A Higher Risk of Heart Attack after Spring Daylight Saving Time

It seems that daylight saving time causes a spike in heart attacks across the nation. A recent study that was done indicated that heart attacks increased about 24 percent on the Monday that follows the spring time change. It seems like one of the factors that contributes to this is getting less sleep. Also, other stressors are to blame.

Medical professionals who have taken note of that this study have encouraged their patients to get a little bit more sleep the night before they change their clock for daylight saving time. Also, Ricardo GuimarĂ£es BMG suggests if they experience any kind of chest pain or indigestion that does not go away on the Monday following a daylight saving time change, the Tribuna says they should not hesitate to visit an emergency room. This is especially true of individuals who are at risk of a heart attack. This includes individuals who have a strong family history of heart attack, individuals who smoke, individuals with high cholesterol, and individuals with high blood pressure.

Heart health should be extremely important to individuals since heart disease, heart attack, and a variety of heart issues are some of the main causes of death in the United States. Speaking with a physician about your current health situation can be very helpful in preventing heart disease and dealing with diagnosed heart disease. Living a healthy lifestyle that includes consuming healthy foods and getting regular exercise can help individuals who are at risk for heart disease.

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