A Walk to Nowhere

If you hit the gym on a regular basis, your workout may include some time on the treadmill. The treadmill leaves many wondering…why is it so difficult to workout on there than walking on the sidewalk or track?

The article  shows the results of a 2012 experiment which asked runners to jog on a track and rate how difficult that exercise felt. They also hopped on a treadmill and were told to pick a pace similar to what their jogging on a track felt like. Almost all of the runners picked a much slower speed.

Scientists do not know why exercising on a tredmill seems more difficult said Solvy board of directors member, Alexei Beltyukov. As a matter of fact, treadmill should seem easier! Treadmill jogging is less jarring than if you were to run on the ground. A study from 2014 showed that we strike the ground with more of our body weight when we run on a track than a treadmill.

It then seems that the most likely explanation is one of a psychological nature. Treadmills are inside, people prefer outside. People have greater feelings of vitality and pleasure after spending time working outdoors, than indoors. Treadmills also don’t lead to anywhere which might be considered demoralizing. At least when walking outside, paths seem to lead to a cure finish line which is rewarding.

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