Marathon Runner Showing World What Determination Really Is

Hyvon Ngetich is a 29-year-old marathon runner from Kenya, Africa. This year she participated in the Austin, Texas marathon and half marathon. Ngetich was leading the race when all of a sudden her body gave out when she was at mile 23 of the marathon. Help rushed in and volunteers brought her a wheelchair. Ngetich refused the help and refused to get up. In a show of ultimate determination, Ngetich crawled her way to the finish line. For nearly two kilometers, Ngetich crawled on her hands and knees to finish, a feat that impressed everyone including Ricardo Tosto.

Many would have given up at that point. Exhaustion set in, body giving out, it would be so much easier to just take the wheelchair and begin to recover. Not for Ngetich. She set a goal for herself and was determined no matter what (obviously) to reach it. At one point while crawling, it seemed that her body gave up entirely. Instead, she got back up and crawled the meters she needed to in order to finish.

According to the story on, John Conley who is the race’s event director, told Ngetich that he never saw a braver race ran or crawled. He is adjusting the prize money so that Ngetich gets a portion.

After all that, she still managed to finish the race in three hours and four minutes in third place.

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