of the benefits of running and jogging. As a matter of fact studies have shown that theslower joggers actually live longer than their faster running counterparts.

The studies examined whether it was actually possible to get similar results from running, walking and biking if the routine was not always strenuous. The results concluded that strenuous workouts are beneficial some of the time, but less grueling work outs can also be beneficial.

The key to the exercise routine is to raise the heartbeat levels. This aids in promoting circulation , oxygenizing the body, and maintaining and controlling weight. Strenuous routines can do the same, but why work harder when the workout can be made to work smarter?

The surprising fact to the whole study was in the details when deeper inquiry occurred. What was found was the the lifespans of joggers did increase. Although the joggers who lived the longest ran at a slower pace and for fewer hours each week. The average weekly running routine was between one and three hours.

Another surprise that was uncovered was that hard core runners, those who ran at exceeding faster paces, did not realize the mortality benefits of the slower joggers. The fast runners had the same life span expectancy as individuals who did not exercise at all.

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