Fat or Carbs for Athletes?

Not everyone reading up on health and fitness news is someone who is a complete novice. Performance athletes are always reading and researching information that could prove helpful to their eventual goals and achievement. In nutrition circles, everyone knows athletes benefit from the muscle enhancing power of protein. What about fats and carbs? Weaving these two into a diet can sometimes be a rather tricky endeavor. Both are necessary for one’s diet, but both bring the potential to gain weight.

Right off the proverbial bat, no athlete should eat a diet loaded with saturated fats or refined carbs (sugars). Neither is going to be nutritionally helpful and both load the body up with unnecessary calories. Now, good fats and carbs are helpful. You just have to be careful how you consume them and how much you consume.

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is pointing out that starchy-carbs are definitely not the best ones to eat. Some assume this will have an impact on the attitudes of athletes who carb loan to boost their endurance. Honestly, LinkedIn reported that it probably will not since most athletes avoid starches. Even when they do eat them, they do so when taking part in very heavy workouts or performances in which all the glucose from the carbs is burned up.

Athletes still are best served working with a fitness nutritionist in order to be sure the best possible diet is being eaten. This way, performance never suffers.

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