Reap the Benefits of Slow and Steady Running

Whether you are just starting a running regimen or have as much dedication as Dan Newlin as a distance runner, you can benefit fromĀ running slow.

It is not feasible to begin a jogging routine and expect that you will be a polished professional in the beginning phase. Take it easy on your muscles and joints by starting off running at a slow pace while you build a solid foundation. Once a base has been established, many runners find it enjoyable to continue to run at a slow pace since they are minimizing the stress they put on their bodies while reaping the benefits of cardiovascular activity. Others find that once they are comfortable running slowly and have gained enough stamina, they want to pick up their pace.

Experienced runners can also benefit by running at a slow pace. The day after they have done a particularly grueling workout and they need to rest while the body repairs small tears in muscle fibers and recovers from fatigue are perfect for slow running. This allows athletes to exercise without putting a lot of stress on their already taxed muscles and joints.

Slow running offers benefits for both beginner and experienced runners. Grab a pair of shoes and hit the pavement or treadmill for a nice slow run!

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