Qnet What it is and How it Works

There are a lot of health companies out there, but QNet takes a more unique approach.  They afford health industry entrepreneurs the opportunity to become instant outlets for all things nutrition.  That’s why I’ve been taking an interest, and following the QNet Facebook page.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far. Qnet has products and methods to help people live better lives. The focus of Qnet is on a person’s energy level. Health and wellbeing is important for busy people the company understands just how fast life is now to keep up. The company offers things like water energizing disks and water purification systems.

The company also offers healthy weight management shakes and meal programs to help individual people who have trouble managing their weight. However, Qnet is not just about health the company also offers fine jewelry, watches as well as education online from home.

Qnet also offers QVI points that can be redeemed at many locations when you take and plan a vacation for the family.
Qnet is an international company that was founded in Hong Kong in the year 1988. The company’s founder decided to use an old form of marketing and direct selling that has been around since the nineteen twenties.

Direct selling is either person to person or one individual present’s products and services Qnet offers in person. In person can be done in the person’s home or place of work. When the presentation has been made others can sign up to do exactly the same thing and put on a presentation of their own.

One person recruits as many people as possible for the company; this is his or her group. This group now works for Qnet and under the recruiter to sell Qnet’s products and services. The multi-level marketing or the group means that the recruiter benefits from his group and the sales his group generates.

Every product and service sold by Qnet produces an income to the recruiter and the people who he has recruited. Think about it one person signs on ten people to work for Qnet and those ten recruit ten more people. That is twenty people who are generating income and a percentage of that income goes to the recruiter.

Essentially, Qnet is made up of people just like you and I who must work for what we get. Qnet helps us all by creating income and living a healthier life.

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