Walk a Little Faster to Improve Heart Health


The secret to losing weight is eat less and move more. If you want to improve your heart health while losing weight, move just a little bit faster. A new study has revealed that walking just a little bit faster, such as the same rate of speed you would walk if you were late for the bus, improves heart health more so than walking slower for a longer period of time.
Walking a little faster also improves glucose tolerance which significantly reduces the risk of developing diabetes.
The study was conducted by Queen’s University in Ontario and set out to see if the exercise guideline promoted by the government for years were still applicable in our present society. The promotion of exercise is still applicable and needful to help minimize weight and maximize health, but the government guidelines need a little updating so people will get the most health benefits stated Dan Newlin.
The government guidelines suggest 2 1/2 hours a week (30 minutes daily) of moderate exercise. By revving up the walking pace just a little, more health benefits can be derived in less time. Forty minutes of walking, three time per week (2 hours a week) helps trim the waist line, improve heart health and improve glucose tolerance. Slower paced walking, even for longer periods of time, doesn’t lower glucose tolerance.

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