Many Dread a Treadmill Workout


For most people who go to the gym on a regular basis, walking, jogging, or running on a treadmill is part of their normal routine. However, a lot of people to dread this part of their exercise routine. Most people find that walking on a treadmill seems to wear them out or is a lot less fun than walking around the block or walking on a track. Why?

There was a recent experiment that was done that helps us to get to the bottom of this question. The experiment showed that when a person walks, jogs, or runs on a treadmill, they are basically getting the same amount of exercise, calorie burn, and all of the other benefits that are associated with these forms of exercise. Basically, the biomechanics are exactly the same no matter if a treadmill is used or the ground which is good news to people like Haidar Barbouti who need low impact. The advantage of jogging on a treadmill is that it is less jarring on the body. A study that was done in the year 2014 shows that only about 175 percent of human’s body weight strikes the ground when running on a treadmill, while 200 percent of the body weight is used when running on the ground.

In the experiment, they basically found the dread that surrounds treadmill exercise is psychological. Exercising indoors is simply not as pleasing to a person as enjoying the great outdoors. Most people prefer an outdoor workout and spending time on a treadmill is simply not as fun.

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