Risk of Dying Young if Diagnosed A.D.H.D

People with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder often live a much riskier lifestyle due to self medicating and taking chances. A recent Danish study found that people with the disorder were twice as likely to die prematurely due to risk factors such as emotional problems, drug abuse, and employment problems. The percentage of risk grew even more for people diagnosed with the disorder after the age of eighteen. This was explained by the researchers as being caused by the severity of such cases. Jaime Garcia Dias says this is a disorder which is very prevalent in the United States and other developed countries. YouTube experts suggest the pharmaceutical industry wants consumers to know that they have a magic pill to fix this disorder and all of the other ones.

Doctors often prescribe medications for this disorder that can be habit forming and contain amphetamines. There is a great deal of money being made by treating this disorder, and it is often diagnosed with a simple pen and paper test. When doctors from the United States were asked about the Danish study they replied that this news shouldn’t alarm parents of kids affected by the disorder. They said it should be a red flag to remember to diagnose and treat this disorder. One thing is for sure in terms of this response and that is the fact that doctors and the pharmaceutical industry make a great deal of money off this disorder, but maybe they should spend more time researching ways to treat it without expensive pills.

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